Adorable Miya adores her ONYC® hair!

Stylish Jascksonville, Arkansas native Miya explains to ONYC® readers why she just “love, love, loves this hair!”

Read first hand in Miya’s own words the reasons why she is spreading the fabulous news to all friends and family on this “great investment!”

Location: Jacksonville, Arkansas

ONYC© Status: Newbie!

Hair Specs: Mongolian Light Relax Perm, 14 & 16’

Installed by: Amateur Stylist


How often hair washed: Every 2 to 4 weeks

Favorite way to wear the hair: In its original state or curled

Duration of wear: A year

Why you love this hair: I love, love, love this hair, it’s easy to manage, and just looks flawless!!!


Hair Care Tip to others for Caring for this ONYC® Hair: Use the recommended shampoo and conditioner it makes a HUGE difference!

What to say to individuals considering purchasing this hair: It’s a great investment! The hair is beautiful and will last you a very long time if you take good care of it.

Any cons you noticed with ONYC® hair: I don’t have any excellent hair!!!

You can be like Miya and fall in love with hair that blends in just like the tresses you were born with.Log on and begin shopping for ONYC® Hair today!

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Imagine You – Always Contemporary & Fresh

Time is undeniable and unavoidable. As time goes on, we realize that each stage of our lives is a season, just like the climate changes taking place. However it is important to make the best of each and every season. With that in mind, if you are enjoying the season past youth, or being a young adult, here are a few things to keep in mind to embrace your present season and remain contemporary and fresh. As depicted in the main photograph, Halle Berry has certainly tapped into some of these secrets, at 46 years old.




I. Bangs, Yes But Not Like Young Girls Have:

This refers to having bangs which go across the entire forehead and cover from both ends of your temples. You know, the ones that don’t blend in with the rest of your hair? Bangs like these are adorable and becoming of children but they don’t compliment a sophisticated and attractive adult. It is preferable to allow the hair to frame the face properly. Incorporate layers and a few curls, bring a few strands forward which frame the face well and tease hair for a tousled and alluring look. To enhance that tousled look also blend in some volume with extensions. A curly or straight look is ideal for this with the ONYC® Mogolian Kinky Curly Textures I Tip or Relaxed Textures I Tip.


II. Don’t Go Too Dark:

A drastic hair color can harden your look and even cause you to look somewhat harsh. Integrate a few highlights on top of your base color a few times a year. Also discretely, placing low-lights at the temples and roots of your hair will provide a soft yet charismatic lift. Which exact color is a personal choice, be sure to consult with an experienced colorist for further advice and valuable tips. *Remember that All of Our top-quality and virgin hair extensions can be colored to your heart’s content. So whether you prefer to go straight with our Light Relaxed Perm or Relaxed Perm hair, like the model in the photograph below, you can ramp up your hair fashion with color and volume.



III. Don’t Let Grey Roots Grow Too Long

You know how it is fashionable, these days, for the original roots to show with someone’s chemical hair color? It’s a trend…all the celebrities are doing it…well if your original roots are grey this may, or may not be an appropriate trend for you. If you can’t get to your hair stylist right away, there are various “Root Touch-Up” hair products (including root cover sticks)  which can be applied to the roots, it is a great idea to have one handy so that your grey will always be covered.



IV. Short, But Not Masculine Short

The truth is cutting your hair too short, resembling a guy’s, actually brings your age to the forefront. As we get older (or as the temperature heats up 🙂  ) there is a tendency to cut our hair tremendously short for manageability sake. However, before you perform the “big chop” have a conversation with your hair stylist about ways to maintain an attractive look without exorbitant or aggravating upkeep.  Short, short hair is not necessarily the solution.

Every season of life requires a particular game-plan(s) to continue to shine regardless of time or age. However, it is doable and can be fun in the process. It is all about identifying what suits you best. Consult a stylist and keep in touch with ONYC hair  to learn which approach you should take, from head to toe.

This is Your Season! Live It Well!
ONYC® PR and Media

Crank It Up – Inside Out!

While we are here to offer you the finest and highest quality hair product , with a smile – thank you so much for your loyalty  – we are also looking out for your entire well being. Hence today we would like to talk more about Healthy Eating. …Instinctively enough Healthy Eating relates right back to your hair….

