Hair Tool of the Week: ONYC Diffuser

Its about 100 degrees everyday this summer and we want you to be able to handle it without looking for a mirror every minute. Instead of being disappointed by the lack of chances you have to save your curls from the heat on a daily basis, purchase our Ultimate Diffuser for $15. With the new Deep Curly 3B, which will be released this week, Indian Virgin Curly 3A, Indian Wavy 2B-2C, Body-2-Wavy and Kinky Curly, air-drying your curls is better than applying heat, but we recommend using a diffuser attachment that will help dry the best way and faster for convenience.  Follow these simple steps to help you maintain the curly trend of the summer:

  1. De-tangle hair with a wide-tooth comb before co-washing.
  2. Co-wash your hair and use a conditioner to help rid of tangling.
  3. Softly use a towel to help rid of excess water until hair is just damp. Do not rub, just squeeze hair.
  4. Let it air-dry until you see the curls you want.
  5. Apply your product that allows you to tame your hair. We prefer the Demorin Smoothing Serum.
  6. Then use the diffuser to hold the curls in a state you want for heading out.
    1. If you want volume, pick up sections of the hair at the roots and dry with diffuser. Use your hands to help scrunch the hair for a tighter curl.