Jean(s) Glossary


Jeans are all about cut and fit for style and comfort! Choose a style with the cut that works with your body type and height and then find a brand with a fit that is comfortable.

Jeans come in low rise, mid rise or high rise. Low rise jeans can be worn by slim women who don’t risk creating a muffin look over the low waist of these jeans. Mid rise and high rise can be worn by just about everyone as long as they’re a correct fit–make sure they fit just right-not too tight or you’ll risk creating an unsightly bulge above the waist.

Boot cut jeans and flared jeans are very hot right now along with the bell bottom style. A boot cut jean is narrower than a flared jean and the bell bottom is the most flared of all three cuts. Boot cut jeans have a slight flare and look good on just about everyone–while you really need some height to look good in a flared or bell bottom jean.

Skinny jeans look best on tall thin women–they’re all about showing off the leg! A shorter woman can wear skinny jeans with heels which act to lengthen the leg especially if the heels are in a nude color!

Straight cut jeans are my favorite cut–this cut falls straight with no tapering or flare to it. This cut looks best on short and medium height women-it elongates the legs and looks good with heels. You can find straight cut jeans in a looser or a more fitted style.

The boyfriend jean can be worn by just about everyone. A boyfriend jean is a casual style to be worn with a rolled cuff for a cropped look. Skinny jeans and narrow straight leg jeans can also be rolled up to create a casual cropped look.

Denim jeans come in various washes including:
Light Blue
Medium Blue
Dark Blue

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