Holidays 2012 – Hair Inspiration!

Whether you’ll be at Grandma’s, your Bestie’s or planning something at your own abode, everyone wants to look their Fiercest! at the Holiday Dinner, Party or gathering.

There are some simple yet fashionable looks that we’ve discovered, that we know you can make your own and showcase Fabulously!

Starlets from Kerry Washington to Eva Longoria to Zoe Saldana have previously adorned styles suited for straight or wavy, or even a little curlier hair types. You can adapt the design to suit who you are, but it is still attainable.

For hair already worn straight soft curls can be created, all around or to one side. This can be done using a thicker curling iron that allows hair to cascade into soft-wider ringlets or waves. For a more teased-casual look, braid then loosen hair or keep a braid in across the front of the head or to one side. Let us not forget the classic ponytail.  This can be worn in a few ways; off to one side, or down; thus beginning at the top of the neck then straight down the back – or up; somewhat loosely starting in the middle of the back of the head.

For those with curlier hair types, a curly look in an Up-do is a gorgeous option or you may choose to straighten it out. However, if you possess the top quality Virgin ONYC® curly hair (Curly Addiction™ 3BMongolian Kinky Curl Textures) be careful of the heat as to pro-long the use and quality of this hair. Additionally with heavy straightening it becomes a little more difficult to return to the original hair pattern. You’ll get there, but be mindful that it will not be immediate.

So here (below) are some photos to inspire you. Find the style that most suits who you are and the Holiday Look, that you are going for.

Ms. Kerry Washington with the “Up-Do Bun”


Eva Longoria with a “Soft Up-Do Ponytail”


Mila Kunis with the “Side-part and Pin-Up”


Selena Gomez struts with some soft “Wide Roll-Waves”