Can I color my ONYC® Closure?

Being a professional, I  generally recommend getting any coloring professionally done!

Yes, you can color all our closures but keep note of below guidelines to help you achieve the best result.

Luxury Ultima™ -Mongolian, Indian, and Brazilian Virgin:  All closures on our Luxury Ultima™ are 100% Pure Cuticle Hair. One of the great advantages of CUTICLE hair is the ability to take chemical process with very minimal to no damage to the cuticle. To maintain the integrity of the hair, we recommend performing lifting color process (going lighter than original color) on the “Natural Colors ONLY” The Natural colors will generally come as “Natural Brown” or “Natural Black” The treated colors will come as #1, #1B and so on…

You are free to use a deposit color (going darker) on both Natural and treated colors.

Sassy Remy™ Closure:  Our Sassy Remy™ collections already come processed with texture and color.  We strongly recommend deposit colors ONLY (this means going darker than the original color but not lighter).

Generally, it is advised to make any major color changes before installment. This is because the hair might have a slightly different texture or porosity compared to the weft hair. Also, it is quite difficult to completely wash off the residue from color processes on installed closure. You DO NOT want the chemical residue on your scalp which can cause serious scalp injury also resulting in hair loss.


  1. I’m having a hard time with lace. The color is too orange -red. No matter what color I place under the lace it’s still too dark. What can I do? Will dye (color remover lighten the redness of the lace?)

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