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Six Things You Should Know Before Getting Hair Extensions

When growing your hair takes forever or when you suddenly felt the need to change how your hair looks, then natural hair extensions can provide you with rewarding solutions. But before you shop for one, make sure you take consideration of the six things that you must know before getting hair extensions.

1. Hair Extensions Come in Different Types.

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They may be attached to your hair in several ways, too. Extensions may be applied to hair through looping, tracking, netting, clips-in and lace fronts. There are also taped and glue-taped hair extensions as well as keratin-applied extensions that use heat and cold machines to bond keratin tips to your actual hair strand.  Make sure you do some research or discuss this further with your trusted hairdresser.

2. Try the Clip-ins first.

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They offer the most temporary solution for that instant length or volume. By trying clip-ins, you’ll get an idea of how hair extensions would look on you. ONYC Hair extensions feature a range of clip-ins to suit your actual hair texture and length. ONYC Hair offers a cheaper and quicker alternative to updating your look through hair extensions.

3. Seek the Service and Advice of a Trusted Hairstylist.

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If you happen to decide to get a full head extensions, the application process would not be simple. And although hair extensions are temporary and may be removed anytime you want, removal can take considerable amount of time too especially if the tracks are sewn into your hair. Also, it is imperative that you seek help from a true professional if you prefer the tracking or weaving installation process so that it will be done right and your hair won’t get damaged.

4. Get a Haircut after the Extensions have been Placed.

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Get a professional hair cut to make sure that the faux hair looks natural and blends well with your hair.

5. Don’t Buy Synthetic Ones.

imagesMake sure you get 100% virgin remy hair for the most natural texture. Natural hair extensions are also easier to maintain and can be styled and cared for like your own hair. Although human hair extensions cost more than synthetic ones, they are likely to last for over a year compared to synthetic ones.

6. Be Prepared to have fun with your New Hair! 

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Extensions offer you the chance to update your look anytime you want to. Now you don’t have to stick with curling or ironing your hair pin-straight.  Hair extensions give you the opportunity to try and wear different hairstyles. Try the fancy up-dos, style it big, or keep it really straight and long; hairstyling choice is endless with hair extensions. Hair extensions can indeed transform the way you look and because of that, it can also alter the way you feel about yourself.  Many find hair extensions to be helpful in boosting their confidence and making them feel sexy. This will hold true as long as you do your homework of choosing the right hair extensions and the experienced hairstylist to help you with the selection, application, removal and maintenance. By staying informed about this hair trend, you also get to protect your natural hair’s health.  So take the time to know more about hair extensions so you can truly enjoy its benefits.

The Realization, the Transition and the Love

We couldn’t help but notice that more and more Black women are unashamedly embracing the natural hair look. Even celebrities, such as Solange Knowles, are proudly displaying their God given coif.

Therefore what are the processes of this transition? Well, there are a number of them.

In the past, to go from Relaxed to Natural hair many women would “snip, snip” and cut off all of their processed hair. Thus patiently sporting short hair for the necessary duration. However more recently, women are adopting new options such as wearing wigs, weaves and extensions. Women are also choosing to use natural textured extensions, to incorporate into their hair to provide density and body.

Still – all in all – it is important to remember to regularly shampoo one’s hair, oil the scalp and massage it, as well as apply a leave-in conditioner on the hair before preparing it for weave techniques – even wigs. These steps keep the hair hydrated and scalp circulated while hibernating. Furthermore once the new style is in place, continue to massage the scalp. Finally, it is imperative to keep the hair ends clipped in between styles.

Here at ONYC we have various options, if you’re transitioning to natural hair or would like to incorporate natural hair extensions for volume. Our customers have repeatedly informed us how the Mongolian Kinky Curly 3B-3C effortlessly blends with their own hair without detection by onlookers. Our Curly Addiction 3B is also quite popular with its lush full bodied curls. You can also go for a wavy hair appearance with our Body Wavy 2A. However, what ever your goal – to enhance or to transition – we have the diversity of options for you.

Embracing change and the “New You” is optimum. We are here to help!


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