Mongolian Kinky Curly- Up Close and Personal

Our Mongolian Kinky Curly has been the hottest product for the summer. We know you’re ready to see the kinky live,so to get up close and personal
with the 1 million strands of luscious curls, check out this quick video.

Also, after numerous customer requests for longer lengths you can now order 22” and 24” directly on our website and your order will be shipped
within 24 hours! So for all you on-the-go length lovers we hope this addition will help quench your desire.


  1. I’d like to purchase some bundles but do not like very long hair. However I would like to put the weave In a curly high bun. What is the shortest length I should buy to achieve this look? Thanks !

  2. ONYC Hair & Beauty Team

    That is very possible. The hair based on ow much you leave out (your hair) can be put into a bun and even straightened.

  3. I am thinking of getting the kinky curl hair, and my question is whether it can be combed and styled in a bun.My hair is natural but I need some length. I am in the military and have to abide by the grooming standards. If I knew for sure it can be groomed I would definitely buy it.

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