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4 Outstanding Hair Styling Ideas for 2015

Keep your look up to date and sport the best hairstyle for 2015. Here’s a list of the top 4 hair styling ideas for the year.

Side-Swept Hairstyle

Side-Swept Hairstyle

You’ve seen it from runway models and Hollywood celebrities. This chic hair styling idea doesn’t seem to go out of trend. The side-swept hairstyle is a versatile style that complements many face shapes and hair textures. You can use the side-swept hair style regardless of your hair length or type. There’s the side swept updo, side swept curls, side swept braid, pin back side, sleek side sweep, and more. Regardless of the side swept hairstyle you choose, you’re sure to look more feminine and sexy with this styling. Sweeping your hair on the side also allows you to flaunt a nice collarbone, your gorgeous earrings, and a part of your sexy shoulders. You can also take the side sweep from day to night.


Hair Braids

It seems like the popularity of braids will continue until the year ends. New type of braids continue to emerge so let us all look forward to more fascinating braid techniques and styles as the months pass. From loose braids, now comes vintage braid style similar to the side plaits worn by Brigitte Bardot in the 60s. French braids are also popular among D& G and Givenchy models. Twisty and fishtail braids remain to be the top braid style of today. One of the most interesting hair style for 2015 is the woven braid that makes use of a long and pretty scarf.

Ponytail Hairstyle

ONYC HairStyle

Ponytails have now evolved and different ponytail hairstyles are available to suit every face shape. At present, the boho-punky ponies are becoming more popular. The casual and grungy look from this messy ponytail hair style creates a more textured look. The bouncy ponytail is also one of the most popular hair style for 2015. The sexy, barely-there wavy ponytail is one of the most fashion-forward hair styling ideas of today.

Layered, Long Hair

ONYC Long Hair

The classic layered, long hair is the top choice of many. Long layers give more movement while the razored edges frame the face beautifully. Layered, long hair may be worn by straight, wavy or curly hair. Unleash your inner goddess and add some layers into your hair. This way, you also get to lighten your hair load without losing length. Get chin length layers if you have thick hair or if you want more body and movement. If you want some bounce, skip the bangs and get longer layers with curls.

Transform your look everyday and give these hair styling tips a try. Don’t be afraid to try new hairstyles every day. After all, these are just temporary so you can go back to your “trusted” look whenever you want to. But this year, we dare you to be different and be more confident by sporting trendsetting hairstyles that you wouldn’t normally wear. Get out of your comfort zone and start by dressing up your hair. These hair styling ideas for 2015 are guaranteed to make you look and feel fabulous all throughout the year.

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2014 MTV VMA Style — Best Hair & Makeup On The VMAs’ Red Carpet


Between her long, romantic waves and subtle but sexy makeup, she totally stole the show! Do YOU love her beauty look as much as we do?

MTV VMA ONYC Comparison – Golden Collection Straight Textures

Kelly Rowland didn’t disappoint as she strolled along the red carpet and posed for pictures cradling her sweet baby bump and wearing a classy light pink gown while rocking an adorable wrap around braid.

MTV VMA ONYC Comparison – Mongolian Relaxed Perm


Kim proved once again that she really knows how to look her best when she chose simple makeup to go with her dramatic, plunging neckline! But, what we could not get over was her super shiny ‘do!

MTV VMA ONYC Hair Comparison – Body-2- Wavy

Iggy is no stranger to taking beauty risks and her MTV VMAs look on Aug. 24 was no exception! The stunning singer totally pulled off the slicked back hair trend, and a gorgeous, natural makeup look to boot!

MTV VMA ONYC Comparison – Euro-Collection Euro Straight Virgin 1B Clip In Extensions

One of our fave fashionistas hit the carpet in a menswear-inspired suit. And she did not disappoint. As most got glammed up in their designer gowns, Solange turned in up a notch in a glittery black suit from H&M Studio AW14 collection. The hair. The make-up. The suit. We are totally loving her look.

One of our fave fashionistas hit the carpet in a menswear-inspired suit. And she did not disappoint. As most got glammed up in their designer gowns, Solange turned in up a notch in a glittery black suit from H&M Studio AW14 collection. The hair. The make-up. The suit. We are totally loving her look.

MTV VMA ONYC Comparison – Mongolian Kinky Curly 3B/3C Brushed Out

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via: hollywoodlife.com

Transform For The Weekend

Everyone lives for the weekend right?…Come on, you know you do!

Even if it’s  gloomy outside, getting pretty and having some Fun is always the right remedy.

