Don’t Forget Your Summer Hair Care!


Summer-time is synonymous with “letting-it-all-hang-out”…Fun in the sun…and all that good stuff, but as we are having a blast it is always important to remember how to specifically care for our hair during the summer months. The ONYC® pure cuticle, virgin and Remy hair is carefully identified and selected to mirror “God-given” hair seamlessly. Therefore, the same attention must be given to each and any ONYC® texture  in order to ensure its durability, glow and everlasting beauty!

In our research we were very pleased with the simple yet effective tips garnered from acclaimed salon owner Mario Russo. The following is some of his very manageable advise, as well as ours:

Wet, moist and go…
Russo’s initial instruction is to apply deep conditioner to wet hair, and thoroughly comb it through before going out. This offers advantageous protection. Russo further informs that the heat from the summer sun will open the hair cuticle and help the conditioner to penetrate exceptionally well.

Throw on a mask

And yes, this applies to your pure cuticle, virgin ONYC® locks….To replenish moisture to sun-damaged strands, use deep conditioning masks at least once a week — leave the product on as long as possible or sit with it under a dryer, or in a room with suitable humidity. Oils are also essential to smooth and repair locks and can be applied to wet or dry hair.


Stay clear of harsh Shampoos

Use mild shampoos on your hair as you will need to wash your hair often. Therefore, co-washing (washing hair with conditioner instead of shampoo) becomes the more effective way to keep your hair clean, conditioned and moistened.

Water temperature

Wash your locks with lukewarm water. However, some people put ice in the water to make it cold which is wrong. Water temperature should neither be too hot nor too cold; it should be balanced.

Step away from the heat styling tools
During the warm-weather months, it’s best to limit your use of the blow dryer and flat iron. When the air is moist, it can take longer to style hair which can result in further drying and damage. If you absolutely must use styling tools, liberally apply a heat protectant beforehand. You can also opt for frizz-free hairstyles like the topknot or messy chignon that don’t require heat and can easily transition into soft waves.





Taylor Swift Shows Off New Haircut


Bangs are definitely back. Add Taylor Swift to the list of country superstars sporting shorter hair up front, as she tweeted this new haircut picture (seen on the right) this morning. Previously, Carrie Underwood lopped off her long blonde hair in an effort to look good for holiday pictures — not that either woman was in need of a makeover.


“Got a haircut,” is all Swift tweeted just after 9AM ET on Thursday. The picture on the right is of her new, more mature hairdo, while the one on the left is from the Nov. 20 American Music Awards. Swift’s hair is naturally curl,y and she has said before that it is very tiresome to straighten it every day. More likely we’ll see some combination of curls and bangs during future television and red carpet appearances.



Last night, Swift learned she was nominated for three Grammy awards, including Best Country Solo Performance and Best Country Song for ‘Mean’ and Best Country Album for ‘Speak Now.’ The Grammys are on Feb. 12 on CBS.