Hair Tool of the Week: Nicole Ari Parker’s “Save Your Do” Gymwrap

We heard about this months ago when she first released the product. It is clever to hold your hair down with something other than a scarf, which leaves indentations, or a headband, which is probably creating a tangle in your ONYC Hair weaves. Who has the time to worry about that when you can not wear your sleeping hair wrap to the gym. think about it, it is like wearing your pajamas outside, getting them dirty and sleeping in them. That’s just a bad combo and a prescription for forehead pimples.

So, a good option for a great remedy is Nicole Ari Parker’s “Save Your Do”  Gymwrap, which is made especially for those busy women who have a lot to do on a regular which includes the gym routine. You have to be apart of the obesity prevention team in America and she is all for being fit and fabulous.


Wear any of our hair weaves and rock this for the sake of keeping your style looking great, along with those closures. 🙂 We aren’t usually into endorsing products, but we think this is a win. 🙂 They are expense-less and work with any hair type. shop at:



Check out her video on the product:

Save Your Do Introduction from SaveYourDo on Vimeo.