Look of the Week: Something Haute for Work and Happy Hour

Have tried to look good at work and keep it up to last you long enough to make it to happy hour on time? We have a suggestion in hairstyles that will help you get that $5 drink without going home to change. ONYC Hair has you covered.

We think a lose bun will work well with any job, especially if you are able to wear make up, a light colored lip, or light tint will hold you until it’s time to add something more bold. The slicked back ponytail with a side swoop bangs  or the Chinese bangs will hold you all day. Trust yourself with a loose curl, and it can be well tamed, but there is a chance you will pull it off if you have the confidence to look this good. 🙂 Lastly, try a very straight look with it laying on one side of your head. It is hot and the least amount of hair on your shoulder will keep you fresh in your outfit. All of these hairstyles can be worn with our hair.

We though a peplum dress that was bright or a pastel color would bring out the beauty in any woman, plus add some flare to her work life. Attract a new type of guy with this outfit. Bright shoes, that are suede, are the best to compliment anything, especially this look. Now the heels do not have to be this high unless you can and are able to rock them and strut in them. The zebra print is good way to pass in the corporate world where black and white are the only passing colors. Plus you can wear both out to the happy hour you’ve been struggling to attend.