‘Mad Men’ Cast Member Teyonah Parris Slays in Kinky Curly

To our surprise, we have another amazing star rocking ONYC Hair. She can be seen in ‘Mad Men’ on AMC and is now filming her next movie wearing ONYC! An interview with the Los Angeles Times revealed the reason for her role in ‘Mad Men’.

“The fifth season of “Mad Men” brought the dawn of a new day. And one result was the introduction of the latest female in Don Draper’s life: Dawn Chambers, his new secretary and Sterling Cooper Draper Pryce’s first African American employee. When viewers rejoined the 1960s-set drama after a 17-month hiatus, they were briefed on the racial tensions that spawned riots and protests during the period the series is set in. After jokingly advertising itself as an equal opportunity employer in an attempt to poke fun at one of their competitor’s woes, SCDP ended up hiring its first African American employee, played by Teyonah Parris.”


She can also be seen on a McDonald’s commercial wearing the Mongolian Tight Kinky 3C-4A. To achieve this look in the video, wet hair, twist hair in 2-strand twists and dry. Release from twists and Voilà!.