ONYC Hair Guide

7 Cute Hairstyles for Busy Women

Women don’t have to be all made up to be beautiful. Check out these gorgeous hair styling tips that you can easily do when you’re pressed for time. These hairstyles are commonly worn by women who hate spending time on their hair. If you don’t really know a lot about makeup, or if you don’t have enough time to primp and prettify, you may benefit from these amazing hair styling tips that takes less time to do but brings a big change to your look.

1. Twist your hair back.

Twist your hair back.

Part your hair in one portion and take an inch section of hair above the part. Split that section in two and twist it while adding hair from your hairline. It’s like a loose braid on a section of your hair. Use bobby pins or hair elastic to secure the twisted section at its end.

2. Split, knot, twist then pin.

Split, knot, twist then pin.

This updo hairstyle takes a mere 20-second to do. Split your hair in half like what you’d do for pig tails, knot the two sections together, twist and pin.

3. Get Barbie’s voluminous ponytail by sticking two bobby pins under your pony to lift it and give it a pop.

Get Barbie’s voluminous ponytail.

A basic high ponytail might make you look like you just left the gym so primp it a bit with volume for a more polished look. You can tease it a bit or twist the lower section and voila! There’s goes and effortless high pony with sexy volume.

4. To achieve a fuller twisty bun, wear your hair like pigtails.

To achieve a fuller twisty bun, wear your hair like pigtails.

Twist each section then knot it together for an easy yet gorgeous twisty bun.

5. Go for a tiered high ponytail.

Go for a tiered high ponytail.

This banded pony hairstyle creates a braided illusion but this hair styling technique is much easier to do. Keep your hair away from your pretty face by having a high ponytail. Move about 2 inches down and tease that hair section a bit then tie it using another elastic. Repeat the same until you reach the ends of your hair.

6. The fishtail braid takes skill and time to do.

The fishtail braid takes skill and time to do

Settle for something like it but will take you less than a minute to create. Divide your hair into two sections and pull both on one side. Twist each section then braid it like you’re supposed to but using only two, instead of three, sections.

7. Try the half-bun, half-down hairstyle.

Try the half-bun, half-down hair style.


Give your everyday bun a twist and wear it on half a section of your hair. Pull a three-inch section of your hair straight back then loop it to a tight knot. Simply leave the other half of your hair down in its wavy, just-got-out-of-bed state.

This hair styling guide lets you choose from seven easy-to-do quick fixes for your hair. There are actually plenty of hair styling techniques that will require less time and effort to do. These are just seven of the super fast hairstyles that you can wear when you’re running late or when you simply don’t feel like doing the necessary work to prettify. These quick and easy hair hacks will cause no trouble and will definitely help you look perfect!

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ONYC Hair Care Tips

Want to maintain Natural Hair?? Read ONYC Hair Tips Now!!

Natural hair of black women is characterized by tightly curled hair. This kind of hair texture may range from corkscrew curls to fluffy s-shaped waves. Whatever type of natural hair you have, these natural hair care tips will help keep your crowning glory healthy and strong.

1. Detangle.

ONYC Hair Guide

Spray warm water from roots to tips then section hair with your hands. Detangle each section separately using a wide-toothed comb. Again, keep your hair damp when detangling.

2. Moisturize.

Moisturize Your Hair

Curly hair is the driest hair so when we say moisturize, we mean hydrate your hair as much as you could. Use a leave-in conditioner to keep your natural hair moisturized.

3. Avoid breakage.

Avoid breakage.

Friction from combing or brushing, styling, and contact with clothing or even your shoulders may cause breakage. This is one of the hair care tips that apply not just to natural hair but also to all hair types.

4. Strengthen it.

Natural Hair Tips

Look for products with olive oil, shea butter or cocoa butter as these incredibly moisturize and strengthen natural hair.

5. Be gentle with it.


Treat it with extra care and put less stress on it by avoiding heat as much as possible. Wrap it for protection at night and use two-strand twists instead of curling irons.

6. Avoid brushes with balls on the teeth or seams.

Avoid brushes with balls on the teeth or seams.

Hairbrushes like this will snag your hair, cause breakage and damage your hair strand.

7. Be conscious of the products you use on your hair.

Hair Care


Do your homework and research on ingredients that are good and those that are harmful to your hair. Stick with the products that give you good results.

