ONYC Sightings: Rihanna Opens Up on Oprah, Miley Cyrus’ Blonde Pixie & Nicki Minaj American Idol Judge

So, maybe giving Nicki Minaj a host on American Idol is a great idea. She has shown her worth to the media and isn’t a musician, but understands what sells. And this was her surprise to the fans after canceling a few tour stops. This should be good especially since Mariah Carey is on board and is so soft spoken.


What did you think of the very heartfelt and vulnerable interview Rihanna did with Oprah last night? chris Brown needed guidance after the fight, Rihanna is still single and Barbados still loves her as Robyn Rihanna Fenty. We thought it was great to hear her closure, “but I have to move on…”, and we hope for the best after losing her GranGran Dolly who had some amazing advice on men that we should take into consideration. Find someone who loves you more than you love them; hmmm…

But we can’t bare to not notice that gorgeous pixie cut Miley Cyrus has. I guess loving yourself first is the most flattering when you can chop it off so easily. Do you love the look? She did do it gradually, started with a bob then a pixie, just to make sure she was comfortable first. Smart move Miley!