Be Informed: Take A Stand Against Violence, Especially Against Women

So, you may have heard the about the Evelyn L. and Chad Johnson domestic violence dispute that vented throughout Twitter Sunday evening while the London Closing Ceremony was airing. Unfortunately for the both of them, but mostly Chad as his career is thrown into the trash, they are in the spotlight. As for business woman Evelyn, she should take this horrible incident and advocate against domestic violence. Although we are unclear of the actually incident, and will not speak fully on it, celebrities have a upper hand to helping with prevention.


But, some celebrities have already used their public image to expose the truth, such as K. Michelle of VH1’s Love & Hip Hop Atlanta. She released a video about a week ago expressing her feelings towards the international problem.


We at ONYC are employed by women and have international customers that are women who may have been through something in their lives that have changed their perspectives of beauty, love, education, men and so much more.  So we just want to show out support against the pain many have felt by informing our audience of the issue. Please check out the infographic below as it is filled with information worth knowing.