ONYC® Contest Update: Meet Our 30 Finalists – They Move On to Phase 2!

The first 6 weeks of the ONYC® FREE Hair Contest have come and gone.

30 Finalists have been selected to move on to the next Phase, where they will have an opportunity to win FREE Hair from ONYC®.

Phase 2 is LIVE right now!

See Complete instructions detailing the next steps for Phase 2 HERE.

In this 2nd half of the contest, the participants will be required to encourage fans, followers, friends and family to vote for their image HERE.

This image should be most convincing as to why the finalist deserves to win the FREE Hair. The person with the most votes wins! 🙂

Congratulations to ALL our Finalists. We wish you loads of luck for the next half of the Contest. Do not shrink back, but forge ahead to victory!

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