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7 Foods that can Hurt your Health during Christmas Holiday

Parties here and there are being held to celebrate the Holidays and while we at ONYC Hair also enjoy celebrating over food and drinks, we want to send a gentle reminder for everyone to exercise caution and control in indulging in the Christmas fare. If you can’t resist the sumptuous menu this holiday, make sure you practice portion control especially if you intend to treat yourself to these 7 rich, fattening and indulgent Christmas foods. ‘This is the season to be jolly but we want your happiness to extend.

1. Breads, Bagels, Pasta, White rice, Doughnuts and other Carb-dense foods.Breads, bagels, pasta, white rice, doughnuts and other carb-dense foods.

You know about the good and the bad carbohydrates, right? Ensure that your gut flora remains balanced by moderating your intake of food with high ratio of carbs as compared to their weight.

2. Packaged and processed food.
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Christmas is a time for giving so why not give the gift of time and skip the processed food. Cook for your family, friends and loved ones and avoid packaged foods which are rich in trans-fats.

3.  Too much Christmas ham.

Drenched in salt and glazed with sugar,

Drenched in salt and glazed with sugar, this Christmas food can increase your acidity if you eat too much of it.

4. Sugar-loaded candy canes.

Sugar-loaded candy canes.

The striped sweets are truly tempting but this sugar stick can aggravate acidity, double your blood sugar level and cause plaques and dental carries.

5. High-calorie eggnogs are flavorful and rich and creamy.

High-calorie eggnogs are flavorful and rich and creamy.

But a glass contains 150 grams of cholesterol and 400 calories so while it can add some holiday cheer, it can also add a few extra pounds of post-holiday weight. Pair your eggnog with a Christmas pudding and have it every night of December and you’re sure to spoil your health.

6. Alcohol.


The sparkling cheer of the holidays can be celebrated with just a shot or two.You don’t need to finish a dozen beer cans or use up the entire collection in your cellar. You don’t want to be intoxicated that you’d miss all the Christmas Eve fun.

7. Chocolate gift boxes.

Chocolate gift boxes.

We know you’ll receive lots of it and we know you’re excited to indulge but try to control the urge to finish them all in one sitting. They’re sweet and so delectable but they are also loaded with calories. Take sweets in moderation so you can still try a portion of everything on the Christmas menu.

More than hair care tips and enumerating what you need to know about hair extensions, ONYC guide also shares tips and tricks to help you live a healthy lifestyle. After all, the food you eat affects the overall functioning of your body which means it also affects the health of your skin, nails and hair. You can still enjoy the holidays without causing harm to your health. Just be cautious and never forget to have a balanced meal. We hope that this ONYC guide can help you have a joyful, scrumptuous yet healthy Christmas celebration.

Why Not, EAT PRETTY?!?!

It is never too early, nor is it too to begin to incorporate healthy practices into our daily lives. Especially when these healthy practices leads to a more beautiful you!….Yep, you read that right!

There is data and experience to support that there are foods that we can eat to cause us to become the best versions of ourselves…Or just down right Pretty!

Dietitian and Wellness manager, Kristin Kirkpatrick has informed about 5 foods – to be exact – which can cause us to be more attractive….So since you can’t wait to hear what they, let’s get right to it:



It is widely advertised these days to acquire skin care products with vitamin C to protect against wrinkles and other unwanted skin problems. However it is even more beneficial to get a sizable amount Vitamin C internally. Based on reputable studies published in American Journal of Clinical Nutrition it has been found that a higher dietary intake of Vitamin C is  associated with a decreased likelihood of a wrinkled appearance.
However, think bigger than inhaling a morning glass of orange juice. Reach for excellent sources of Vitamin C such as papaya, as well as bell peppers, brussel sprouts, broccoli.

Recipe  Idea:

Consider combining, the items mentioned above, with a salad or throwing them into a stir fry for a beautiful meal or  or buying them frozen to make tropical smoothies.




Oysters contain an astounding mineral called zinc. Zinc is critical to healing wounds as well as to development and growth. However it is also integral in amplifying collagen production and thereby revealing great skin. Furthermore, it has been scientifically discovered that zinc may help prevent acne since it works to control excess oils on the skin.

Recipe  Idea:

Consider putting Oysters on the barbeque! During those warm summer months, grill oysters for an appetizing delight.



Swiss Chard

Swiss Chard is appetizing and works well with almost any recipe. It contains a high level of biotin which makes it beneficial to the hair as well as the skin. It also possesses large amounts of b-complex vitamins which is associated with advantageous beauty properties

The leafy vegetable is also high in vitamins A, K and C. These are the vitamins correlated to overall anti-aging.




To many, it is an established fact that soybeans assist in lowering the risk for high blood pressure, cholesterol, and reducing the waist line,  but soybeans also dispense luminous and brilliant skin. It is the omega 3s contained in the beans which combat inflammation in the body and help skin look younger and supple.

Recipe  Idea:

Snacks such as edamame, walnuts, flax seed and, now, even soybeans possess the ample omega 3 nutrition for healthy skin. Fish is not the sole source of this miraculous nutrient. A quick saves time and achieves great beauty.



Brazil Nuts

Brazil nuts are rich in a mineral named Selenium. Although this mineral is fantastic for good health and beautiful skin, it should not be consumed in large quantities at any point. The reason for that is, only small amounts of Selenium are necessary to reap the great reward. Overdosing, or ingesting a large quantity can actually disintegrate your beauty. It can lead to blotchy fingernail beds, hair loss….Yes! Gulp!….or discoloration of skin.

Recipe  Idea:

Just try a couple, no more than hand full, of Brazil nuts. One serving of salmon also works to produce the “beauty-results”.