Avoid Any “Virgin Hair-Stress”

There is no disputing that Virgin hair, in any texture, is beautiful in all its Glory. However, it does have the tendency over time to become dull, weighed down, and lose its luster from the first time it was installed. Our initial response usually is;  “OMG! This hair should have lasted a lot longer than this” And it can with the proper attention, your extensions can last for….well,  6 months and beyond.

Unfortunately we have to say it…The primary reason why virgin hair extensions don’t last as long as they can, is due to user error. Virgin hair requires more effort to care for, compared to your average beauty supply type.

Just like your skin, your hair is exposed to the all the outdoor elements therefore it needs to be cleaned regularly. Once a week will suffice. Too often individuals are of the notion that if they are not putting product in their hair, or only sparingly, that their hair is not dirty. Still there are other factors at play like street Dust, various forms of dirt and other pollutants on a daily basis from the unavoidable sources. Clarifying shampoos work great once a month to remove build-up like this, but don’t use it too often, or you’ll end up with very dry locks.

For many who wash their hair on a on-going basis, they often neglect another important factor – the conditioner!! Please don’t let this be your error. Moisture is comparative to nutrition for your hair. Ensuring that you get your required dose of moisture can be done by purchasing a great moisturizing conditioner and using it every time you wash. A leave-in conditioner is another option. The best choice for this is the Dermorin Smoothing Serum. It offers without weighing the hair down.

As far as daily care, be careful about using too many products (and a variety of brands). Less is more, as our Grand-mothers or Mothers often tell us. Still if you insist on using product, be sure to use alcohol-free and non-greasy or oily ones. Either of these product can cause extreme damage to the hair.

For additional hair care, always use wide-tooth combs and/or vented brushes when styling your virgin hair. You want as little pull and tension as possible! At night, always remember your satin scarf or bonnet for covering and protecting your tresses Ladies! One final amazing tip is that Flexirods are amazing for keeping body and keeping your ends looking fab and, unlike rollers, they’re very easy to sleep on!

We hope that these tips assisted with avoiding any stress about your Virgin Hair.


Hair Mood Today?

So what mood are you in today?

Often times our hairstyles reflect our current dispositions. Whether we are in the mood to “Glam-Up” or be somewhat “Sporty” or even walk on the wild-side.

How about this look for a try?

Today, we present the Cinnamon Bun. (See Mary J. Blige photo)

To achieve this look, first blow-dry the hair straight then apply a shine-enhancing pomade such as the Demorin Soothing Serum.
Next, divide hair into 2 separate ponytails towards the back of the head.
Please note that you may want to include additional hair, whether clip-in or otherwise “fill-in”, at this point. This hair should match your natural hair color as closely as possible and will provide length to locks.
Now braid the ponytails, then grab the right braid to begin wrapping it around your head counter-clockwise and secure with bobby pins as needed.
You are almost there…Next, tuck the end of the plait into the left ponytail holder before coiling that braid around clockwise until you’ve created one large braided bun.
To finish off, set the style with a blast of holding hairspray.

Decide your mood and let us know how we can help make it work!






Tousled Hair Glam

What are you plans this season? Want to appear part glamorous and part…well; flirtatious?

With the bevy of Holiday parties on the list and not too mention the New Year’s Eve party, which it is never too early to prepare for, you may want to consider something “outside-the-Holiday-Party-box”. Have you considered The Tousled Hair Look?

Creating this style will be more easily conducive for straight hair types. However, if your hair is curly you can pull-it-out with a blow-drier and flat iron initially. Still be guarded with the amount of heat, especially if you are wearing the ONYC® Kinky Curly hair.

Ok so to accomplish this look this is what you will need; a Flat brush, a tail comb, curling iron (a 1″ barrel works well), and voluminous (anti-humidifier) hair spray, a few clips.

Now to get to work…..

  • Firstly; Spray the hair throughout, with the voluminous hair spray. This provides texture, equips and provides foundation for the next step.
  • Secondly, for curling separate medium sized vertical sections of the hair. Begin at the hairline by Rolling the hair away from the face.
  • As you begin curling, wrap the hair around the barrel or entire iron. You do not want to place the hair inside of the iron. Also, leave the hair out at the hair-end. These 2 tips are so not to make perfect and orderly ringlets.
  • Additionally, to develop the Tousled Look alternate the direction of each section. Since the front section, at the hair line was rolled away from the face (or toward the back) turn the next section toward the front of the face. Can you picture it? Alternate the direction of each roll; back then front, back then front.
  • The above steps should result in natural looking wavy contour.
  • Next use your fingers and run them through your hair like a comb.
  • If you notice any fly-aways, it is a good idea to gently spray the hair with your hair spray once more.

So if you are in the mood for alluring yet elegant hair, give this a try! Kerry Washington showcased this hair design at her very recent Uptown Magazine shoot. Check her out in the pic above, and other versions below:

Jennifer Lopez with Hot, Hot  hair:


Lala Anthony, Vivacious and Tousled:





Winter Wedding Hair Inspiration

June is typically the quintessential wedding month. However, the magic of the Holiday Season often leads to romantic Winter Nuptials.

