Tousled Hair Glam

What are you plans this season? Want to appear part glamorous and part…well; flirtatious?

With the bevy of Holiday parties on the list and not too mention the New Year’s Eve party, which it is never too early to prepare for, you may want to consider something “outside-the-Holiday-Party-box”. Have you considered The Tousled Hair Look?

Creating this style will be more easily conducive for straight hair types. However, if your hair is curly you can pull-it-out with a blow-drier and flat iron initially. Still be guarded with the amount of heat, especially if you are wearing the ONYC® Kinky Curly hair.

Ok so to accomplish this look this is what you will need; a Flat brush, a tail comb, curling iron (a 1″ barrel works well), and voluminous (anti-humidifier) hair spray, a few clips.

Now to get to work…..

  • Firstly; Spray the hair throughout, with the voluminous hair spray. This provides texture, equips and provides foundation for the next step.
  • Secondly, for curling separate medium sized vertical sections of the hair. Begin at the hairline by Rolling the hair away from the face.
  • As you begin curling, wrap the hair around the barrel or entire iron. You do not want to place the hair inside of the iron. Also, leave the hair out at the hair-end. These 2 tips are so not to make perfect and orderly ringlets.
  • Additionally, to develop the Tousled Look alternate the direction of each section. Since the front section, at the hair line was rolled away from the face (or toward the back) turn the next section toward the front of the face. Can you picture it? Alternate the direction of each roll; back then front, back then front.
  • The above steps should result in natural looking wavy contour.
  • Next use your fingers and run them through your hair like a comb.
  • If you notice any fly-aways, it is a good idea to gently spray the hair with your hair spray once more.

So if you are in the mood for alluring yet elegant hair, give this a try! Kerry Washington showcased this hair design at her very recent Uptown Magazine shoot. Check her out in the pic above, and other versions below:

Jennifer Lopez with Hot, Hot  hair:


Lala Anthony, Vivacious and Tousled: