Hair Tool of the Week: Capes

Usually when you enter a salon, they place a cape on you to protect your clothing from getting hair all on it. Why not have one at home? It is perfect for blocking the hair that comes out when styling your hair, when you are dressed or not, but also when you are applying make up. If you are in a rush and want to hurry by putting on your outfit, but don’t want to get it messed up, because you did just buy it for tonight, wear that helpful cape.

You can do a short one, especially since its hot and it’s easier for you to get around in. They cost about $8-$10 and will last a long time, just don’t get it stuck under your hair iron. If you are allergic to certain types of fabric, they come in several types to accommodate you. They are called Comb-Out Capes and Make-up Capes.

Just knock out two tasks in the cleanest way possible, with a cape.

Here are some shots: