Popular Hairstyles Around the World

Popular Hairstyles Around The World

Are you tired of wearing the same hairstyle over and over again? Have you been looking at popular hairstyles on the internet but can’t decide which one to choose? If your hairstyle makes you feel lifeless whenever you look at yourself in the mirror, then it’s time for a makeover!  Styling and makeovers are fun. But finding the perfect hairstyle could be a great challenge. Sure, we see our favorite celebrities sport trendy hairstyles and they immediately become our inspirations for our look.

In the U.S, Hollywood stars set the cue of what’s in when it comes to beauty. When we saw Jennifer Lawrence ditch her thick, long locks for a pixie hair, women across the United States started chopping their once precious tresses to join the hype.

When we think of having a new look, we don’t just consider what looks good on us. We also consider what will make us feel comfortable, more like ourselves or what we want to be. For instance, many women want to wear European hairstyles because British and French women look good with it. Besides, the vibe of being European, even with just the hair, feels classy and regal.

The same goes for women who decide they want to try Korean hairstyles just because Korean pop culture, or K-Pop, is cool. Not to mention that Korean hairstyles have started being a favorite of girls who want to look younger and more trendy, thanks to the increasing popularity of K-Pop craze around the globe.

If you are one of those women who always have trouble with finding the right hairstyle, this blog is for you. In this article, we made a selection of the most popular hairstyles from around the world that would never fail you.


1.  The Pixie Cut

Shorter and cropped pixie hair is a classic favorite among women since the 1950’s when actress Audrey Hepburn wore the style in her debut film Roman Holiday.

The pixie cut is popular in the US, Europe, and Asia most particularly in Korea, Japan, and China. It is a go-to style for women of all races because it is versatile that you can wear it slicked back, spiked, tight curls, finger waved or the messy style. This popular hairstyle is perfect for women who want to go really short.

Many famous celebrities from around the world were known to be successful in sporting this hairstyle. Notable Hollywood celebrities who were successful in sporting the famous pixie cut are actresses Halle Berry, Emma Watson, Jennifer Lawrence, and Rihanna.

Popular Hairstyles_Pixie Cut

Popular Hairstyles_Pixie Cut black hair

2. Bob Cut

Many European and American women are obsessed with the famous bob cut. It is a classic that many celebrities jumped into the trend of chopping their locks to sport this style. Aside from the fact that bobs don’t easily go out of style, it also has versatility where you can crop it super short, grow it shoulder length for the new lob trend, or just wear it simple, straight and tousled.

Game of Thrones actress Emilia Clarke and supermodel turned actress Rosie Huntington Whitely are just some of those who are recently spotted with a bob.

Popular Hairstyles_Bob Cut


3.  Long Bob or the Lob

The lob, another favorite of women among the most popular hairstyles around the world. Its a great alternative for those who are transitioning from short to long, or those who want to go shorter, but not too short. The long bob is an easy go-to hairstyle that actresses Emma Stone and Reese Witherspoon swear by.

Popular Hairstyles_Long Bob_Lob


4.  The Layered Locks

Blake Lively sported this hairstyle during the Gossip Girl mania from 2007 to 2012. According to stylists, it became one of the most popular hairstyles requested by women in salons across the United States.

Popular Hairstyles_layered


5.  Sleek and Straight

This popular hairstyle is a classic that just won’t go out of style. The sleek and straight hairstyle is perfect for the easy and laid back mood, while keeping the fashion edge and professional touch that is surely a head turner. This hairstyle is the signature look of American actresses Jennifer Aniston and Gwyneth Paltrow. Who says straight hair is boring?

Popular Hairstyles_sleek and straight


Europe is very popular among its neighboring continents because of the beautifully interesting cities and history. Women also love the elegance of European hairstyles. When it comes to beauty and fashion, women go totally gaga about what’s popular in London, Paris, Milan, and Barcelona. Below are the most popular hairstyles you could see anywhere in Europe.

1. The bed-head hairstyle

This probably tops the list of the most popular European hairstyles, as it is known to be loved by French women. The I-woke-up-like-this look is totally sexy and more often than not, seen being worn by runway models across the fashion capital cities of the continent.

It eventually became one of the most popular hairstyles among women, especially those who want to sport a French-woman look. See how English model Kate Moss and French actress Léa Seydoux wear the bed-head hairstyle.

Popular Hairstyles_Bed head


2. The Fringe

The usual bangs are quite common and sometimes overrated. Fringed hair, on the other hand, gives more subtle texture and frame to the face. Many celebrities and supermodels are known to love this hairstyle, making it one of the most popular hairstyles, not only in Europe, but anywhere in the world.

Popular Hairstyles_The Fringe


The Urban Culture is known for their hip-hop inspired and natural hairstyles. Some of the intricate hairstyles traces back to tradition and culture of the African American roots. Check out the most popular hairstyles among the Urban culture that has proven to not have any culture barriers.

1. Braids

Braids are probably one of the most favorite hairstyles worn by African-American women. Although its root may have come from African countries, celebrities like Bo Derek and Alicia Keys have reinvented Braids and its popularity across the globe. Braids are versatile, beautiful and quite traditional. Women with either short or long hair would never be left out with this hairstyle.

Popular Hairstyles_Braids


2. Natural Curls

This hairstyle is very popular among African-American women around the world. It doesn’t only look natural and easy to style, but it is attractive and romantic. Natural curly hair is definitely trendy at all times. Songstress and Actress Brandi has proved it true!

Popular hairstyles_Natural Curls


3. The Long, Loose Curls

Curls are sexy and elegant. So, when you’re ready to switch from the natural look of braids or natural curls, you can always opt for some curls, even just a little. Beyonce has “ruled the world” with this infamous look.

Popular Hairstyles_Long Loose curls


The Japanese, Chinese, and Koreans have many similarities when it comes to fashion and beauty, which you will understand in the featured Asian hairstyles below.

Koreans, like many Asians, have fine and more often than not naturally straight hair. As we all know about the Korean pop culture or the K-pop, Koreans are quite creative and adventurous when it comes to beauty, fashion, and of course their hair. Korean hairstyles are a must-try if you want the trendy, oriental look. Also, as you can notice in the selection below, Korean hairstyles are usually comprised with bangs, since it makes the face look younger.

1. The High Bun

The high bun is one of the most popular Korean hairstyles, which is also a favorite of Japanese girls. The high bun is cute and easy to achieve, especially if you have longer hair. It is one of the most popular hairstyles loved by women from across the world.

Popular hairstyles_high bun

2. Rounded Bob Cut

Short hairstyles are as famous as long hairstyles because it is chic and versatile. The rounded bob is one of the most popular hairstyles among Korean, Japanese and Chinese women as it compliments facial features of most Asians.

Popular Hairstyles_round bob


3. Bangs.

Asian girls love bangs, like mentioned above, because of the cute and younger-looking effect that it gives to the face. Bangs are very famous for both long and short hairs, especially among Korean, Japanese, and Chinese women.

Popular Hairstyles_bangs


Hair styling is a beauty statement for women. Your tresses frame your face and define your features. But it doesn’t end there. Whether you wear your hair short or with long locks, your hairstyle also defines your personality and character.

So, don’t be afraid of being adventurous and trying out new hair ideas. Give yourself a new look once in a while! Share below and tell us your ultimate fav!

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2014 MTV VMA Style — Best Hair & Makeup On The VMAs’ Red Carpet


Between her long, romantic waves and subtle but sexy makeup, she totally stole the show! Do YOU love her beauty look as much as we do?

MTV VMA ONYC Comparison – Golden Collection Straight Textures

Kelly Rowland didn’t disappoint as she strolled along the red carpet and posed for pictures cradling her sweet baby bump and wearing a classy light pink gown while rocking an adorable wrap around braid.

MTV VMA ONYC Comparison – Mongolian Relaxed Perm


Kim proved once again that she really knows how to look her best when she chose simple makeup to go with her dramatic, plunging neckline! But, what we could not get over was her super shiny ‘do!

MTV VMA ONYC Hair Comparison – Body-2- Wavy

Iggy is no stranger to taking beauty risks and her MTV VMAs look on Aug. 24 was no exception! The stunning singer totally pulled off the slicked back hair trend, and a gorgeous, natural makeup look to boot!

MTV VMA ONYC Comparison – Euro-Collection Euro Straight Virgin 1B Clip In Extensions

One of our fave fashionistas hit the carpet in a menswear-inspired suit. And she did not disappoint. As most got glammed up in their designer gowns, Solange turned in up a notch in a glittery black suit from H&M Studio AW14 collection. The hair. The make-up. The suit. We are totally loving her look.

One of our fave fashionistas hit the carpet in a menswear-inspired suit. And she did not disappoint. As most got glammed up in their designer gowns, Solange turned in up a notch in a glittery black suit from H&M Studio AW14 collection. The hair. The make-up. The suit. We are totally loving her look.

