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Why Everyone Want ONYC® Kinky Curly Wig

ONYC®  Kinky  Curly  Wig  has  yet  to  hit  the  market,  and  in  the  coming  days  fans  of  the  kinky  curly  hair  extensions  can’t  wait  to  get  their  hands  on  this  new  product  from  ONYC®.  This  will  be  the  new  addition  to  the  kinky  textured  curly  hair  collection  of  ONYC®  Hair.

ONYC®  kinky  curly  hair  collection  has  gained  so  much  fame  since  its  initial  launch  in  the  market.  This  hair  type  is  designed  to  mimic  the  natural  kinky  texture  of  curly  African-American  hair.  African-American  women  love  the  intricate  patterns  that  give  them  a  bold  kind  of  sexy  look.  This  is  the  same  reason  why  our  avid  customers  will  love  the  all  new  ONYC®  Kinky  Curly  Wig.  There  is  nothing  but  improved  quality  with  this  new  product  that  makes  the  long  wait  worthy.


What  to  expect  with  the  new  ONYC®  Kinky  Curly  Wig?

Customers  all  over  the  world  say  the  top  3  things  about  ONYC®  kinky  curly  hair  extensions: great  quality,  durability,  and  a  seamless  finish.  Women  of  varying  ethnicity  love  it  because  they  can  easily  create  a  statement  without  anyone  knowing  their  little  secret  of wearing weaves.

However,  for  some  –  hair  weaves  and  extensions  can  be  quite  a  hassle  to  wear.  Women  have  to  spend  more  time  and  money  at  salons  for  the  installation  process.  Choosing  an  expert  hairstylist  or  technician  is  another  story,  which  is  also  very  important.  This  is  where  ONYC®  Kinky  Curly  Wig  comes  into  the  scene.  As  we  all  know,  wigs  are  easier  to  wear  than  weaves  and  extensions,  especially  for  the  busy  woman  on  the  go.

ONYC®  Kinky  Curly  Wig  uses  the  same  high  quality  hair  in  our  weaves  and  extensions  products  within  the  same  category.  Our  signature  kinky  curly  hair  strands  are  carefully  processed  and  bonded  into  a  single  wig  that  offers  an  easier  and  more  convenient  use  to  our  customers.  ONYC®  Kinky  Curly  Wig  will  be  as  simple  as  securing  it  on  top  of  your  head  and  removing  it  when  you  don’t  need  it.

High  quality  hair  weaves  are  the  pride  of  ONYC®  Hair.  In  creating  ONYC®  kinky  curly  wig,  we  make  sure  to  retain  this  reputation.  The  wigs  will  be  made  of  100%  full  cuticle  human  hair  from  verifiable  donors.  Because  of  the  finest  quality  materials  used  in  ONYC®  kinky  curly  wig,  we  can  guarantee  for  it  to  last  longer  than  the  other  brands.  Therefore,  our  customers  won’t  have  to  worry   about  concealing  their  extensions  any  more.

I  know  that  everyone  will  be  excited  about  the  new  ONYC®  kinky  wig,  as  I  can  barely  wait  myself!  But  for  now,  let’s  recap  the  other  weaves  and  extensions  under  the  kinky  curly  hair  collection  from  ONYC®.



Other  Kinky  Curly  Hair  Extensions  from  ONYC  Hair

ONYC®  hair  has  a  wide  variety  of  styles  to  match  the  African-American  hair  texture  that  you  can  choose  from,  ranging  from  textured  straight  to  luscious  kinky  curly  hair.


ONYC®  Kinky  3B-3C™  Curl

Afro-Kinky Curly Clipin ONYC Hair 3B3C Curl - ONYC Hair Kinky Curly Hair

Afro-Kinky Curly Clipin ONYC Hair 3B3C Curl

ONYC®  Kinky  Curly  3B-3C™  hair  weave  is  an  ultimate  favorite  among  women  who  love  a  more  loose  and  relaxed  curls  with  texture.  3B-3C  kinky  curly  hair  features  a  slight  gloss  with  a  medium  coarse  texture.  The  hair  is  soft  and  is  so  versatile  that  our  clients  find  lots  of  ways  to  wear  it.  It  is  really  easy  to  manage;  thus  it  is  advisable  for  starters  who  have  never  worn  kinky  before.