Here goes…

You have probably heard about a few key foods which help to boost metabolism however there are others, which you maybe surprised to learn, also crank the body’s metabolism up. — So we won’t keep you in suspense any longer:


It has long been established that almonds contain vitamin E, magnesium and phosphorus (which compliments one’s hair and skin beauty). They also assist with lowering cholesterol and blood pressure. However, what is more revealing is that they  boosts metabolism. Researchers at Purdue University have concluded that tree nuts increase your metabolic rate which results in greater weight loss when added to the diet. Still be cautious that tree nuts are consumed in moderate amounts as they are also high in calories. The customary recommendation is a handful a day. Furthermore, it is more advantageous for you to reach for the dry-roasted almonds which contain 169 calories (a lower count than the regular salted and roasted). Additionally, almonds contain 3g of fiber. This will work to fill you up and is a good addition to breakfast to keep you satisfactorily full as you start the day. As an additional step, dietary experts have recommended replacing meat – once a day – either neatly blended with your pasta or incorporated in a large salad.




It’s true what you’ve heard…the avocado is high in fat and calories, BUT it is also loaded with fiber, minerals and vitamins. Furthermore the bulk of the calories in the avocado come from monounsaturated fats. Monounsaturated fats work to control the metabolic rate and to suppress appetite. This “good fat”  is also reputable for lowering cholesterol.  Risen cholesterol levels can result in the production of hormones that cause the stomach area to store fat.  Therefore, eating avocados can fundamentally decrease belly fat by lowering cholesterol levels and avert the production of the hormone cortisol. However be sure to consume the fruit in moderation to get the most out of its potent ability.




Beans are bursting with nutrients that help boost our metabolism. They are loaded with fiber (to help keep our digestive systems in working order) and are also packed with protein, calcium, potassium and magnesium. So, try to eat 2-3 servings of beans a week. If you are purchasing canned beans, make sure they are organic and low in sodium – although the most beneficial way to eat beans is to buy them dry and soak them overnight.




Turkey is a great food because it is very good for you, and helps with boosting your metabolism. One small serving of turkey contains hardly any fat, and has a lot of protein. Turkey is a diet necessity. It is a great source of lean complete protein which helps you stay focused, and helps build muscle and helps increase your metabolism. There is a growing body of evidence indicating that the amino acid tryptophan (found in turkey) plays an important role in immune function, and in cancer prevention. As an added bonus, eating turkey also releases “happy hormones” such as serotonin into your blood stream, which actually has been shown to improve your mood.


If you’re looking to jump-start your metabolism, begin your morning off with a bowl of oatmeal. This super food is rich in fat soluble fiber, which requires a lot of calories to break down. Eating oatmeal can also help decrease your cholesterol levels and reduce your risk of heart disease.

Choose the largest oat flakes possible to ensure that you digest your oatmeal at a slow pace, giving you a steady source of fuel for many hours. Steel-cut oats and old-fashioned oatmeal are the best choices to boost your metabolism. Oatmeal made from large oat flakes takes longer to digest, helping you stabilize your bloodsugar levels, prevent cravings and feel energized until your next meal. Avoid instant or minute oatmeal, especially the ones packaged with extra sugar and flavorings.




Just as other spices – such pepper and ginger – Cinnamon can raise your metabolism.  The way it works, however, is that it increases metabolism a small percentage (about 8%) for about 20 minutes after being ingested. Therefore it should not be a substitute for productive exercise or making the necessary dietary changes, such as eating a high-fiber diet and foods which boost your metabolic rate. Although its effectiveness is temporary, consider absorbing cinnamon into your diet where applicable. It will be a valuable assistant.  After all it does have a meaningful effect on insulin sensitivity. Cinnamon helps to steady glucose and insulin levels as well as lower cholesterol toward optimum health.









Why Not, EAT PRETTY?!?!

It is never too early, nor is it too to begin to incorporate healthy practices into our daily lives. Especially when these healthy practices leads to a more beautiful you!….Yep, you read that right!

There is data and experience to support that there are foods that we can eat to cause us to become the best versions of ourselves…Or just down right Pretty!

