Meet FARAH! ONYC’s First Runner Up Winner

Yesterday we got an inside scoop on Deonna and all that she loves. Today is all about the wonderful FARAH! Well traveled, and a beauty that likes to spend time with family, check out what Farah shared with us.

Farah did an absolutely wonderful job in the contest! She enthusiastically did everything that was asked of all contestants and definitely expanded the brands presence overseas. With such a busy live as a Mom and wife, she managed to win first runner up. Farah entered the contest just shortly before it ended, but if you were keeping track of the race she ranked herself to the top VERY VERY quickly. She’ll be receiving some very lovely gifts and hopefully becoming a distributor of ONYC for you ladies and gent to purchase products from!

If you have any questions for Farah, ask away!

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Meet ONYC’s Grand Prize Winner!!

We recently announced our contest winners and throughout this process they have been such a joy. With such great and positive personalities we want everyone around the world to meet our two new winners.

ONYC is all about having the best relationships with our customers. It’s not just about the hair 24/7, but rather having holistic beauty inside and out,with a whole lot of fun.

So check out the questionaire we gave our GRAND PRIZE winner Deonna and her wonderful answers.

Stay Tuned for FARAH next!

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