ONYC®  Hair  Tight  Kinky  3C-4A™

ONYC Hair Tight Kinky 3C-4A

ONYC Hair Tight Kinky 3C-4A

Tight  Kinky  3C-4A™  is  considered  the  enhanced  version  of  the  3B-3C  kinky  curly  hair.  It  features  tighter  curls,  and  more  intricate  patterns.  This  hair  has  a  higher  coarse  texture  with  lower luster  than  the  previous  hair  type.  Women  who  adore  fuzzy,  voluminous  curls  always  turn  to  this  hair  type  for  a  hair  fashion  statement.  This  kinky  curly  hair  extension  has  high-end  quality   that  is  well  loved  by  admirers  of  textured  tresses.

ONYC®  Kinky  Curly  Golden  Collection

ONYC Hair Golden Collection Kinky Curly Texture

ONYC Hair Golden Collection Kinky Curly Texture

ONYC®  Hair  offers  an  exceptional  collection  under  the  Golden  Collection  category,  where  one  can  find  the  best  hair  color  to  match  their  current  color  or  to  use  as  highlights  to  protect  their  natural  hair  from  chemicals.  For  the  Kinky  3B-3C  Curl  and  Tight  Kinky  3C-4A  hair,  it  features  hair  color  treated  extensions  for  adventurous  women  who  love  to  go  bold  with  their  hair  statements.  Even  non-African-American  women  have  fallen  head  over  heels  with  this  collection.

ONYC®  Hair  cares  so  much  for  its  customers  that  our  service  doesn’t  end  with  selling  our  products.  We  help  our  customers  by  providing  hair  care  tips  on  our  website  and  through  our  blog,  as  well  as  maintenance  guides  within  their  packaging  for  the  weaves  and  extensions  that  they  purchase  from  us.


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ONYC Hair Care Tips

Natural Ways to Prevent Hair Shedding

Seeing more hair in your brush lately? Hair shedding may be caused by chronic inflammation,  follicle damage, alopecia, or simply malnutrition. So we’ve compiled a list of natural ways to help prevent baldness and hair loss. Control how quickly you lose your strands by trying out the following hair care tips.

1. Apply coconut oil on your hair and scalp.

ONYC Hair Tips

Its anti-microbial and anti-fungal properties can keep your scalp free of dirt and germs that can clog hair follicles. Coconut oil can likewise reduce protein damage.

2. Rinse it with onion juice.

Hair Tips

This sounds unpleasant but onion juice can really augment hair growth. Studies showed that onion juice can help clean the scalp and improve circulation. As such, hair follicles are nourished and when you rinse your hair and scalp with onion juice at least twice daily, hair regrowth will be evident in just six weeks.

3. Increase the iron level in your blood.

ONYC Hair Guide

Research shows that low levels of iron in the blood can increase hair loss tendency. Hair follicles need oxygen to function their best and iron can help efficiently transport oxygen onto your scalp. So make sure you add spinach, oysters, eggs and grass-fed beef into your diet.

4. Apply egg mask onto your hair.

Prevent Hair Loss

Sulfur, protein, selenium, iron, zinc, phosphorus and iodine are excellent promoters of hair regrowth and these are all present in eggs. Make a paste out of one egg and a teaspoon of olive oil and apply the mixture to the entire scalp. Keep it for 20 minutes, rinse with cold water and mild shampoo.

5. Go out, get active and get some sun.

ONYC hair loss prevention tips

You need Vitamin D to keep your hormones running at their best so you won’t lose hair easily. While Vitamin D can’t help you get back what you lost, it will keep you from losing more.

6. Avoid being stressed.

Tired business woman

Take it easy and think positive. Yes, this is a hair care tip. You see, emotional or physical stress can cause Telogen effluvium or when stress pushes hair follicles to go into a resting phase.  So manage your stress through meditation, yoga, or deep breathing.

7. Get a head massage.

Tips to prevent Hair loss

An affordable, non-invasive and easy way to improve blood flow in your scalp, head massages can help condition the scalp and strengthen the hair roots. You may massage your scalp with olive oil, almond oil or lavender oil to provide your scalp and hair with the nutrients and nourishment it needs.

8. Include food rich in omega-3 fatty acids in your diet.

Take Healthy food

Walnuts, salmon, soybeans, sardines and flaxseeds are rich in omega-3 fatty acids that can help make your hair more elastic so that they won’t easily break.

Losing about 50 to 100 hair strands every day is normal as hair strands have a life cycle to follow but when you think that your hair sheds more than this figure, it is best that you take some action. Follow our hair care guide and naturally prevent hair shedding. Live a healthy lifestyle and you won’t need to suffer from abnormal hair loss.

ONYC Hair Blog

Facts You Should Know About Virgin Hair Extensions

Stop wasting your money buying some cheap synthetic hair extensions. If you want to really enjoy the benefits of wearing hair extensions, then take the time to know more about virgin hair extensions.