Regardless of what you have planned for the weekend – whether to “Do-It-Up” indoors or get out for a Good Time,  we would like to offer some party or Fun Hair Looks for any occasion. These styles are easy to create and, have been seen on popular Fashionistas as well.

Romantic Curls – Medium Length Hair

Let’s firstly take a look at the waves or soft curls on the “The Bob”. As mentioned before this is pretty simple to create. If you already have a straight hair texture (like ONYC Mongolian Relaxed Perm), you can jump right in but if your hair is of a tighter-curlier nature (like ONYC Mongolian Kinky Curly) It will require some initial preparations. Gently give your hair a first blow-dry. Once this is done follow the next steps

  • Apply mousse all over damp hair, then part it to one side.
  • Blow dry hair with a round brush under. *Ensure that the brush is under the hair as you pull it through.
  • To create the curl you can use large hot-rollers, or large regular rollers and sit under a blow-dryer. Curl 2-inch sections in the front, sides and back of hair. Be certain that the rollers are rolled in the exact direction on each side for uniform waves.
  • No, rollers? No problem. Get a large barreled curling iron and follow the steps above.
  • After curling comb through hair with fingers to lift, loosen and separate. This also adds volume, as well as softness to the look.
  • Glaze over the style with light serum for shine.
  • Wrap things up with a light mist/hold spray.

Nicole Richie demonstrates the look in the photo below:



Bangs and Long Curly Mane

This next hair style can be used with curly or straight hair textures.

Additionally, if cutting your hair to incorporate bangs are too much of a transformation for you, acquire a temporary piece. Otherwise, shake things up and design a new look for yourself during this season.

Here we go:

  • First get a anti-frizz cream or protective oil such as the Demorin Smoothing Serum. Work it through out the hair.
  • Next blow dry the hair straight on a low-heat using a round brush — As you blow-dry be sure to lift and involve your roots to so provide that sleek look.
  • Also blow dry bangs straight at this time (which should be shaped as a feather cut).
  • Divide your dry hair into sections then lift 1-inch pieces to wrap around a large-barreled curling iron.
  • Curl from bottom to top, formulating smooth ringlets with each twist of the iron.
  • When completed body of the hair, give the bang one huge curl or bump – rolling toward the forehead (but not on the forehead)
  • **Please note that if you have a curly texture such as the ONYC Curly Addiction 3B you can work  with this curl pattern to construct the exact look – which already has soft ringlets – and use The Ultimate Diffuser to amplify these curls.
  • Just before finishing, lightly place fingers through styling wax and run them through your hair.
  • End by spraying a light hold and shine spray. *Flip head upside down and spray curls underneath as well, for extra “sexy-pizazz”

See Kerry Washington, Sexy and ready to Party:


Long Half Updo

This style works really well with wearers of straight hair. However, for all the curly manes who desire this as well, go for it! Just be mindful of the necessary prep work. Also be very conscious of the heat intensity which you will apply to your precious wavy, curly and kinky hair textures. Preserving  their beauty is of utmost importance! 🙂

To accomplish the Long Half Updo, please follow as below:

  • Section off your hair into 2 parts: the top part will be in a “horseshoe” shape – while the bottom half will be left alone at this time.
  • Apply molding cream to your horseshoe shape and tease the hair. Start teasing at the back of your head, toward the front. Stop when you gotten to about an inch before your forehead.
  • Using a fine tooth comb brush the one inch, remaining at the front, over the “teased area” and begin sculpting backward all while spraying with a hold-spray to form the shape.
  • Now slick back the sides of your hair and pin them up underneath the ends of the teased section thus hiding the Bobby Pins.
  • This is where we return to the bottom half: Twist a couple large pieces of the hair (at the bottom half of your hair) around the barrel of a curling iron.
  • Spray with holding-mist as needed. Viola!

Below Kim Kardashian shows the Fun/Party Style:


Go Forth and Live It Up!









2nd Time for A Party!

On January 21st, 2013 President Barack Obama will be sworn in as President of the United States for a 2nd term.

With that also comes around a second time to celebrate, and a 2nd round of Inauguration Parties. Regardless of which part of the country, or for some  – which part of the world, folks will be arriving in Washington, DC to kick up their heels and honor the 2nd term President.

When it comes to party attire, at times that gets laborious. Whether it is trying to decide among a host of outfits or not knowing where to begin in the first place, we just wanted to offer some inspiration with some help from Fashion Bomb Daily. Once you have the outfit situation mapped out, remember that ONYC Hair International has got you covered in the hair department too! So no need to stress!

Be Inspired!:








Style Being Brought To You Via Johannesburg…..

