Hair Tool of the Week: No Rubber Bands Please!

There is no myth, don’t wear rubber bands for a ponytail, EVER!

Unless you are interested in damaging your hair cuticles from lifting it to losing it entirely. It will become very porous and weak, decrease shine and even create a bald spot. So, from here on out do not fail to have some ponytail holders laying around and be forced to look for that rubber band that came off the broccoli. That’s a big “NO” especially with your natural hair and ONYC Hair too.

Dr. Zoe D. Draelos, a clinical associate professor in the Department of Dermatology, Wake Forest University School of Medicine, Winston-Salem, North Carolina, notes that her patients who routinely wear their hair in ponytails and use rubber bands report that their hair is no longer growing. The hair has been broken at the scalp and traumatized by use of the rubber bands, causing growing to cease. Dr. Draelos explains that rubber bands and other hair accessories can do extreme damage to the physical structure of hair. Read more: Do Rubberbands Damage Hair?

We do have some suggestions for you when you need to put your hair up anytime.

Try wearing elastic hair ties, such as the Goody brand. They have been providing great hair ties for years on years. The elastic brand pictured above includes something cute to make your ponytail more than wrapped up hair, but fashionable.

Also consider wrapping your hair around the elastic band to get a alternate look many high-end fashion house’s use for their models.

You can even look great in hair bows, not the kiddie ones, but  tie a ribbon on your ponytail or buy a head band that has a bow; even clip bows. It will definitely add some nice touches to your look.