Above is an ONYC Hair guide that you should keep in mind. These hair care tips are meant to help you keep your natural hair healthy and beautiful. Follow these natural hair care tips persistently and you’ll delight in your natural hair that is full of life.

ONYC Hair and Beauty

5 Homemade Remedies to Get Smooth & Silky Hair

Is your hair dry and lifeless? Do you subject your hair to frequent chemical and heat treatments? Bring the natural luster, softness and silkiness of your natural hair by trying these top five homemade remedies to get smooth hair.

1. Eat healthy and drink lots of fluids.

Healthy Hair Tips

Include a variety of fruits and vegetables in your diet as well as fish, nuts and milk. These nutritious food help improve your hair’s texture and appearance. A healthy diet works from the inside as nutrients from food and proper hydration can make your natural hair grow healthily.

2. Use eggs as conditioner.

use eggs as conditioner 1

You can find protein in egg yolks and protein helps repair and strengthen damaged hair by adding shine and moisture. You can use it alone or add olive oil, coconut oil or baby oil and use as a hair mask. Eggs are rich in fatty acids, sulfur, proteins and vitamins E, D and A and these nutrients help make your natural hair grow healthy. The nutrients in egg can also prevent breakage and speed up hair growth. Just remember to skip the hot water when rinsing out the egg hair mask so you won’t cook the eggs on your hair.

3. If you are hesitant to use raw eggs then try full-fat mayonnaise.

try full-fat mayonnaise.

Made from eggs and oil, this full-fat dressing works miracles in making your natural hair shiny and soft. This is one of the most tried and tested homemade remedies to get smooth hair. Massage half a cup of mayonnaise onto hair and scalp, cover with a shower cap for 30 minutes then rinse. A jar of mayo isn’t too expensive so indulge and apply generous amount to your hair.

4. Beer can bring back the vitality in your natural hair.

beer can bring back the vitality in your natural hair.

Barley and hops in beer makes your hair fuller and more bodied. The alcohol in beer, on the other hand, cleanses and acts as a shine agent. Dull, limp hair can benefit from the yeasty brew as the protein in malt and hops nourishes and strengthens hair. The silica in hops fortifies hair while the essential oils in hops are rich in antioxidants. Beer also contains B vitamins and minerals that tighten the hair’s cuticles which results to light bouncing off your tresses and making it shine.

5. You can restore your dry hair with vinegar.

you can restore your dry hair with vinegar.

Use apple cider vinegar or white vinegar mixed with water to remove the build-up of chemicals, shampoo, conditioner and hair styling products on your hair. The clarifying properties of vinegar free your hair of excess weight from product build-up. Also, the pH level of apple cider vinegar complements that of your natural hair so the hair’s cuticles are kept sealed thus leaving you with smoother hair. Apple cider vinegar has natural antifungal properties too so you can use it to sooth itchiness and remove dandruff.

Bring back your natural hair’s beauty by trying these homemade remedies to get smooth hair. Step into your kitchen and pamper yourself with DIY hair treatment that is easy to make, low-cost and most of all, effective.

ONYC Hair Care Tips

Natural Ways to Prevent Hair Shedding

Seeing more hair in your brush lately? Hair shedding may be caused by chronic inflammation,  follicle damage, alopecia, or simply malnutrition. So we’ve compiled a list of natural ways to help prevent baldness and hair loss. Control how quickly you lose your strands by trying out the following hair care tips.

1. Apply coconut oil on your hair and scalp.

ONYC Hair Tips

Its anti-microbial and anti-fungal properties can keep your scalp free of dirt and germs that can clog hair follicles. Coconut oil can likewise reduce protein damage.

2. Rinse it with onion juice.

Hair Tips

This sounds unpleasant but onion juice can really augment hair growth. Studies showed that onion juice can help clean the scalp and improve circulation. As such, hair follicles are nourished and when you rinse your hair and scalp with onion juice at least twice daily, hair regrowth will be evident in just six weeks.

3. Increase the iron level in your blood.

ONYC Hair Guide

Research shows that low levels of iron in the blood can increase hair loss tendency. Hair follicles need oxygen to function their best and iron can help efficiently transport oxygen onto your scalp. So make sure you add spinach, oysters, eggs and grass-fed beef into your diet.

4. Apply egg mask onto your hair.

Prevent Hair Loss

Sulfur, protein, selenium, iron, zinc, phosphorus and iodine are excellent promoters of hair regrowth and these are all present in eggs. Make a paste out of one egg and a teaspoon of olive oil and apply the mixture to the entire scalp. Keep it for 20 minutes, rinse with cold water and mild shampoo.

5. Go out, get active and get some sun.

ONYC hair loss prevention tips

You need Vitamin D to keep your hormones running at their best so you won’t lose hair easily. While Vitamin D can’t help you get back what you lost, it will keep you from losing more.

6. Avoid being stressed.

Tired business woman

Take it easy and think positive. Yes, this is a hair care tip. You see, emotional or physical stress can cause Telogen effluvium or when stress pushes hair follicles to go into a resting phase.  So manage your stress through meditation, yoga, or deep breathing.

7. Get a head massage.

Tips to prevent Hair loss

An affordable, non-invasive and easy way to improve blood flow in your scalp, head massages can help condition the scalp and strengthen the hair roots. You may massage your scalp with olive oil, almond oil or lavender oil to provide your scalp and hair with the nutrients and nourishment it needs.

8. Include food rich in omega-3 fatty acids in your diet.

Take Healthy food

Walnuts, salmon, soybeans, sardines and flaxseeds are rich in omega-3 fatty acids that can help make your hair more elastic so that they won’t easily break.

Losing about 50 to 100 hair strands every day is normal as hair strands have a life cycle to follow but when you think that your hair sheds more than this figure, it is best that you take some action. Follow our hair care guide and naturally prevent hair shedding. Live a healthy lifestyle and you won’t need to suffer from abnormal hair loss.

Here’s To Halloween Hair-Fashion!

ABC Scandal’s Olivia Pope

That time of year has rolled around once again…

Are you ready, set, Go for Halloween?!?

There is still time to find and create just the perfect look for you this year, particularly the ideal unblemished Hair-Fashion to match the Look just right!

In this regard we would like to offer some suggestions based on many of the popular selections this year, below:

1) Popular modern characters.

Ever since this year’s MTV VMA awards Miley Cyrus has not been able to live down – not that she wants to – her performance or her entire look from that night. Halloween costume merchandizers are churning out the Teddy Bear ensemble in large numbers. Even other celebrities have showcased the look in their own way at Halloween parties this past weekend. If you too would like to get in on the action accomplishing the hair styled is simple for any texture.

If you’re wearing hair extensions, particularly ONYC® hair; you are wearing high quality human hair extensions. However to create the style that you want, do remain conscious of the type of texture you possess.

If you’re working with straight, wavy or curly textures start off by applying a moisturizing serum, such as our DEMORIN Smoothing Serum. Following this use the appropriate tools such as a blow-dryer and flat iron to get the hair as smoothly straight as possible. Then part the hair into two to create 2 high ponytails. Twist each ponytail, then knot them round and round and pin. Easy as 1-2-3. Miley’s hair is short in the back thus she had some hair left out. Customize the look to suit your hair length and/or preference.

Miley’s VMA character is one of the very most popular this year however whichever modern character, whether real life celebrity or television show character moves you, Go for it! Scandal’s Olivia Pope sounds good right about now. 🙂 (See Pic Above)


Miley Cyrus at MTV VMA’s 2013



2) Superheros.

Over the last few years Superhero characters have become a beloved part of culture thanks to the Marvel, and DC comic film series like X-Men, the Avengers etc. So much so that hybrids of the movies are spinning over into prime-time television these days. Regardless if you’re a hardcore Superhero fan or not, this option does present some cool possibilities for Halloween. There is always the classic Wonder Woman, or the sleek looking Black Widow portrayed by Scarlett Johansson in the 2012’s Avengers. You may even have a favorite heroine from a video game…It’s all good!

Which ever you prefer Superhero women often call for voluminous and bouncy hair. Black Widow circa 2012 demonstrated a long bob with soft drop curls. To accomplish the Superhero type “hair-body” apply mouse then either blow-dry and use a large barrel curling iron or large heated rollers. When the curls are set, finger comb through and Voila!


Scarlett Johansson as Black Widow – Avengers 2012




Wonder Woman Hair



3)  Storybook characters

It appears that your favorite storybook character isn’t getting old anytime soon. This is quite evident from some of this year’s celebrity costumes as well as from the popularity of Storybook characters filling the small screen.  ABC’s “Once Upon A Time Anyone”? So if this is your kind of thing, reach boldly for Cinderella, or A Wicked Witch of the West or East, Ariel the mermaid, Tiana from the Princess and the Frog or even Dorothy journeying the yellow-brick road.

