Hair Tool of the Week: Flexi-Rods

Having a box of flexi-rods will save your curls. Sometimes you do one curled style and hate it. It wasn’t what you wanted or what you pictured in your head. Flexi-rods can usually help you mold the curl to the look you want, if you roll them up right.

Pay attention to the direction of your rod placement. Do you want them going forward, backward, under or outward. Did you want body on top of you head, or just waves on the ends. Try rolling into  spiral curl or just to add a bump. Either way, wet or dry when you roll them, you will like what you get, if you do it right. The cost of them usually range from $7 – $10 at your local beauty supply for the 10 ct pack of rods.



Check out a video from one of our ONYC Hair reviewers. She shows you how to flexi-rod hair with our Mongolian Light Relaxed Perm.