Dietitian and Wellness manager, Kristin Kirkpatrick has informed about 5 foods – to be exact – which can cause us to be more attractive….So since you can’t wait to hear what they, let’s get right to it:



It is widely advertised these days to acquire skin care products with vitamin C to protect against wrinkles and other unwanted skin problems. However it is even more beneficial to get a sizable amount Vitamin C internally. Based on reputable studies published in American Journal of Clinical Nutrition it has been found that a higher dietary intake of Vitamin C is  associated with a decreased likelihood of a wrinkled appearance.
However, think bigger than inhaling a morning glass of orange juice. Reach for excellent sources of Vitamin C such as papaya, as well as bell peppers, brussel sprouts, broccoli.

Recipe  Idea:

Consider combining, the items mentioned above, with a salad or throwing them into a stir fry for a beautiful meal or  or buying them frozen to make tropical smoothies.




Oysters contain an astounding mineral called zinc. Zinc is critical to healing wounds as well as to development and growth. However it is also integral in amplifying collagen production and thereby revealing great skin. Furthermore, it has been scientifically discovered that zinc may help prevent acne since it works to control excess oils on the skin.

Recipe  Idea:

Consider putting Oysters on the barbeque! During those warm summer months, grill oysters for an appetizing delight.



Swiss Chard

Swiss Chard is appetizing and works well with almost any recipe. It contains a high level of biotin which makes it beneficial to the hair as well as the skin. It also possesses large amounts of b-complex vitamins which is associated with advantageous beauty properties

The leafy vegetable is also high in vitamins A, K and C. These are the vitamins correlated to overall anti-aging.




To many, it is an established fact that soybeans assist in lowering the risk for high blood pressure, cholesterol, and reducing the waist line,  but soybeans also dispense luminous and brilliant skin. It is the omega 3s contained in the beans which combat inflammation in the body and help skin look younger and supple.

Recipe  Idea:

Snacks such as edamame, walnuts, flax seed and, now, even soybeans possess the ample omega 3 nutrition for healthy skin. Fish is not the sole source of this miraculous nutrient. A quick saves time and achieves great beauty.



Brazil Nuts

Brazil nuts are rich in a mineral named Selenium. Although this mineral is fantastic for good health and beautiful skin, it should not be consumed in large quantities at any point. The reason for that is, only small amounts of Selenium are necessary to reap the great reward. Overdosing, or ingesting a large quantity can actually disintegrate your beauty. It can lead to blotchy fingernail beds, hair loss….Yes! Gulp!….or discoloration of skin.

Recipe  Idea:

Just try a couple, no more than hand full, of Brazil nuts. One serving of salmon also works to produce the “beauty-results”.




Customer Raves!: High Fashion Hair For A High Fashion Lady


This week’s Customer Rave is Linda L.

Linda prides herself on being a high fashion aficionado and has asserted that she knows a quality product when she sees one. She is also a creative individual with a natural instinct for innovative ways to invent the precise look she prefers on a daily basis.

Ms. Linda happily shared with us just how she “works-it” regularly and how she feels about her ONYC® Mongolian Kinky Curly 3B/3C. In the photo above Linda is showcasing a her flare for fashion and rocking the hair fabulously!

Here is Linda’s full experience:

Location: Torrence, CA

ONYC® Status: Sophomore – This is the second installment

Hair Specs: 2 Pouches, 18 inch Mongolian Kinky Curly 3B/3C

How often is hair washed: I shampoo it with herbal essence hello hydration shampoo once a week.

Favorite way to wear the hair: I love big hair…Depending on how big I want my hair to be, I regulate the amount of conditioner and agitation when drying.

Duration of wear: This is my 2nd install and I wore it for about 10 weeks, the 1st time around.

Must have ONYC Hair Essential: Diffuser

Why you love this hair: I like high fashion and this hair gives me all of that. It’s like I have couture on my head…Also, I can work-out and not worry about “sweating” it out, it loves moisture and my favorite room at the gym is the steam room.

Hair Care Tip to others for Caring for this ONYC® Hair: To style it I just wet it and spray hair conditioner in it (organic Moroccan argan oil conditioner) and comb through it with a goody “finish” brush while its saturated with water & conditioner, this detangles it and lessens breakage/shedding and I usually dry it with a conair one dryer with a diffuser attached on medium heat and low speed.