These fantasy characters are larger than life. They live in a world born out of extravagant imagination and regardless of the obstacles they face they surmount them in the end. Whichever character appeals to you this year, take the time to study their classic look and add your own spin. If working with ONYC® curlier and even kinky textures – like the Curly Addiction™ 3B or Kinky Curly textures respectively – try to go easy on the heat. If you must, ensure that it is not the highest temperature. Some textures may take additional work to return to its original curl pattern. A 2 strand twist or 3 strand plait can also assist with creating volume and/or loosening the curl pattern a bit.


Nicole Snooki Polizzi & Family  – Wizard of Oz



4) Legendary Superstars

Of course the legends never grow old. How come? Because if there is one which you have deep admiration for, be true to yourself and Go For It! Diana Ross tends to be one of those. She also offers remarkable Hair-fashion options. Which ever texture you’re wearing right now, you can embody a Diana Ross look , from the 1960s through today, which will score. From her days of Afros, to the beehive up-do, to long full wavy hair, make it happen. With our various textures any of these looks is possible. To accomplish Ross’ big hair remember heat is not a must-have component. Try the option of applying mousse and 3 strand braiding the hair or 2 strand flat twist for a bold look.

Marilyn Monroe, Patti Labelle, Whitney Houston, Madonna even Lady Gaga are also among the Legendary Superstars whom can be emulated.


Diana Ross circa 1960s



Kim Kardashian as Diana Ross




Whatever the look you’re going after this Halloween, remember to manage your hair with care. You deserve only the best that is why we take the time and effort to research and pursue only outstanding quality for you. From acquisition to delivery…from beginning to end, ONYC® puts Quality, and You First!

Have a safe and enjoyable Halloween!





It’s A Wrap! ~ Spring 2013 Hair & Flare!

It’s not about covering up, and it’s not even about a “bad-hair-day”….Nope! It’s about adding some “flavor” to your look and hair accessory that “pops” as well as represents whomever you are.

We are talking about the Hair Scarf. This hair decoration has been declared by Hair Style Gurus, as a Spring 2013 Hair Trend. …Yes, That’s right!

Therefore, feel free to add flare to an “Updo” or, be fully creative and transform your look. Incorporating a Hair Scarf often represents different things to different folks. Whatever the need, or the reason this hair accent will diversity your look and cause you to stand out among the crowd.

So whether you’re rocking a Straight (ONYC Mongolian Relaxed Perm), Wavy (ONYC Mongolian Body 2 Wavy) or Curly (ONYC Curly Addiction 3B) hair adding a Hair Scarf this Spring will surely Spice-Things-Up. As you can see in the featured article-photo (above), this young Lady is representing the trend right, with her kinky locks.

Below are a few ways in which you can Rock the Hair Scarf to be the optimal Fashionista.:


Always the Diva, R&B Singer Estelle always knows how to bring the Class:



This young lady with PopSugar presents the urban twists:

These models were accessorized for the Dolce & Gabbana Spring 2013 Fashion Show:

Trend setter Tyra Banks embraces the style full-heartedly:

Simply adorable — this is a Fun & Alluring all in one:

If in the mood for a “throwback” style, this 60s Look will do:


Reverse Ombre Haircolor – 2013 Hair Trend

The Ombre Haircolor was all the rage over the past year. From the Big Screen to the Little Screen…from magazines to runway shows…and even to the streets, ladies everywhere embraced this look and made it happen!

As we move on into the new year, the style gurus have predicted that the Reverse Ombre Haircolor is what is now going to shake things up in 2013. Although it has been seen before, it did not become as wide-spread as the original. However, this is the moment for the Reverse Ombre Haircolor style to Shine!

To create this look it is advised that you consult a professional stylist for the application. The varied ONYC® International hair types does afford you the liberty to obtain this style as the stellar hair products are adaptable and color quite well. So why not go for it?! Lighten the top, in the natural manner that the sun would hit your hair. Then go a few shades darker underneath. You may be the first among your peers to do it and totally shake things up!

Below are pics of notable ladies and others showcasing the Reverse Ombre Haircolor.


