Relaxed Perm 101

Light Relax: This has less texture. Just imagine straightening chemically relaxed hair strands. Medium Luster.

Regular Relaxed: This will have more texture. Just imagine blow drying chemically relaxed hair strands. Medium-Low to Low-Luster.


Product Recommendations

Shampoo: “Paul Mitchell Tea Tree Shampoo.”

This is amazing clarifying shampoo.  If you’re on a budget, try the generic brand at your local Sally Beauty supply store.


Conditioner: “Pantene PRO-V Relaxed and Natural for Women of Color”

It moisturizes and hydrates without weighing hair down. This is also sold at your local Sally’s Beauty Supply store.


Serum: Demorin™ Serum now available on

Sealant: Demorin™ Seal-a-Weave (Please shake before use)


Care and Maintenance:

Less is better with this hair, use serum sparingly to induce luster.


Note: Do really avoid using holding sprays, gels and likes.  These will make the hair hard, lifeless and tendency to tangle.  If this happens, wash with clarifying shampoo and mild conditioner and your hair will be as good as the first time.  This is a great advantage of cuticle hair!


  1. Before shampooing, first detangle hair from the tip gradually up to the root. For additional softness, mix warm water and conditioner throughout this phase. Remember that one tangled knot will end up creating a tangled web once wet!Let your hair air-dry instead of using an electrical hair dryer
  2. Let your hair air-dry instead of using an electrical hair dryer

Color Application:

  • If you apply permanent hair color, wash hair with Apple Cider Vinegar after rinsing off the color.  Then follow with a shampoo and moisturizing conditioner.  This is a great clarifying method.

Expert Tips:

  • Do not double the tracks to avoid tangling.  Leave a little more space in between tracks and towards the nape area. (approx. 1”)
  • During your install, ask your stylist to split the tracks in half especially towards the top.  This will help create a more flawless blending with your natural hair which results to a more natural look. If you split the tracks you must re-secure the wefts with our weft sealant.
  • The weft already comes pretty strong with mild sealant.  If you decide to seal the weft, we strongly recommend using our Demorin™ Seal-A-Weave.