African fashion designers showcased their variety of talent at the Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Africa 2012; October 24th through October 28th. The event, which was only in its 5th year, was held in Johannesburg.

It featured ensemble-artists such as Fred Sathal, Kyra-Moon Halfpenny, Tina Loboni, Millie Collines and a selection of presentations from around the continent such as Nigeria, the Ivory Coast, Cameroon, Ghana, and Mozambique, just to name a few.

African Fashion International hosted the event which proved to be a beautiful world-fusion spectacle.

We were thrilled to learn of this production and the brilliance of this Mercedes Benz Fashion Week and simply had to bring it to you as well. Below are a few Pics from the event.


Selections from Fred Sathal:


A presentation by Millie Collines:


A Kyra-Moon Halfpenny selection:

The work of Tina Loboni:


Selections from Taibo Bacar:



African Fashion Designer Goes From High End to Everyone….

London based and noted Nigerian Fashion Designer; Duro Olowu has dressed individuals at  statures, such as Michelle Obama. He is also accustomed to his bold and eclectic clothes being available for purchase at stores like Barneys New York. However, now his captivating African prints, with a 70s flare, will premiere at JC Penney in Spring 2013.

YES! …That’s right Folks! Olowu’s Spring 2013 collection, which will include women’s accessories, apparel and home goods, will be in stores for sale from March to May next year.  The prices will range from $10 to $100 and can be found online as well as at JC Penney.

So if you like your clothes to fashionably “say it loud and say it proud”, you are probably waiting anxiously for this collection to reach a JC Penney near you. I know I am!


Duro Olowu poses with models elegantly wearing his designs


Another one of his vibrant looks…


This captures the transition of the season Oh So Well!….


Olowu brings the drama with this piece…



Don’t Sweat It —- Rock What You Got!

The Weekend is here and you’re anxious about the “Hot” party or event that you have been looking forward to all week, right? You’re thinking; “OMG, I need a new outfit!” If you can afford one with no sweat? Go ahead Girlfriend! More Power to Ya! However, if you are looking into an alternative cost effective way to Shine at the affair, we have a suggestion…Just Rock What You’ve already Got!

You will be amazed with what is located in your closet, that has been hiding and can be matched up or paired with other pieces either that you already have or simple affordable pieces you can pick up today.

First thing, first…Don’t dread your closet like a Halloween haunted house. It would actually be extremely helpful to take inventory. Line-up and count out just how many shoes you own…how many inner T-shirts or camisoles…How many sweaters, tunics, dresses, skirts and so on.

Secondly, sincerely determine whether your are using it. If not, then lose it. You may possess pieces that suited a different stage in your life. Perhaps your daily college garb is littering up your wardrobe while you have moved on to the work world. Or you may have shifted careers and are in a different environment that doesn’t require the current collections you have. Whatever the situation, having a clear inventory of your clothes will simplify coordinating ensembles. Believe me! I had to endure this ordeal when I thought the answer to the new Fall Season was burning a hole in my pocket!

Ok so now that the dredge work is done, you have a clearer insight to harmoniously identifying and arranging the pieces that you can put together. You will become amazed to see pieces that you actually forgot existed in your clothes room.

Let’s take a tip from celebrity stylist; June Ambrose. Ambrose has been instrumental in creating the chic, as well as dapper looks of some of the music world’s biggest stars like Mary J. Blige, Mariah Carey, P. Diddy and Jay-Z. Although she has regular access to high end garments, Ambrose unashamedly keeps her closet diversified with pieces from Gap, JC Penney and Target. She is also always on the cutting edge of the new trends but uses an educated approach to fashion by not jumping on everything that is declared “in style”. Her choices are influenced rather, by what suits her mood and personality. She keeps her looks fresh by giving attention to textures, choosing pieces with interesting shapes, layering sophisticated separates and  continuously using lots of accessories to liven up any outfit!

So there you have it! Don’t let the “Gold-Star-Weekend-Outfit” weigh on your heart or your pocket! Don’t be overwhelmed! Take stock, re-shuffle and blend! You’re all set!

Btw, we got some inspiration from the featured photograph on the left of this post :0)


Acclaimed Celebrity Stylist June Ambrose:


June Ambrose….Making it happen!




Look of the Weekend: A Braid


Whether it is to the side, straight down the back or going whichever way it wants to go, you should give braids a try. Just because it isn’t what you want to see on your guy, doesn’t make it off limits for you. Check out some styles we think you should explore, it may not be a trend for the guys to venture back to, you may make it a usual. Go out on a date or lay on the beach, either way, look good doing it.


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