What do you say to individuals considering purchasing this hair: Mongolian Kinky Curly 3B/3C is ideal for me. This is the second installment.  I love it! Be sure to comb through it while its wet – saturated with water & conditioner. This detangles and lessens breakage/shedding.


You can be like Linda and fully excited with hair that blends in just like the tresses you were born with. Log on and begin shopping for ONYC® Hair today! 

OR Send us your Customer Rave!—Email for the 411 on how to submit your Rave, and be featured! You also stand a chance to get 15% Off your next purchase. :0)




It’s A Wrap! ~ Spring 2013 Hair & Flare!

It’s not about covering up, and it’s not even about a “bad-hair-day”….Nope! It’s about adding some “flavor” to your look and hair accessory that “pops” as well as represents whomever you are.

We are talking about the Hair Scarf. This hair decoration has been declared by Hair Style Gurus, as a Spring 2013 Hair Trend. …Yes, That’s right!

Therefore, feel free to add flare to an “Updo” or, be fully creative and transform your look. Incorporating a Hair Scarf often represents different things to different folks. Whatever the need, or the reason this hair accent will diversity your look and cause you to stand out among the crowd.

So whether you’re rocking a Straight (ONYC Mongolian Relaxed Perm), Wavy (ONYC Mongolian Body 2 Wavy) or Curly (ONYC Curly Addiction 3B) hair adding a Hair Scarf this Spring will surely Spice-Things-Up. As you can see in the featured article-photo (above), this young Lady is representing the trend right, with her kinky locks.

Below are a few ways in which you can Rock the Hair Scarf to be the optimal Fashionista.:


Always the Diva, R&B Singer Estelle always knows how to bring the Class:



This young lady with PopSugar presents the urban twists:

These models were accessorized for the Dolce & Gabbana Spring 2013 Fashion Show:

Trend setter Tyra Banks embraces the style full-heartedly:

Simply adorable — this is a Fun & Alluring all in one:

If in the mood for a “throwback” style, this 60s Look will do:


Transform For The Weekend

Everyone lives for the weekend right?…Come on, you know you do!

Even if it’s  gloomy outside, getting pretty and having some Fun is always the right remedy.

Regardless of what you have planned for the weekend – whether to “Do-It-Up” indoors or get out for a Good Time,  we would like to offer some party or Fun Hair Looks for any occasion. These styles are easy to create and, have been seen on popular Fashionistas as well.

Romantic Curls – Medium Length Hair

Let’s firstly take a look at the waves or soft curls on the “The Bob”. As mentioned before this is pretty simple to create. If you already have a straight hair texture (like ONYC Mongolian Relaxed Perm), you can jump right in but if your hair is of a tighter-curlier nature (like ONYC Mongolian Kinky Curly) It will require some initial preparations. Gently give your hair a first blow-dry. Once this is done follow the next steps

  • Apply mousse all over damp hair, then part it to one side.
  • Blow dry hair with a round brush under. *Ensure that the brush is under the hair as you pull it through.
  • To create the curl you can use large hot-rollers, or large regular rollers and sit under a blow-dryer. Curl 2-inch sections in the front, sides and back of hair. Be certain that the rollers are rolled in the exact direction on each side for uniform waves.
  • No, rollers? No problem. Get a large barreled curling iron and follow the steps above.
  • After curling comb through hair with fingers to lift, loosen and separate. This also adds volume, as well as softness to the look.
  • Glaze over the style with light serum for shine.
  • Wrap things up with a light mist/hold spray.

Nicole Richie demonstrates the look in the photo below:



Bangs and Long Curly Mane

This next hair style can be used with curly or straight hair textures.

Additionally, if cutting your hair to incorporate bangs are too much of a transformation for you, acquire a temporary piece. Otherwise, shake things up and design a new look for yourself during this season.