MTV VMA ONYC Comparison – Mongolian Kinky Curly 3B/3C Brushed Out

[yop_poll id=”2″]

via: hollywoodlife.com




Beyonce’s wet do was the talk of the Grammy’s but we loved the effortless, wash and go style on the R&B Queen!




Lorde continued her reign from 2013 with a Best Pop Solo Performance Grammy win, but it was her beautiful curls that had us in an uproar. Reminiscent of our CURLY ADDICTION® 3B that we just can’t get enough of.



Speaking of curls, did anyone else miss Taylor Swift’s ringlets? So nice to see her playing with different textures over the last year but we miss them!



Rita, we love the color! The soft curls, the color, the makeup…PERFECTION! Get the look with a color treated version of our Virgin 1B hair.


Who were your favorite Hairspirations from last nights Grammy celebration?

Hair Mood Today?

So what mood are you in today?

Often times our hairstyles reflect our current dispositions. Whether we are in the mood to “Glam-Up” or be somewhat “Sporty” or even walk on the wild-side.

How about this look for a try?

Today, we present the Cinnamon Bun. (See Mary J. Blige photo)

To achieve this look, first blow-dry the hair straight then apply a shine-enhancing pomade such as the Demorin Soothing Serum.
Next, divide hair into 2 separate ponytails towards the back of the head.
Please note that you may want to include additional hair, whether clip-in or otherwise “fill-in”, at this point. This hair should match your natural hair color as closely as possible and will provide length to locks.
Now braid the ponytails, then grab the right braid to begin wrapping it around your head counter-clockwise and secure with bobby pins as needed.
You are almost there…Next, tuck the end of the plait into the left ponytail holder before coiling that braid around clockwise until you’ve created one large braided bun.
To finish off, set the style with a blast of holding hairspray.

Decide your mood and let us know how we can help make it work!






Tousled Hair Glam

What are you plans this season? Want to appear part glamorous and part…well; flirtatious?

With the bevy of Holiday parties on the list and not too mention the New Year’s Eve party, which it is never too early to prepare for, you may want to consider something “outside-the-Holiday-Party-box”. Have you considered The Tousled Hair Look?

Creating this style will be more easily conducive for straight hair types. However, if your hair is curly you can pull-it-out with a blow-drier and flat iron initially. Still be guarded with the amount of heat, especially if you are wearing the ONYC® Kinky Curly hair.

Ok so to accomplish this look this is what you will need; a Flat brush, a tail comb, curling iron (a 1″ barrel works well), and voluminous (anti-humidifier) hair spray, a few clips.

Now to get to work…..

  • Firstly; Spray the hair throughout, with the voluminous hair spray. This provides texture, equips and provides foundation for the next step.
  • Secondly, for curling separate medium sized vertical sections of the hair. Begin at the hairline by Rolling the hair away from the face.
  • As you begin curling, wrap the hair around the barrel or entire iron. You do not want to place the hair inside of the iron. Also, leave the hair out at the hair-end. These 2 tips are so not to make perfect and orderly ringlets.
  • Additionally, to develop the Tousled Look alternate the direction of each section. Since the front section, at the hair line was rolled away from the face (or toward the back) turn the next section toward the front of the face. Can you picture it? Alternate the direction of each roll; back then front, back then front.
  • The above steps should result in natural looking wavy contour.
  • Next use your fingers and run them through your hair like a comb.
  • If you notice any fly-aways, it is a good idea to gently spray the hair with your hair spray once more.

So if you are in the mood for alluring yet elegant hair, give this a try! Kerry Washington showcased this hair design at her very recent Uptown Magazine shoot. Check her out in the pic above, and other versions below:

Jennifer Lopez with Hot, Hot  hair:


Lala Anthony, Vivacious and Tousled:





A Juicy Magonline Exclusive with ONYC CEO, Thelma Okoro


Our Very own CEO extraordinaire; Thelma Okoro has been placed front and center by Juicy Magonline.com.

The online publication highlights everything Beauty, Hair, Fashion and Celebrity life. It sought after the talented and resourceful CEO after discovering – and evaluating – that ONYC® is ranked No.1 nationwide for it’s Kinky Curly hair extension product.

In an one-on-one interview with the online magazine’s writer; Chanel Robinson, the world is afforded insight into Thelma’s inspirations, innovations and what being an international business woman with a keen focus on quality of service, and quality of product is really like.

So here it is….Read and Enjoy!: Juicy Exclusive: CEO of ONYC Hair Thelma Okoro!!!


