Wedding Hair Guide: Bun Me Up

Try these lovely buns to add some control to your wedding day. don’t think about letting it down, unless you have a stylist on deck to help with your reception look.

Try a braided bun to the back of your head, like Sanaa Lathan, or sitting right on top (crown of head).

Sarah Jessica Parker’s “Sex in the City” bun with 3 loops to the back of the head is a great look for those with a lot of hair.

“Messy, but sexy” bun for the sake of accommodating the layered hair styles.

Risky, but tamed voluminous bun can be done toward to front of the head,  which means the veil will hang from the back and the tiara in the front.

“Curl me up” bun with a bang like “Rudy”, with or without a braid.

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