Oval Faces: Do You Know What Hair Works for Your Face Type?

Sometimes you want to try a new hairstyle but aren’t too sure if the style will fit your face. Visual-Makeover.com gave some tips on understanding your face structure and which styles are best for that face type. We will provide some facts and photos of styles you can try, if you dare, short or long. There is the Oval, Round, Oblong, Square, Heart, Triangular and Diamond facial structures to understand. First off, measure your face by taking a focused look in the mirror.

Visual-Makeover.com says…

Measure it with a tape measure or ruler. You will take the following measurements:

  1. Measure your face across the top of your cheekbones. Write down the measurement on a piece of paper.
  2. Measure across your jaw line from the widest point to the widest point. Write down the measurement.
  3. Measure across your forehead at the widest point. Generally the widest point will be somewhere about halfway between your eyebrows and your hairline. Write down the measurement.
  4. Measure from the tip of your hairline to the bottom of your chin.

How To Determine What Face Shape You Are

  • You are a Oval if: Length will be equal to one and a half times the width.


Check out some hairstyles that will be suitable for an Oval face. Try curves bangs (bumped by curling iron), shoulder length hairstyles, long wavy or curly hairstyles and even short or outgrown pixie cuts. Tyra Banks is a famous oval faced woman as well as Halle Berry.