Jill Scott Did It; Cut Your Hair To Feel Good?

As the woman gracing the October 2012 Essence Magazine cover, she states her understanding of self and men too. Jill Scott has taken a journey down the buzz cut lane and seems to love it. Why not? Loving the hair you have on your head is important, especially since you have to show it daily.

This is the simplest form of myself. I look in the mirror and it’s like, ‘Hey, there you go. What’s up, girl?’ For me, hair is an accoutrement. Hair is jewelry. It’s an accessory. Tomorrow I may want a wig down to my butt and I’m gonna rock it, and the next day I may want a big Afro and I’m gonna rock that too… – Jill Scott in Essence Mag

It comes down to this, if a woman fees good in her skin, why would she wear make-up? Well, maybe because she loves how enhanced she can look with it versus without, not that she isn’t happy with herself, and has some flaws she has accepted. So the same thing goes for her hair, yes India Arie said somethings in her song about “I am not my hair,” but some people just didn’t get it. Once “The Help” lead actress Viola Davis showed off her short gold cut at the Oscars earlier this year, the look is back in action, or did it ever leave? Either way, whatever style you like to rock, make sure it is you and not someone else’s look that doesn’t fit you.

Check out some ladies who have chopped off their hair throughout their careers: