ONYC Help: I Have a Red Brassy Hue In My Closure Lace

ONYC Help: I have a red brassy hue in my closure lace, what do I do?

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Question: I can NEVER seems to get that red brassy hue out of my closure lace. What Can I do to eliminate it? I’ve tried all types of red-outs, but nothing works.

Answer:  The brassy color is not from the lace but rather from the hair color.  The lace does not change color. It is challenging to bleach dark hair without a red undertone.  This is the reason why we moderately bleach the hair instead of bleaching it more. Hair color goes through levels of shades during the process of lighting it.
You will need to bleach it all the way but this might affect the integrity of the hair.
You might have to color it darker to tone it down, it will show the knots more but it might be better than looking brassy.


Please check out some videos on YouTube that deal with the brassiness of the hair and we will be sure to do a video on it as well in the near future with the products we know are the best for solving this issue. 🙂