ONYC Hair Reviews: Gabrielle H. Is Oh So Natural with ONYC® Hair


This week’s Customer Rave candidate is Gabrielle Hutcheson.

Gabrielle Hutcheson is gracious yet gets straight to the point and does not dear take short-cuts when it comes to quality. She strongly believes she is worth the very best.

Gabrielle discovered us on Youtube at home in Oakland, CA. After her first exposure to ONYC® Gabrielle remained committed. Now a regular, Gabrielle is fully enjoying her ONYC® Light Relaxed Perm hair.

Continue to Read Gabrielle’s entire story about her affectionate attachment to her ONYC® Light Relaxed Perm hair below:

Location: Oakland, CA.

ONYC® Status: ONYC®  Grad, I can’t get enough.

Hair Specs: ONYC® Light Relaxed Perm 18″, 20″, (x2) 22″

Installed by: Professional Stylist.

How often hair is washed: I wash my hair once a week.

Favorite way to wear the hair: I enjoy wearing it styled in different ways, adding curls etc.

Duration of wear: 7 months total

Must have ONYC® Hair Essential: I’ve used the Seal-a-Weave weft sealant – a must have hair-care product.


Why do you love this hair:  I love the ONYC® Light Relaxed Perm hair because it is long lasting hair. It does not tangle, it is light weight, dries fast, looks natural and is high grade quality. 

What do you say to individuals considering purchasing this hair:  Be sure to seal your wefts before installing. Also, this hair is So worth the cost. The high-grade quality surpasses others.

Other ONYC® Hair Texture to try in the future:  For my next purchase I plan to  stick with my  ONYC® Light Relaxed Perm texture.

You can be like Gabrielle and fall in love with hair that blends in, and complements, just like the tresses you were born with. Log on and begin shopping for ONYC® Hair today!

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Avoid Any “Virgin Hair-Stress”

There is no disputing that Virgin hair, in any texture, is beautiful in all its Glory. However, it does have the tendency over time to become dull, weighed down, and lose its luster from the first time it was installed. Our initial response usually is;  “OMG! This hair should have lasted a lot longer than this” And it can with the proper attention, your extensions can last for….well,  6 months and beyond.

Unfortunately we have to say it…The primary reason why virgin hair extensions don’t last as long as they can, is due to user error. Virgin hair requires more effort to care for, compared to your average beauty supply type.

Just like your skin, your hair is exposed to the all the outdoor elements therefore it needs to be cleaned regularly. Once a week will suffice. Too often individuals are of the notion that if they are not putting product in their hair, or only sparingly, that their hair is not dirty. Still there are other factors at play like street Dust, various forms of dirt and other pollutants on a daily basis from the unavoidable sources. Clarifying shampoos work great once a month to remove build-up like this, but don’t use it too often, or you’ll end up with very dry locks.

For many who wash their hair on a on-going basis, they often neglect another important factor – the conditioner!! Please don’t let this be your error. Moisture is comparative to nutrition for your hair. Ensuring that you get your required dose of moisture can be done by purchasing a great moisturizing conditioner and using it every time you wash. A leave-in conditioner is another option. The best choice for this is the Dermorin Smoothing Serum. It offers without weighing the hair down.

As far as daily care, be careful about using too many products (and a variety of brands). Less is more, as our Grand-mothers or Mothers often tell us. Still if you insist on using product, be sure to use alcohol-free and non-greasy or oily ones. Either of these product can cause extreme damage to the hair.

For additional hair care, always use wide-tooth combs and/or vented brushes when styling your virgin hair. You want as little pull and tension as possible! At night, always remember your satin scarf or bonnet for covering and protecting your tresses Ladies! One final amazing tip is that Flexirods are amazing for keeping body and keeping your ends looking fab and, unlike rollers, they’re very easy to sleep on!

We hope that these tips assisted with avoiding any stress about your Virgin Hair.