ONYC Hair Styling Guide

4 Outstanding Hair Styling Ideas for 2015

Keep your look up to date and sport the best hairstyle for 2015. Here’s a list of the top 4 hair styling ideas for the year.

Side-Swept Hairstyle

Side-Swept Hairstyle

You’ve seen it from runway models and Hollywood celebrities. This chic hair styling idea doesn’t seem to go out of trend. The side-swept hairstyle is a versatile style that complements many face shapes and hair textures. You can use the side-swept hair style regardless of your hair length or type. There’s the side swept updo, side swept curls, side swept braid, pin back side, sleek side sweep, and more. Regardless of the side swept hairstyle you choose, you’re sure to look more feminine and sexy with this styling. Sweeping your hair on the side also allows you to flaunt a nice collarbone, your gorgeous earrings, and a part of your sexy shoulders. You can also take the side sweep from day to night.


Hair Braids

It seems like the popularity of braids will continue until the year ends. New type of braids continue to emerge so let us all look forward to more fascinating braid techniques and styles as the months pass. From loose braids, now comes vintage braid style similar to the side plaits worn by Brigitte Bardot in the 60s. French braids are also popular among D& G and Givenchy models. Twisty and fishtail braids remain to be the top braid style of today. One of the most interesting hair style for 2015 is the woven braid that makes use of a long and pretty scarf.

Ponytail Hairstyle

ONYC HairStyle

Ponytails have now evolved and different ponytail hairstyles are available to suit every face shape. At present, the boho-punky ponies are becoming more popular. The casual and grungy look from this messy ponytail hair style creates a more textured look. The bouncy ponytail is also one of the most popular hair style for 2015. The sexy, barely-there wavy ponytail is one of the most fashion-forward hair styling ideas of today.

Layered, Long Hair

ONYC Long Hair

The classic layered, long hair is the top choice of many. Long layers give more movement while the razored edges frame the face beautifully. Layered, long hair may be worn by straight, wavy or curly hair. Unleash your inner goddess and add some layers into your hair. This way, you also get to lighten your hair load without losing length. Get chin length layers if you have thick hair or if you want more body and movement. If you want some bounce, skip the bangs and get longer layers with curls.

Transform your look everyday and give these hair styling tips a try. Don’t be afraid to try new hairstyles every day. After all, these are just temporary so you can go back to your “trusted” look whenever you want to. But this year, we dare you to be different and be more confident by sporting trendsetting hairstyles that you wouldn’t normally wear. Get out of your comfort zone and start by dressing up your hair. These hair styling ideas for 2015 are guaranteed to make you look and feel fabulous all throughout the year.

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Winter Wedding Hair Inspiration

June is typically the quintessential wedding month. However, the magic of the Holiday Season often leads to romantic Winter Nuptials.

When the winter months come around, maintaining the luster and shine of the hair can be more laborious than the warmer months. In this instance, be sure to acquire the appropriate products that provide the suitable amount of moisture for your hair type. Here at ONYC® International, we offer products that can transcend your tresses to a supple and glowing mane.

Have you tried the Demorin Smoothing Serum – This will add more immense shine and tame your locks. It is best to put it into your hair when it is wet and let it air dry or use the diffuser. That’s not all…Check out the One’n’Only Restorative Mask. This comes highly recommended by our Our CEO, Thelma Okoro. This product is known to hydrate and moisturize hair. Let it set for 5-10 minutes, then rinse some out while leaving some behind and apply no heat. Also, this is great for elasticity, since curls have bounce and this will help it keep the “umph”.

Now that you have the tools to release the moisture into your your gorgeous coiffure for the Winter Season, allow these beautiful styles (such as Rihanna’s classy pic above) to inspire you for that special Wedding Occasion!

Winter Wedding Hair –  Inspiration Photos:

Acclaimed Actress, Sanaa Lathan


Versatile Actress, Zoe Saldana


Songbird, Taylor Swift


Beautiful Model



Kelly Rowland in a tamed and defined ONYC kinky curly style

You saw her at the BET honors in a purple dress with a dried out kinky curly style. Now here she is with a tamed look.

How to achieve:

  • For a tamed and defined curl look, perform a co-wash (completely immersing the hair in water mixed with conditioner and a drop of hair serum, detangle first!) brush together while still dripping wet and scrunch together then patiently wait to air dry.
  • A great complimentary serum is our Demorin™ Smoothing Serum

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Hair Tresses: Sanaa Lathan

Sanaa Lathan rocks wonderful hairstyles that many seek to achieve. As for her hair care routine, Sanaa uses Kim Kimble hair care products. “She’s one of my hairdressers and she has the best products! I love her Ginger Crème Conditioner, and twice a month, I like to do her hot oil treatments.” On our Hype Hair pages, Sanaa is sporting two lovely looks. Her hair is cut to midlength and flat ironed straight for a smooth, sleek finish. As an alternate style, she rocks loose spirals that can be created using medium-sized rod curlers. Whether she is on the red carpet or at an industry event, Sanaa Lathan is always picture perfect, and her style and grace is an inspiration to movie lovers everywhere! Continue Reading