How to mix ONYC Hair Textures

As you know ONYC is all about satisfying customer’s needs and we offer various textures. We’re all about offering people with numerous textures to provide the most natural look. Hair is unique and can be made to suit individual customers.

Have you ever loved the quality of a hair brand until it was time to blend it with your hair? Or right before placing an order on Saturday at 3:34pm you thought, “I’m not quite sure what texture I should purchase, someone please help me ONYC is off business hours.” Well if this has happened to you or a client, read through on why mixing our various textures is great way to achieve that natural flawless look.

We all are aware that shopping for our products occurs online and it can be hard to correspond through email or telephone about what is suitable for you. A representative will try their best to help based on your description, but who wants to make such a costly mistake on the correct hair texture to purchase. You’ll want to avoid the time it takes to return and exchange when all you want is the shipment of your ONYC black pouch full of beautiful hair.

What do we suggest as a solution to this?

Custom Blend ONYC Mongolian Textures

What does it mean to Custom Blend textures?

Our Mongolian hair aside from the Virgin 1B comes in the relaxed perm textures and the kinky curly textures. Our relaxed perms have two textures available for purchase (light relaxed and relaxed perm).

Light Relax: This has less texture. Just imagine straightening chemically relaxed hair strands

Regular Relaxed: This will have more texture. Just imagine blow drying chemically relaxed hair strands

The kinky curly textures come as 3B-3C texture and 3C-4A tight curl texture.

Kinky 3B-3C: This has a softer looser curl with medium to low luster.

Tight Kinky 3C-4A: This has a tighter curl and is slightly less soft with a low luster.

For better reference, it is very important to be familiar with ethnic natural curl patterns. ONYC Mongolian Kinky has been perfectly duplicated to match ethnic 3B-3C/3C-4A curl pattern.

Who else would be a better person to get advice for our customers than our CEO and she stated,

“Of course you can blend textures so long as they are similar. In fact, creating ONYC comes from wanting to provide what people cannot easily achieve even though we provide numerous textures than any other company to offer that ultimate perfection. To have that ultimate perfection and similarity of your real hair, it all boils down to how well you blend it. Just about every look you have ever seen me wear has been blended. In fact this is a very critical area I focus on to perfect the looks I create.”

As you can see in this picture, she is rocking a custom blend of the relaxed perm textures with a closure to complete the look.

Blending Tip: With the straight relaxed perms, there is more leeway to play with length variations. You can get a 12” and 16” and still have a seamless blend. When it comes to mixing the kinky curly textures, try to stick with the same length. For seamless blending, alternate the tracks and use the texture that best blends with your leave-out at the top.

The closures are great for giving your hair some rest, but if you are not a closure wearer, take the texture that most closely matches your natural hair texture and place it towards the top of your install. Make sure you are using the same brand of hair because every company has their own guidelines and classifications for the products.

Please let us know if this was helpful.

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