When the winter months come around, maintaining the luster and shine of the hair can be more laborious than the warmer months. In this instance, be sure to acquire the appropriate products that provide the suitable amount of moisture for your hair type. Here at ONYC® International, we offer products that can transcend your tresses to a supple and glowing mane.

Have you tried the Demorin Smoothing Serum – This will add more immense shine and tame your locks. It is best to put it into your hair when it is wet and let it air dry or use the diffuser. That’s not all…Check out the One’n’Only Restorative Mask. This comes highly recommended by our Our CEO, Thelma Okoro. This product is known to hydrate and moisturize hair. Let it set for 5-10 minutes, then rinse some out while leaving some behind and apply no heat. Also, this is great for elasticity, since curls have bounce and this will help it keep the “umph”.

Now that you have the tools to release the moisture into your your gorgeous coiffure for the Winter Season, allow these beautiful styles (such as Rihanna’s classy pic above) to inspire you for that special Wedding Occasion!

Winter Wedding Hair –  Inspiration Photos:

Acclaimed Actress, Sanaa Lathan


Versatile Actress, Zoe Saldana


Songbird, Taylor Swift


Beautiful Model



NEW Mongolian Body 2 Wavy Frontal Closures

It is NEW…It’s FRESH and It’s HERE!

Many of you have asked and several have been waiting with heavy anticipation for the arrival of the NEW Mongolian Body 2 Wavy Frontal Closure.

The new product is a Perfect Match for the Mongolian Body 2 Wavy Weft. It can also be blended with the Indian Wavy 2B-2C, as a substitute for that hair type’s closure, and is available in sizes Small and Large.

This Closure brings with it a sense of security and comfort, as well as ease. There will no longer be a need for the laborious tasks of blending your “leave-out” with your lustrous hair. More importantly, it allows you to give the front of your hair some rest from heat and/or product damage.

It aids with the protection of your own hair, particularly considering the Temperature drop in many areas, for the Fall and Winter season.

So Reach Out!Get what you have been Waiting For! This Closure will change your Life as it offers the diversity of style, and more! Get it HERE!


See For Yourself, The Quality Tresses in their varying sizes:


Small: 2 ½ by 4 inches


Large: 5 ½ by 5 inches

















Holidays 2012 – Hair Inspiration!

Whether you’ll be at Grandma’s, your Bestie’s or planning something at your own abode, everyone wants to look their Fiercest! at the Holiday Dinner, Party or gathering.

There are some simple yet fashionable looks that we’ve discovered, that we know you can make your own and showcase Fabulously!

Starlets from Kerry Washington to Eva Longoria to Zoe Saldana have previously adorned styles suited for straight or wavy, or even a little curlier hair types. You can adapt the design to suit who you are, but it is still attainable.

For hair already worn straight soft curls can be created, all around or to one side. This can be done using a thicker curling iron that allows hair to cascade into soft-wider ringlets or waves. For a more teased-casual look, braid then loosen hair or keep a braid in across the front of the head or to one side. Let us not forget the classic ponytail.  This can be worn in a few ways; off to one side, or down; thus beginning at the top of the neck then straight down the back – or up; somewhat loosely starting in the middle of the back of the head.

For those with curlier hair types, a curly look in an Up-do is a gorgeous option or you may choose to straighten it out. However, if you possess the top quality Virgin ONYC® curly hair (Curly Addiction™ 3BMongolian Kinky Curl Textures) be careful of the heat as to pro-long the use and quality of this hair. Additionally with heavy straightening it becomes a little more difficult to return to the original hair pattern. You’ll get there, but be mindful that it will not be immediate.

So here (below) are some photos to inspire you. Find the style that most suits who you are and the Holiday Look, that you are going for.

Ms. Kerry Washington with the “Up-Do Bun”


Eva Longoria with a “Soft Up-Do Ponytail”


Mila Kunis with the “Side-part and Pin-Up”


Selena Gomez struts with some soft “Wide Roll-Waves”







Style Being Brought To You Via Johannesburg…..

African fashion designers showcased their variety of talent at the Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Africa 2012; October 24th through October 28th. The event, which was only in its 5th year, was held in Johannesburg.

It featured ensemble-artists such as Fred Sathal, Kyra-Moon Halfpenny, Tina Loboni, Millie Collines and a selection of presentations from around the continent such as Nigeria, the Ivory Coast, Cameroon, Ghana, and Mozambique, just to name a few.

African Fashion International hosted the event which proved to be a beautiful world-fusion spectacle.

We were thrilled to learn of this production and the brilliance of this Mercedes Benz Fashion Week and simply had to bring it to you as well. Below are a few Pics from the event.


Selections from Fred Sathal:


A presentation by Millie Collines:


A Kyra-Moon Halfpenny selection:

The work of Tina Loboni:


Selections from Taibo Bacar:



IntroducingThe New “Kinky I Tip”

The Long Awaited “Kinky I Tip” has finally arrived and is ready, just for You!