Here we go:

  • First get a anti-frizz cream or protective oil such as the Demorin Smoothing Serum. Work it through out the hair.
  • Next blow dry the hair straight on a low-heat using a round brush — As you blow-dry be sure to lift and involve your roots to so provide that sleek look.
  • Also blow dry bangs straight at this time (which should be shaped as a feather cut).
  • Divide your dry hair into sections then lift 1-inch pieces to wrap around a large-barreled curling iron.
  • Curl from bottom to top, formulating smooth ringlets with each twist of the iron.
  • When completed body of the hair, give the bang one huge curl or bump – rolling toward the forehead (but not on the forehead)
  • **Please note that if you have a curly texture such as the ONYC Curly Addiction 3B you can work  with this curl pattern to construct the exact look – which already has soft ringlets – and use The Ultimate Diffuser to amplify these curls.
  • Just before finishing, lightly place fingers through styling wax and run them through your hair.
  • End by spraying a light hold and shine spray. *Flip head upside down and spray curls underneath as well, for extra “sexy-pizazz”

See Kerry Washington, Sexy and ready to Party:


Long Half Updo

This style works really well with wearers of straight hair. However, for all the curly manes who desire this as well, go for it! Just be mindful of the necessary prep work. Also be very conscious of the heat intensity which you will apply to your precious wavy, curly and kinky hair textures. Preserving  their beauty is of utmost importance! 🙂

To accomplish the Long Half Updo, please follow as below:

  • Section off your hair into 2 parts: the top part will be in a “horseshoe” shape – while the bottom half will be left alone at this time.
  • Apply molding cream to your horseshoe shape and tease the hair. Start teasing at the back of your head, toward the front. Stop when you gotten to about an inch before your forehead.
  • Using a fine tooth comb brush the one inch, remaining at the front, over the “teased area” and begin sculpting backward all while spraying with a hold-spray to form the shape.
  • Now slick back the sides of your hair and pin them up underneath the ends of the teased section thus hiding the Bobby Pins.
  • This is where we return to the bottom half: Twist a couple large pieces of the hair (at the bottom half of your hair) around the barrel of a curling iron.
  • Spray with holding-mist as needed. Viola!

Below Kim Kardashian shows the Fun/Party Style:


Go Forth and Live It Up!









2nd Time for A Party!

On January 21st, 2013 President Barack Obama will be sworn in as President of the United States for a 2nd term.

With that also comes around a second time to celebrate, and a 2nd round of Inauguration Parties. Regardless of which part of the country, or for some  – which part of the world, folks will be arriving in Washington, DC to kick up their heels and honor the 2nd term President.

When it comes to party attire, at times that gets laborious. Whether it is trying to decide among a host of outfits or not knowing where to begin in the first place, we just wanted to offer some inspiration with some help from Fashion Bomb Daily. Once you have the outfit situation mapped out, remember that ONYC Hair International has got you covered in the hair department too! So no need to stress!

Be Inspired!:








Reverse Ombre Haircolor – 2013 Hair Trend

The Ombre Haircolor was all the rage over the past year. From the Big Screen to the Little Screen…from magazines to runway shows…and even to the streets, ladies everywhere embraced this look and made it happen!

As we move on into the new year, the style gurus have predicted that the Reverse Ombre Haircolor is what is now going to shake things up in 2013. Although it has been seen before, it did not become as wide-spread as the original. However, this is the moment for the Reverse Ombre Haircolor style to Shine!

To create this look it is advised that you consult a professional stylist for the application. The varied ONYC® International hair types does afford you the liberty to obtain this style as the stellar hair products are adaptable and color quite well. So why not go for it?! Lighten the top, in the natural manner that the sun would hit your hair. Then go a few shades darker underneath. You may be the first among your peers to do it and totally shake things up!

Below are pics of notable ladies and others showcasing the Reverse Ombre Haircolor.


Beyonce is always starting something – This is how she rocked her  Reverse Ombre Haircolor. Observe the darker shade underneath…:  


A little bit on the “Smoky-Side”, Demi Lovato shows-off her Reverse Ombre Look:


The Beautiful model shows how it’s done with this bold contrast:




This model presents a little more subtle contrast:

Dilemma?…. Hair Or Fitness? Why Not, Both!

As the New Year approaches we often find ourselves making a lists of objectives to be accomplished. One thing that tends to pop-up on that list is our health, wellness and fitness plans.

Surprisingly enough, it has been reported that a respectable percentage of women today have chosen to forego exercise for the sake of their hair-do. ….Yep, that’s right!

Specifically, research informs that 2 out of 5 African American women neglect cardiovascular activity as a result of trepidation over their hair.

At this time, it is imperative to be mindful about such a dilemma with the increasing number of obesity, diabetes, hypertension etc within the community.

This research came about due to some introspection by Dr. Amy McMichael – dermatologist at the Wake Forest University School of Medicine in Winston-Salem, North Carolina. She asked herself; “As an African-American woman, I have that problem, and my friends have that problem. So I wondered if my patients had that problem.”

Dr. McMichael and her colleagues launched an investigation and divulged their findings in the Archives of Dermatology over the past week. The researchers surveyed 103 African-American women who visited the Wake Forest University in October 2007. They discovered that the majority of women were exercising below the recommended 150 minutes a week, by the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services. The women voiced that hair care can be strenuous and costly, which is a hindrance to working-out on a consistent basis.

So what is the method, to remedy this, in order to achieve healthy bodies together with fantastic hair? We’re glad that you asked. Below are some tips to assist with taking great care of our hair while doing the same for our bodies….

To ensure that attending to your hair is not a burden following exercise, it is helpful to create a Smooth & Speedy Regiment. In the same time that it takes for a shower after a work-out, one can clean the hair quickly but efficiently. It is also important to consider that, the scalp behaves like the skin on the remainder of our body. Just as the skin is itchy and dry once we’ve worked out and we are required to properly remove make-up at the end of each day for the healthiest skin possible, in the same way our scalp can remain clogged and age our hair if we do not look after it well following heavy fitness activity. Therefore since we are not neglecting to clean our bodies scrupulously, let’s not forget to take proper care of our scalp.

Ok…Now to perform a Smooth & Speedy Regiment note that it will be required to wash your hair after activity that causes you to sweat. Often times that is following an awesome Zumba or Spinning class session or even Body Sculpting class. However for those days where the focus is on strength training, or perhaps basic yoga, and there is little or no perspiration, take the day off. Additionally, ensure that you use a clarifying shampoo and execute one application. Since your hair-washing-days will be increased, multiple washes are not necessary.

As a part of the recommended Smooth & Speedy Regiment consider Part 1 – Hair-Washing:

First: Rinse your hair at the same time you rinse your body, in the shower

Second: As you lather your body, apply a clarifying shampoo. (Note: An acid-balanced shampoo is safe on your hair, scalp, and body, and it saves time).

Third: Rinse your hair and body.

Fourth: Apply a conditioner, and let it sit while lathering your body a 2nd time or perhaps shaving your legs. For long hair use about a quarter sized amount, medium length hair use a nickel sized amount and for short hair use no more than a dime sized amount.

Fifth: Rinse your hair as you rinse your body.

You are now clean and conditioned from head to toe.

As you are in the mode of caring for your hair as you care for your body, you will probably not be able to maintain a blown out or elaborate style during this time of cardio activity. However, there are some fabulous and easy styles that can be accomplished to retain the best-of-both-worlds.

Consider Smooth & Speedy Regiment Part 2 – Hair-Styling:

First: After shampooing the hair blot it with a towel or wrap the towel around your head while drying off.

Second: When dry and ready, remove the towel and apply a leave-in conditioner.

Third: Apply a hair sculptor or smoother to your hairline. If your hair is curly be sure to apply a hair moisturizer prior to the sculptor.

Fourth: Smooth your hair back and gather it into a ponytail.

Fifth: Spray holding or sculpting mist around hairline and wrap it with a satin scarf.

Sixth: If necessary, attach a hair piece such as a bun, fall, or drawstring ponytail.

Now you are ready for the following day or later that evening.

Of course, this is only one option among many for a Smooth and Speedy Regiment with regards to styling. It is all dependent on your hair type and current style. However, there are some key things to remember toward the goal of treating your hair well, as you also treat your body well…

Key Things To Remember:

Ensure that you rinse perspiration out of your hair following any physical activity with a strong water force. Be mindful to use a clarifying shampoo with a pH range between 4.5 and 5.5. Do be weary of conditioning shampoos, in this instance, as they they will cause buildup. Still, do apply the appropriate amount of moisturizer following your shampoo (but don’t over-do it) to off-set the number of hair washes and to maintain healthy hair. We recommend the light but nurturing Demorin Smoothing Serum. Get into a method of a quick and easy routine which works for you!

Finally, to quote Dr. Amy McMichael; “If you don’t have a healthy body then you aren’t going to have any hair to fix,”.

Go forth and be the Best-You-Ever! Happy 2013!