Come Join ONYC Team For The American Cancer Society Walk This Month…

What?: Making Strides Against Breast Cancer

When?: Saturday, October 20th, at 10am

Where?: Sylvan Theatre on the National Mall in Washington, DC

As women who take care of ourselves and our appearance, one of the most important things we can give attention to is Our Health.

Join The ONYC® International Team Today!

Registering is as easy as 1, 2, 3….

Step One: Head over to Event Registration. Click here to Sign Up.

Step Two: Sign up with Us by selecting “Join a Team”.

Step Three: Click on “Select Or Type The Name Of The Team You’d Like To Join” where you will be given drop-down menu.

Step Four: Pick “ONYC® International” and head on through to register. Each registration and donation helps our goal.


This can be contagious and you can be the source, have an influence and make a remarkable difference in the lives of your Mother…Sister…Aunt…Friend…even Yourself!

Bringing continued awareness and repeated attention to Breast Cancer can only serve to save Our Lives!.

Therefore ONYC® Hair International is asking You…..Yes YOU, to come join our team on Saturday, October 20th for; Making Strides Against Breast Cancer. We will be participating in the American Cancer Society Walk which will be held at the Sylvan Theatre on the National Mall in Washington, DC. We have set our goal at $2,000 to help us become a better community in fighting against breast cancer. For each participant walking with us, we will provide you with a T-shirt to show our appreciation. Plus, you will get a chance to meet the CEO of ONYC® Hair and ask her some questions.

The American Cancer Society is doing the most in every community to help people with breast cancer today and striving to find cures to end the disease tomorrow. They are doing this in 3 key ways; Groundbreaking research, comprehensive support and access to mammograms. It is also important to remember that Breast Cancer is “multi-generational”. Although women over 40 have higher incidences of breast cancer, younger women tend to have more aggressive breast cancers and higher mortality rates, therefore, are at a higher risk. They are a largely under-recognized demographic – lacking in targeted education and services.

We look forward to seeing you at the Walk! It may just be one of the most important decisions that you make. It can save a life…it may even be your own.

Thank you for your kind participation!