Beyonce is always starting something – This is how she rocked her  Reverse Ombre Haircolor. Observe the darker shade underneath…:  


A little bit on the “Smoky-Side”, Demi Lovato shows-off her Reverse Ombre Look:


The Beautiful model shows how it’s done with this bold contrast:




This model presents a little more subtle contrast:

Hair Mood Today?

So what mood are you in today?

Often times our hairstyles reflect our current dispositions. Whether we are in the mood to “Glam-Up” or be somewhat “Sporty” or even walk on the wild-side.

How about this look for a try?

Today, we present the Cinnamon Bun. (See Mary J. Blige photo)

To achieve this look, first blow-dry the hair straight then apply a shine-enhancing pomade such as the Demorin Soothing Serum.
Next, divide hair into 2 separate ponytails towards the back of the head.
Please note that you may want to include additional hair, whether clip-in or otherwise “fill-in”, at this point. This hair should match your natural hair color as closely as possible and will provide length to locks.
Now braid the ponytails, then grab the right braid to begin wrapping it around your head counter-clockwise and secure with bobby pins as needed.
You are almost there…Next, tuck the end of the plait into the left ponytail holder before coiling that braid around clockwise until you’ve created one large braided bun.
To finish off, set the style with a blast of holding hairspray.

Decide your mood and let us know how we can help make it work!






Winter Wedding Hair Inspiration

June is typically the quintessential wedding month. However, the magic of the Holiday Season often leads to romantic Winter Nuptials.

When the winter months come around, maintaining the luster and shine of the hair can be more laborious than the warmer months. In this instance, be sure to acquire the appropriate products that provide the suitable amount of moisture for your hair type. Here at ONYC® International, we offer products that can transcend your tresses to a supple and glowing mane.

Have you tried the Demorin Smoothing Serum – This will add more immense shine and tame your locks. It is best to put it into your hair when it is wet and let it air dry or use the diffuser. That’s not all…Check out the One’n’Only Restorative Mask. This comes highly recommended by our Our CEO, Thelma Okoro. This product is known to hydrate and moisturize hair. Let it set for 5-10 minutes, then rinse some out while leaving some behind and apply no heat. Also, this is great for elasticity, since curls have bounce and this will help it keep the “umph”.

Now that you have the tools to release the moisture into your your gorgeous coiffure for the Winter Season, allow these beautiful styles (such as Rihanna’s classy pic above) to inspire you for that special Wedding Occasion!

Winter Wedding Hair –  Inspiration Photos:

Acclaimed Actress, Sanaa Lathan


Versatile Actress, Zoe Saldana


Songbird, Taylor Swift


Beautiful Model



Holidays 2012 – Hair Inspiration!

Whether you’ll be at Grandma’s, your Bestie’s or planning something at your own abode, everyone wants to look their Fiercest! at the Holiday Dinner, Party or gathering.

There are some simple yet fashionable looks that we’ve discovered, that we know you can make your own and showcase Fabulously!

Starlets from Kerry Washington to Eva Longoria to Zoe Saldana have previously adorned styles suited for straight or wavy, or even a little curlier hair types. You can adapt the design to suit who you are, but it is still attainable.

For hair already worn straight soft curls can be created, all around or to one side. This can be done using a thicker curling iron that allows hair to cascade into soft-wider ringlets or waves. For a more teased-casual look, braid then loosen hair or keep a braid in across the front of the head or to one side. Let us not forget the classic ponytail.  This can be worn in a few ways; off to one side, or down; thus beginning at the top of the neck then straight down the back – or up; somewhat loosely starting in the middle of the back of the head.

For those with curlier hair types, a curly look in an Up-do is a gorgeous option or you may choose to straighten it out. However, if you possess the top quality Virgin ONYC® curly hair (Curly Addiction™ 3BMongolian Kinky Curl Textures) be careful of the heat as to pro-long the use and quality of this hair. Additionally with heavy straightening it becomes a little more difficult to return to the original hair pattern. You’ll get there, but be mindful that it will not be immediate.

So here (below) are some photos to inspire you. Find the style that most suits who you are and the Holiday Look, that you are going for.

Ms. Kerry Washington with the “Up-Do Bun”


Eva Longoria with a “Soft Up-Do Ponytail”


Mila Kunis with the “Side-part and Pin-Up”


Selena Gomez struts with some soft “Wide Roll-Waves”