1. Virgin Hair Extensions have the Highest Quality of Hair.

ONYC Virgin Hair

Raw hair or pure virgin hair appears to have the best quality because hair is in its most natural state. Because virgin or natural hair extensions are made up of hair that has been collected directly from the head of the donor and such hair has not been chemically treated, all hair cuticles remain intact hence pure virgin hair remains soft and smooth to touch. Since all cuticles go in the same direction, hair will tangle and matte less.

2. Virgin Hair Extensions are of course more expensive than Substandard or Synthetic ones.

Virgin Hair Extensions

It is wrong to compare virgin hair extensions to synthetic ones. They of course differ largely in price primarily because the qualities are poles apart. But do not be intimidated by the more expensive price of natural hair extensions. The price will appear to be more economical because you will be able to use the product for a longer time. You’ll actually save more because you don’t need several trips to the mall to replace your damaged extensions made from synthetic or chemically-treated hair.

3. Virgin Hair Extensions are more durable so you’d get the most out of your investment.

Natural Hair Products

ONYC Hair extensions are made from 100% virgin human hair so you’d get extensions with hair texture, movement, and flow similar to your natural hair. You can reuse it for several times and treat it just like how you’d do your hair. Style it, dye it, perm or curl it, do whatever with it and will react the same way your natural hair would. Compared to hair extensions made up of synthetic hair or mixed human and animal or human and synthetic hair, virgin hair extensions remains its good quality even after several washes.

4. Virgin Hair Extensions provide the actual benefit that you’d want to get from Hair Extensions

ONYC Hair Reviews

Because you’re using a hair accessory made of natural hair, expect that the results it will give will also look natural. You’re wearing hair extensions to create some trick and you wouldn’t want that illusion of length or volume to be noticeable. Virgin hair extensions from ONYC Hair guarantee a completely natural look and feel. It will blend well with your hair, it will never hopelessly tangle, and it will require the same amount and quality of maintenance and care you give to your very own hair.

We hope that you continuously get yourself updated and informed so you can make the right decision when buying hair extensions. ONYC Hair Extensions offer you the durability, versatility, and authenticity that you can’t find in any other hair extension product. ONYC virgin hair extensions are guaranteed to give the best value to your money so shop at onyc.uk today and wear the hair you’ve always dreamed of.

Happy Hair Care From Around The World

Here at ONYC® Hair International, we are devoted to bringing you innovative, cost-effective and helpful tips to boost your hair care, and to dispense that beautiful you!

Today, we are offering up hair care tips from around the world! They are practical and call for easy-to-reach products and items. These natural products will enhance your and your ONYC® tresses, whatever the texture may be. Whether Mongolian Kinky Curly, Curly Addiction 3B, or one of our Mongolian Straight Textures – such as the Mongolian Relax Textures or the Mongolian Straight 1B…. Whatever your choice, check out these unprocessed remedies and let us know how they work for you and your hair needs!!

1) Coconut Milk Shampoo – Thailand 

This local recipe has been passed around Thailand’s social circles.  To create the shampoo, grate and squeeze a coconut to get the milk. Follow by heating the milk on the stove until the oil separates. Then spoon out the oil and let it cool before applying it to the hair just as with shampoo. It will add moisture, softness, and shine to the hair.

2) Scalp Focus – Japan

The belief among Japanese women is that beautifully healthy hair begins at the roots. Therefore according to Japan-born stylist Takamichi Saeki –  hair salon owner in New York, women in Japan will use treatments to exfoliate and deeply cleanse their scalps repeatedly during the week or before every blow-dry and styling. You can acquire effective over-the-shelf exfoliating scalp products or create some at home using sugar and olive oil blended together until it creates a paste. One brand recommended by Saeki are the Nigelle LX products. He comments that they are; “very popular because they are gentle yet effective.”



3) Eucalyptus Treatment from Australia 

You’ve heard of supermodel Elle Macpherson, right? Definitely check out the Aussie’s long, and glowing hair. Similar to Elle,  many Australian women maintain glistening and polished hair by massaging a slight amount of eucalyptus oil into their scalp as an overnight treatment. This works to supply moisture and shine, and promotes growth.


4) Castor Oil Mixture – Egypt

In Cairo, a favorite hair treatment is castor oil mixed with crushed garlic. Also adding a drop of lavender essential oil to the combination is beneficial when applied to dry hair overnight. Follow-up by rinsing it out  in the morning to acquire lush, hydrated hair.


5) Whirl Your Hair Straight – Africa

Prior to chemical relaxers and flat-irons, South African women used a process known as whirling to straighten their strands. This was where they would wrap wet hair tightly around the scalp then place a stocking over the head to hold it in place. Following this they used a blow-dryer to remove 80% of the moisture. The next step was to remove the stocking and wrap the hair in the other direction. Now they would  dry the hair completely, take the stocking off, and brush the hair. The result was dead straight hair.


