Wedding Hair Guide: Braided Up To Tie The Knot

We’re saying try the braids because any woman can make a braid look good on their most memorable day. Here are a few style we recommend for that big day.

Try a Dutch braid in any direction for a soft, queen-like look. Add some dangling earrings or large diamond or pearl studs for the jewelry. Try a nude or red lip to add some flare to the walk down the isle.

A French or fishtail braid to the side for the wedding is perfect, since it is two styles in one. During the reception, let it loose for a wavy style just for dancing the night away. Whether the dress is a low v-neck or a high-neck, this style will compliment it well. Dark eye shadow and a simple lip gloss.

For another goddess look, half back and half out. Braid down to the left or right and curl the remaining hair for a off the shoulder look.

Have short to medium length hair; try a circular braided style with a wavy, but bouncy bob to compliment it.

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