onyc hair fall meet and greet schedule

ONYC Hair Meetup & Greet Recap

To kickoff the beginning of the 2014 Fall season, the ONYC Hair team decided to organize a fun Hair Meetup & Greet at the Marriott Hotel in Bethesda, MD.  ONYC Beauties hailing from Washington DC, Maryland, and Virginia came out to network with CEO Thelma Okoro and beauty blogger Alexis Fedler (Lexi With The Curls). Alexis flew in for the weekend to have Thelma give her a unique ONYC Experience and install the new Fro-Out with custom-color hues.

Noshing on a spread of delicious food and beverages, the event was a success, bringing together a diverse set of ONYC Beauties with a range of interests in the vast world hair products ONYC has to offer. As a part of the Fall event, Thelma Okoro talked thoroughly about her humble beginnings as a business owner and Alexis expressed her love for the new Fro-Out. ONYC’s staff discussed ways to become involved on a partnership level with ONYC and provided in depth expertise about the brands products.

In addition, everyone who attended the event got to take pictures with Thelma and Alexis and were given an exclusive ONYC gift bag full of essential goodies to take home! All in all, the event was a great way to start off the Fall season!

The ONYC Hair Meetup & Greet  is the start of many events that will be co-hosted by ONYC Hair. So if you know of any great hair enthusiast/gurus, bloggers, hairstylists, or celebrities that you would like to recommend, please send an email to prandmedia@onychair.com. Special thank you again to Lexi With The Curls and all ONYC Beauties that participated to make this vision come true! 

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ONYC Meet and Greet Invitation

custom wigs on gold display

ONYC Hair Custom Wigs – From left to right: Kinky Curly 3B-3C, Kinky Curly 3B-3C,  Curly Addiction 3B, Body 2 Wavy

ONYC Hair Custom Wigs – From left to right: Kinky Curly 3B-3C, ONYC Bedazzled Tee,  Kinky Curly 3B-3C,  Curly Addiction 3B, Body-2-Wavy

Thelma Okoro giving a speech

Thelma Okoro – CEO of ONYC Hair

Thelma Okoro – CEO of ONYC Hair

thelma okoro and lexi with the curls talking

Thelma Okoro in the Fro-Out and Lexi With The Curls in the Fro-Out Golden Collection (COMING SOON!)

Thelma Okoro in the Fro-Out and Lexi With The Curls in the Fro-Out custom colored and installed by Thelma Okoro. Don’t forget to check out how this texture looks straightened here!

onyc hair on stands

ONYC Hair Virgin 1B Textures with details of the durable double wefts

Euro-Collection Straight 1B textures with details of the durable double wefts


onyc hair fall meet and greet guests

ONYC Hair Fall Meet & Greet

ONYC Hair Fall Meet & Greet guests

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If you attended the event, do not forget to take advantage of your 15% discount that expires on December 19th!


meet and greet discount steps from onyc hair




For eight years we have been offering up a bevy of beauty products for the ethnic market that provide quality and longevity. Our textured straightwavycurly, and kinky textures have garnered a serious cult following so, we believe that the quality we provide under our textured products should also be extended to those with silkier textures and brighter hues.

With that said, we introduce you to the Euro-Collection! This collection offers the perfect hair texture and quality to match most European hair.  It can be purchased in the form of I Tips, Clip-Ins or double wefts and color hues come in natural black, #2, #27 (strawberry blonde) and #613 (platinum blonde). Like the rest of our products, this collection is 100% full cuticle, can be washed, conditioned, blow dried, flat-ironed, curled and colored just like real hair without severe deterioration over time. With proper care and attention, you’ll get the best value for your money!

Texture Options: Straight and Wavy Clip-Ins, Straight and Wavy I-Tips, Straight and Wavy Wefts

Length Options:  14″-26″

Color Options: Natural Black, #2, #27 (strawberry blonde) and #613 (platinum blonde)

To order this product and it’s accompanying accessories follow this link: www.onychair.com

Euro Collection Facebook Banner


Juicy Mag Online – ONYC Curly Addiction 3B Steals the Spotlight!

It looks like our Curly Addiction™ 3B has stolen the spotlight from the kinky curly textures…well not really; kinky curly textures has gotten its time to shine on Juicy Mag Online. Anyhow the Curly Addiction™ 3B has made its way to the top as one of the top extension textures for curly girls this summer, and Juicy Mag Online just confirmed it!

“If you live for luscious deep curly hair extensions then you will fall in love with ONYC Curly Addiction™ 3B! Not only will this deep c-curl pattern blend beautifully with your natural hair, but like its name, it will truly have you addicted!” says beauty journalist Chanel Robinson.

Similar to our most popular product the Mongolian Kinky Curly, the Curly Addiction™ 3B is manually produced on a curl rod to replicate a multi-directional curl pattern like our natural hair. “Extensive research has been put into the development of each product and we certify that each product is derived from 100% Pure Cuticle Virgin Remy hair,” says CEO Thelma Okoro.  We currently offer this hair texture in the form of double wefts, frontal closures, and I Tips. Due to widespread demand we also launched this curly texture in alternative golden shades such as #2, #4, #6, and #4/30. As for length, we have options available from 10″ to 26″.

There is nothing like the feeling of great hair to enhance your summer look and feel! Enjoy!