ONYC Sightings: What Are Your Thoughts on Hampton Univ. Banning Locks & Cornrows?

We’ve heard this before in intimate discussions amongst friends who feel that if people wear certain hairstyles that are known to African-American culture, it would hinder their chances in corporate America. What are your thoughts on the recent case with Hampton University, banning locks and cornrows for their MBA-program students? Is it really a bad idea, or should corporate America change their perspective on looks?

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Be Informed: Take A Stand Against Violence, Especially Against Women

So, you may have heard the about the Evelyn L. and Chad Johnson domestic violence dispute that vented throughout Twitter Sunday evening while the London Closing Ceremony was airing. Unfortunately for the both of them, but mostly Chad as his career is thrown into the trash, they are in the spotlight. As for business woman Evelyn, she should take this horrible incident and advocate against domestic violence. Although we are unclear of the actually incident, and will not speak fully on it, celebrities have a upper hand to helping with prevention.

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Cynthia Nixon shocks viewers with bald head after shaving off her hair to play cancer patient

As Sex and the City’s Miranda, she was one of TV’s most recognisable red heads.

But Cynthia Nixon unveiled a stark new look on Live With Kelly this morning.

The actress, 45, surprised viewers with a bald head after shaving her locks off for her role in the Manhattan Theatre Club production of Wit.

She plays cancer stricken poetry professor Vivian Bearing in the play, which opens on January 26 at the Samuel J. Friedman Theatre.