ONYC Contest FINALS! Help us vote

In case you haven’t been keeping up with the contest, our semifinalists for the “I AM ONYC” contest have put their  final videos up. We’ll need a ton of help determining who the final winner is so please help us make a decision. Please note that this poll will not determine the final winner but it will surely help us decide.

These ladies did a wonderful job, so check the videos out.

Remember, these videos have to represent ONYC Hair.


  1. @Curious Farah has the kinky curly 3B-3C in her hair. You’ll have to personally ask her where she lays the tracks. Her hair must be just like the kinky curl pattern. It’s amazing isn’t it!

  2. I am in love with the video by Deonna Monique.. I am curious what kind of hair Farah has in her hair, and where the tracks are. It looks unreal! Please let me know!

  3. Dear ONYC Team,

    According to my friends and family, the system keep showing validating when they try to vote? I tried myself and I get the same?

    Once again, thank you for everything.



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