Hair Tool of the Week: Single Prong Clips

We think there are many hair supplies that would accommodate your journey with ONYC Hair or your natural hair. The tool of the week are hair clips. Now there are many types of clips for hair, such as locks and curls to roller sets or barrel curls. Here is what you need to keep those curls together all week long. To substitute for the clips, use bobby pins.

 This is considered to be a single prong clip, or pin curl clip. Take your curls, roll them up with your hands the way the curl is formed until you reach your head. Pin them down with one clip or two. Wrap your head at night and the next morning will be nice and easy to get through. Like we mentioned before, the bobby pin is just as good. You can purchase them at your local beauty supply store for less that $5.

Example of hair pinned to head.

The pinned curls would look something like this. It just depends on how you place them and which way you want your curl to be.

Example of big curls pinned to head.














Loose or tight, it can be achieved, but we recommend checking with a stylist to get the full potential of a look and then you should be able to do it at home and get something like this: