ONYC Sightings: What Are Your Thoughts on Hampton Univ. Banning Locks & Cornrows?

We’ve heard this before in intimate discussions amongst friends who feel that if people wear certain hairstyles that are known to African-American culture, it would hinder their chances in corporate America. What are your thoughts on the recent case with Hampton University, banning locks and cornrows for their MBA-program students? Is it really a bad idea, or should corporate America change their perspective on looks?

HAMPTON–Hampton University’s business school dean is standing by a controversial ban on dreadlocks and cornrows for some students.

Male students enrolled in the school’s 5-year MBA program who take the seminar class cannot wear dreadlocks or cornrows in class.

The ban, which began in 2001, has been controversial over the years.

“I don’t think it shouldn’t matter what the hairstyle.  It’s my life. I should be able to do whatever I want to do,” said incoming freshman Uriah Bethea, who wears dreadlocks and says he wouldn’t compromise his look for a class.

“I would just find another major,” he added.

Business School Dean Sid Credle believes the ban has been effective in helping his students land corporate jobs.

“We’ve been very successful. We’ve placed more than 99 percent of the students who have graduated from this school, this program,” said Credle.

“These students choose to be in this program and aspire to be leaders in the business world.  We model these students after the top African-Americans in the business world,” said HU spokesperson Naima Ford.

Credle said it’s important for students to look the part when looking for a job.


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