8 Reasons for Hair Loss


1. Temperature

The balance of moisture is important to healthy hair. If air is too dry, this can make the hair brittle and too much moisture can overflow the strand causing it to break.

2. Nutrition

If you do not get a healthy amount of vitamins in your system, you will find that your hair may be dried brittle or can be easily pulled from the root just by brushing your hair.

3. Hormonal

Hormone level can change someone’s attitude, mood, skin as well as hair. Hormones come in many sizes and a shape when vitamins reach a lesser amount is when you see the biggest impact.

4. Heart or Organ Dysfunctions

This can take away the vitamins and nutrients from other parts of your body such as the hair, following the doctor’s regimen and drinking plenty of water can help to combat this but face it if this is occurring your hair may not be highest priority.

5. Pollution

Little tiny particles floating in the air that we can not see but we sure can smell. These particles have to go somewhere. You hair is a great place for them to stick to. That is where they will be. You get home and your hair is flat as paper and feels dirty.
It is important to note that these are just some of the main culprits in how stress affects your hair. It is always good to wash your hair but do not over wash. Remember, too much moisture can harm your hair. I point this out because it is not always just the wrong shampoo or conditioner for why your hair is not as sleek and shiny as you would prefer.

6. Stress

Stress is a bit of an abstract concept and difficult to pin down to one specific origin. Is it self-generated or something produced by the environment one finds oneself in? But what can’t be disputed that stress CAN and sometimes DOES lead to hair loss.

Hair is one of the first things to react to our body’s current physical and emotional state. When we are healthy and happy our hair looks vibrant and full. But when we are stressed our hair becomes dry and brittle and eventually can fall out. In most cases the hair comes back as soon as the cause of the stress is eliminated. In others when the stress relates to a single traumatic event, such as a car accident, the hair loss can be permanent. Before seeking a hair restoration surgeon, it’s important to look at your own life and daily schedule and see if there is some way you can eliminate the stress. Not just for your hair but for yourself as well.

7. Chemical Exposure

Two chemicals in particular can create varying degrees of hair loss. Chemicals used to dye or permanent hair can damage or even destroy hair follicles with their repeated use especially with some of the less expensive dye products.

Another less recognized group of chemicals are those used to chlorinate and clean pools. These rather strong chemicals, especially when not applied correctly, can damage and shrink hair follicles. In most cases hair growth returns but this is not always the case and care should be taken when cleaning a pool and how much chemicals are being used for that function.

8. Radiation

This is usually interpreted as patients with a cancer diagnosis who are undergoing radiation treatments but it can also be people who have had been exposed to large amounts of radiation unwillingly. People who are exposed to radiation in a work environment can suffer hair loss, as well as people who have had numerous x-rays within a short amount of time. Hair does not always come back and if you are concerned it is important to talk to medical professional about your exposure to said radiation.

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