Reverse Ombre Haircolor – 2013 Hair Trend

The Ombre Haircolor was all the rage over the past year. From the Big Screen to the Little Screen…from magazines to runway shows…and even to the streets, ladies everywhere embraced this look and made it happen!

As we move on into the new year, the style gurus have predicted that the Reverse Ombre Haircolor is what is now going to shake things up in 2013. Although it has been seen before, it did not become as wide-spread as the original. However, this is the moment for the Reverse Ombre Haircolor style to Shine!

To create this look it is advised that you consult a professional stylist for the application. The varied ONYC® International hair types does afford you the liberty to obtain this style as the stellar hair products are adaptable and color quite well. So why not go for it?! Lighten the top, in the natural manner that the sun would hit your hair. Then go a few shades darker underneath. You may be the first among your peers to do it and totally shake things up!

Below are pics of notable ladies and others showcasing the Reverse Ombre Haircolor.


Beyonce is always starting something – This is how she rocked her  Reverse Ombre Haircolor. Observe the darker shade underneath…:  


A little bit on the “Smoky-Side”, Demi Lovato shows-off her Reverse Ombre Look:


The Beautiful model shows how it’s done with this bold contrast:




This model presents a little more subtle contrast:

Hair Color And Complexions

Leading up to the new year, and perhaps into the impending inauguration activities, leaves room for much contemplation about Hair, style options and even Hair Color choices. If you’re like me you have probably randomly chosen a hair color then after the process was over, wished that you had thought it through further. Luckily there is research available to assist us with making the best Hair Color choice possible, for us.

In identifying the best Hair Color, it is very helpful to consider one’s skin tone or complexion…Oh yes! This component results in producing results which truly makes us Amazingly Shine! The following are a few key notes toward selecting the best Hair Color for You, and me!

Dark Skin Tones

For dark-skinned tones, your natural hair color often tends to complement your skin extremely well…not to mention, your natural hair color guarantees the healthiest hair possible. However, when you are ready for that color change try a burgundy or deep-purple color, for a glorious you! Another consideration are subtle light-brown highlights, which will provide a glow on your face.


Below is a Photo of Actress Angela Bassett, demonstrating subtle light-brown highlights:


Medium Skin Tones

Medium-brown skin tones are often enriched by light-brown or red hair. Some brown-skinned people naturally have lighter hair while other similar individuals, do not. For either sub-group, dying one’s hair  inappreciably a shade or two lighter, or electing a slightly red-toned hair color produces a new you! Other options for this skin tone include; dark blond or medium-red highlights. Highlights also enhance the hair’s natural tone extremely and minimizes the amount of chemicals used. In the main Pic above, Queen Latifah illustrates lighter brown highlights.


Here, Well-Rounded Talent, Queen Latifah with a dark-blond tone:


Entertainment Correspondent, Tanika Ray with red-toned hair color:


Light Skin Tones

For lighter skin tones, the hair color is often already somewhat faded, containing natural highlights. If this is your reality, using a shampoo with “brighteners” will provide a look of luster to your natural color, without the opportunity for damage due to chemicals from hair dye. Still, whatever your natural hair color, light brown skin tones mostly look best when subtle highlights are added, just a little bit lighter than your natural hair. However for a more expressive display, blond hair color will fashion a golden effect on your hair. This glamorous and bold effect will amplify your eyes, and facial features.


Ms. Beyonce Knowles as usual rocking the bold Blond Hair:


Olive Skin Tones

Further lighter-skinned complexions are often referred to as olive-like. Golden blond hair, throughout the entire coiffure instead of highlights, works well for people with this skin color. The stylish aura this hair color provides will make you appear vibrant and vivacious. Light brown hair also looks great with olive and paler skin, but the lighter the hair color, the more your face will glow and eyes will shine.


Here is actress Rashida Jones displaying light brown hair: