Winter Wedding Hair Inspiration

June is typically the quintessential wedding month. However, the magic of the Holiday Season often leads to romantic Winter Nuptials.

When the winter months come around, maintaining the luster and shine of the hair can be more laborious than the warmer months. In this instance, be sure to acquire the appropriate products that provide the suitable amount of moisture for your hair type. Here at ONYC® International, we offer products that can transcend your tresses to a supple and glowing mane.

Have you tried the Demorin Smoothing Serum – This will add more immense shine and tame your locks. It is best to put it into your hair when it is wet and let it air dry or use the diffuser. That’s not all…Check out the One’n’Only Restorative Mask. This comes highly recommended by our Our CEO, Thelma Okoro. This product is known to hydrate and moisturize hair. Let it set for 5-10 minutes, then rinse some out while leaving some behind and apply no heat. Also, this is great for elasticity, since curls have bounce and this will help it keep the “umph”.

Now that you have the tools to release the moisture into your your gorgeous coiffure for the Winter Season, allow these beautiful styles (such as Rihanna’s classy pic above) to inspire you for that special Wedding Occasion!

Winter Wedding Hair –  Inspiration Photos:

Acclaimed Actress, Sanaa Lathan


Versatile Actress, Zoe Saldana


Songbird, Taylor Swift


Beautiful Model



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