Have You Heard of ….”The Coiffure Project?”

Have you heard of the Glenford Nunez Coiffure Project?….

Well don’t feel badly, we just heard of it ourselves.

Glenford Nunez is a young photographer who was surprised to learn that more and more Black women, and the number is still climbing, are embracing their natural tresses regardless of the method they use to get there. So with his genuinely creative mind, he embarked upon a project to capture the essence and the beauty of locks of women from the African Diaspora.

To do this the 25 year old – based in Baltimore, MD – set up shop at his TYP Photography Studios and got “cracking”! He initially started off by shooting photographs of his natural haired assistant and moved on to taking pics of  10 more candidates. Each photo is quite imaginative and although they mostly reside on his website, Nunez plans to acquire more subjects and eventually create a Coffee Table Book.

The transition to natural hair can be a cause of stress for some but it is honestly does not have to be. Incorporating natural textured, quality hair extensions can sincerely help with the conversion. Depending on the texture one possesses, ONYC® offers hair textures such as the popular Kinky Curly (see pic below), as well as the Curly Addiction (see pic below). These textures can be used to cover the entire Coiffure with the use of a Frontal Closure – which invented by our CEO, specifically works to protect the hair –  or with a “leave out” to supplement one’s own hair. So please don’t be anxious. If you are considering showcasing your God-Given hair, you do have options!

Celebrate You today!….and let’s celebrate “The Coiffure Project”.


Photos: Glenford Nunez’s “The Coiffure Project”





Photos: ONYC® Curly Addiction


ONYC® Kinky Curly


The Red Carpet and Wedding Style

We don’t know about you, but many Hollywood Red-Carpet events often inspire Wedding Hair and Fashion.

At last night’s 64th Emmy Awards the celebrities came out in all their glitz and glamor. As many of the women made their ceremonial entrances, there were many images that stirred up ideas for upcoming nuptials – whether bride or guests.

Of course the seasons have changed and the dress colors may need to be tweaked a bit, but the hair looks and dress patterns can certainly serve as silhouettes for the potential style one would like to achieve.

In the picture above, these 5 ladies – Tina Fey, Kerry Washington, Claire Danes, Emily Vancamp and Gennifer Goodwin – showcase chic and classic glamor with their dresses and hair-dos.

For whatever look you are aiming for, if there is a look you see and would like to emulate, we can help you with your hair styling needs. From straight to wavy to kinky and curly, ONYC Hair International will enhance your beautification needs.


Zooey Deschanel is the vision of a Fairy Tale with this contemporary yet chic updo. For a similar look; we recommend that you start off with ONYC’s Mongolian Virgin 1B.


While Gennifer Goodwin (left) portrays fierce smokey eyes, Sofia Vergara (above right) and Christina Hendricks (below right) go for elegant soft curls – worn medium and long in length. Both looks can be achieved with ONYC’s Body Wavy


Janelle Monae – The New Fresh Face of CoverGirl

It’s Official! …and there are pictures to prove it!

Earlier this year, CoverGirl announced its newest celebrity spokesmodel. American R&B/soul musician; Janelle Monae, has joined the ranks of Tyra Banks, Queen Latifah and Rihanna. Monae is an energetic, bold and unique artist whose style is said to be influenced by other prominent women from; Michelle Obama  to Dorothy Dandridge – Erykah Badu to Katherine Hepburn, and Lauryn Hill – just to name a few.

The combined effect of these influences are evident in Monae’s appearance. In addition to her customary black-and-white tuxedo attire, Monae’s hair is worn in the natural style. This look coincides with the growing number of African-American women who have chosen to ditch the relaxer chemicals to showcase their God-given locks.

There are also several options available to women who desire to wear virgin hair. Here at ONYC Hair, we offer complementary hair textures to enhance the natural look. Our Kinky Curly selections are available to blend in with natural hair and provide a fuller look.

As you peruse the various looks of the beautiful new CoverGirl – Jonelle Monae – consider the ONYC Hair Kinky Curly option to amplify your personal style.


Monae demonstrates her skills and her style at the CoverGirl photo shoot in this black and white ensemble.


Here she, adorably, exhibits the full sum of her tresses – at a former photo shoot.


You too can acquire a similar look with ONYC Hair’s Kinky Curly 3b3c. Below our CEO, Thelma Okoro, portrays the splendor of this hair. This appearance can be achieved with the Kinky Curly 3b3c in lengths – 24″, 22″and 20″ (inches).