6) Make Your Conditioner Sweet – Romania

It is strongly believed by stylist in Romania that honey boosts highlight-hair color. It is recommended to add 1 tbsp of honey to your favorite conditioner and Voila!—it will make highlights Glow!



Protein Vs Non-Protein Hair Care – Which Is Best For You?

Benefits of  Protein Hair Care

There has been much debate about Protein Hair Treatments versus Non-Protein Hair Treatments. One side of the debate strongly believes that Protein treatments are the “end-all-and-be-all” of hair care while one the opposing team, Non-Protein Treatments are championed as the premiere method.

While not taking any sides, in particular, we would like to offer some information to better guide you to the paramount hair care for you.

Our hair is conceived of almost 91% protein as long chains of amino acids. As the cells in your hair develop, they fill up with a fibrous protein called  – get this – keratin. The keratin found in the hair is an insoluble protein called “hard” keratin as it does not dissolve in water, and is pretty irrepressible.

As the hair is mainly comprised of protein, it is logical that if your hair became protein deficient at any time, just a protein treatment could help remedy the problem – even if only temporarily.

Conditioning with protein can be advantageous in almost anyone’s regimen whether natural or relaxed.  For relaxed hair, it maybe even more beneficial to use a protein conditioner. Relaxer chemicals tend to break down the bonds in your hair and thus makes it imperative to use a protein conditioner to make the hair stronger.

Protein offers these additional perks:

  1. Strengthens dry, brittle hair.
  2. Keeps hair strong prior to relaxer application and afterwards.
  3. Administers to damage from heat styling.
  4. Temporarily repairs split ends.


Protein conditioning treatments drill-down deep into the hair-shaft to deter hair breakage. The protein attaches to your hair in the areas that are weak to build up the strength in the hair. The protein also  hardens the cuticle layer and puts a protective barrier around the weakened hair. It re-structures your hair for shine and growth.


Despite the fantastic functions of protein to the hair, it is critical not to overuse this product on your locks. For example, do not use protein treatments like you would your regular hair conditioners – at every hair wash. Too many protein treatments to the the hair-shaft can actually cause breakage.

Now, there are various types of protein conditioning treatments:  the hardcore re-constructors, deep penetrating conditioners or light protein treatments, and protein paks. Treatments such as the hardcore re-constructors and even the deep penetrating conditioners can be applied by a professional stylists if you’re not comfortable with doing it yourself. The lighter treatments can be easily administered domestically.

How Often Should You Use a Protein Conditioner?

Application of Protein Conditioners is all dependent on the state and texture of your hair.  With relaxed hair it is recommended to do a treatment at least once a month but more preferably every other week.  You should also apply one within two weeks of relaxing your hair. For natural hair, you can use a treatment every month or every 2 months depending upon the condition of your hair. Now natural hair Ladies, if you do feel there is a need for it more frequently as a result of the damage, still be cautious regarding overuse.

WARNING: Only use a hardcore treatments if you’re experiencing severe breakage and ensure to follow the instructions for use, precisely.  Typically, it only takes one treatment.


Protein Sensitivity and Non-Protein  Hair Treatments

So are you of the belief that Protein treatments do not work for you or that your hair is Protein Sensitive? Well let’s examine this a little further.

Often times individuals are of the opinion that their hair is Protein Sensitive when in fact they have exercised overuse or mis-use of Protein treatments. When following a particular Protein treatment it is integral to be careful to follow the instructions specifically. It is also essential to follow-up with a moisturizing conditioner to obtain the best results possible. If not, you will achieve the exact results that you are trying to protect the hair from.

It should be noted that Protein conditioners have one fundamental responsibility and that is to Build-Up Your Hair through temporary reconstruction.  When used properly, the protein molecules in a deep conditioner will bind to the hair and strengthen it. Will there be a tendency for your hair to feel hard? Yes! But do not panic. It is supposed to.

Protein should not be contained in your Serum, Leave-in Conditioner, Curl Enhancer, Hair Voluminous spray etc.  Protein should ONLY be part of a deep conditioning treatment that you use to strengthen your hair.  Leave In Conditioners, Serums, Curl Enhancers etc, should NOT contain protein. Why? Because protein should only be used with heat as part of a treatment to strengthen the hair.

It is advisable that whether or not you’re currently experiencing hair damage that protein treatments should be a consistent part of your hair care routine. Furthermore, remember that how you treat your hair after a protein treatment is just as important, if not more.

Happy Hair Care!