Does Her Hair Matter if She is 16 and a Gold Medalist?

There has been a lot of commotion on Gabby Douglas’ hair; why she wear hair clips; if she is wearing a fake ponytail and also if her parents were African-American or Caucasian; which shouldn’t be a determining factor.

With all of the hateful comments, she still thanked God and rose to the top of the podium as the FIRST African-American gymnast to win gold in her individual and team all-round competitions in the Olympics. That’s amazing at age 16!

Yes, we are a hair extensions company, but that does not mean we would force a young girl into wearing a weave. Her mother understood the right path to success and we respect that. It’s a shame to basically bully Gabby throughout the internet about her looks. So the big question is; does her hair matter if she is training for and won a title that no one has ever accomplished in the Olympics?


Please let us know your thoughts on this.

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