The I-Tip extension, also know as the Shoelace Tip, Flash Point or Cold Fusion, is a “pre-tipped” variety of hair extension that uses mostly a cold method to connect the piece. This process involves a hook, fusing pliers. Illustrations of these accessory-products can be seen below.

The cold method works well for those who do not want to apply heat to their natural hair and can be seamlessly infused with natural kinky hair textures to provide lush and bouncy volume. However, in the event that heat is applied to the hair, the Kinky I Tip can be protected via a  heat protective shield, which is also available.

This is a product of our popular Full Cuticle Mongolian Kinky Curly. This new version of the Kinky Curly Hair brand comes with the following Options:

Texture Options: We offer both textures, Kinky 3B-3C and Tight Kinky 3C-4A

Length Options: 14″, 16″ and 18″ we hope to introduce more options in the nearest future

Color Options: Natural Black ONLY.  Item can be easily colored.

To order this product and it’s accompanying accessories follow this link: www.onychair.com


Kinky I Tip Fusing Pilers


Kinky I Tip Application Hook:


Kinky I Tip Heat Shield Protector:



African Fashion Designer Goes From High End to Everyone….

London based and noted Nigerian Fashion Designer; Duro Olowu has dressed individuals at  statures, such as Michelle Obama. He is also accustomed to his bold and eclectic clothes being available for purchase at stores like Barneys New York. However, now his captivating African prints, with a 70s flare, will premiere at JC Penney in Spring 2013.

YES! …That’s right Folks! Olowu’s Spring 2013 collection, which will include women’s accessories, apparel and home goods, will be in stores for sale from March to May next year.  The prices will range from $10 to $100 and can be found online as well as at JC Penney.

So if you like your clothes to fashionably “say it loud and say it proud”, you are probably waiting anxiously for this collection to reach a JC Penney near you. I know I am!


Duro Olowu poses with models elegantly wearing his designs


Another one of his vibrant looks…


This captures the transition of the season Oh So Well!….


Olowu brings the drama with this piece…



Beauty Sleep is For Real!

Everyone has heard, from their Grandmother to their Teacher to even their Mom say; “Get your beauty sleep!”, but this isn’t just a saying. Beauty Sleep is a true science. From effects on the brain’s memory, astuteness, weight control…there are numerous reports that inform how important sleep and rest are to our health. Still, it often tends to be the one thing that we minimize in terms of priorities.

One place where the evidence of lack of sleep can be truly obvious is on our skin.  As we go through life rest deprivation shows more and more on our faces, day after day. It is visible through dull-lifeless complexions, dark circles, fine lines and, in more extreme cases, rashes and eczema.

World renowned-board certified dermatologist; Dr. Howard Murad asserts, based on his research, that loss of cellular water may be one reason sleepless nights affect our skin increasingly – as we settle into the habit regularly. “Water retention is key to keeping skin moisturized and supple, which can translate to fewer lines and a smoother complexion.”

Negating well restful evenings also “beats-down” on the immune system. This can lead to skin-related problems, such as rashes. According to Dr. Murad, getting sufficient and regular sleep, is the best thing that anyone can do for their skin. His professional recommendation is an ideal amount of six to eight hours of uninterrupted sleep, time enough to move through the five phases of sleep.

So of course we wanted to understand these 5 phases of sleep and why it is crucial for one to attain to all of them for the healthiest skin possible. We learned that as the body settles into the 4th and deepest stage of rest – regularly referred to as; Delta Sleep and  precedes REM; the last stage of sleep – growth hormones mature and begin cell and tissue repair. Therefore, limited or restless sleep can cut into this imperative restorative process. In the words of Dr. Harold Lancer, dermatologist to the “Hollywood Stars”, “Intermittent waking sleep is nowhere near as beneficial to skin health.”

Increasingly, experts are looking at Beauty holistically: First sleep, then skin products and skin treatments can work more energetically to provide better results. “You cannot treat the skin as an isolated organ, you treat the whole person,” Murad says. He uses this analogy: “Imagine your window frame needs to be replaced. You can just replace the frame or you can find out what damaged it in the first place, say termites or bad plumbing. Similarly, when the skin looks gray and sallow and you have dark circles around your eyes, you can use cold compresses and makeup as a temporary fix or address the underlying issues, such as sleep deprivation.”

One other great piece of advice that Dr. Murad offers is to do your best to refrain from eating heavy or salty meals that are difficult to digest before bedtime. Also remember to hydrate, hydrate, hydrate! Nourish the skin from the inside-out. It is just as important as using a topical moisturizer. Dr. Murad also recommends oral supplements such as Omega-3 to help maintain a healthy hydration level.

And get this! Today, even Beauty Spas are getting involved with assisting the rat-race-affected-individual with more rest toward healthier skin. There are many sleep health programs at Day Spas.

Often times we think that we have time. We believe that we can play catch up later on, for prevention that we can take today. Therefore as the experts have urged us and explained, don’t turn to alternatives to provide results that can be obtained simply by using best practices today. More so, research has proven that over time, lack of sleep is quite obvious to on-lookers….Therefore, Strive to be the Best You!

As you are making Weekend Plans, Remember Sleep does equal Beauty!