Styled: ONYC Full Cuticle Mongolian Body-2-Wavy Hair

We wanted to add some more pleasure to the fact that we have some new hair! Our Full Cuticle Mongolian Body-2-Wavy Hair is sure to make your day. We know you like to try new things with your ONYC Hair, and with this new line, Body-2-Wavy is able to achieve some looks worth trying.

Below, we have a shot of a similar look to our new hair.. We feel this is best way to describe our new hair, Mongolian Body-2-Wavy as if it were right out the package. The wave is loose and perfect. So, get this look consistently with a diffuser (cool air), or apply some flexi-rods to your ends and a bit of heat from a hood dryer.

Like to be tamed and funky; finger-comb our Body-2-Wavy, cut the bangs to the length or style you want and straighten the bangs. This look is very runway-like and since most of your see your paths as a runway, this is perfect. 🙂

You can also achieve this look all over again, with the help of some flexi-rods and a diffuser. Start at the scalp and work your way down. Full body and wavy for sure. 

If you are interested in straightening the Body-2-Wavy hair, use a ceramic or titanium flat iron. Try to use the least amount of heat as possible, which means don’t use a Marcel iron of your hair. Remember ladies, this is human hair, think of it as if it was directly from you. Bump your ends and rock a sleek look.

If you know how to dye hair properly, like Lexi in our recent post on coloring, then you can achieve this look straight or curled. We are sure the two colors look amazing when back to the body wave.