tight kinky 3C-4A weft shot

Installation Guide For Kinky Curly Hair

We believe in professionalism, so we encourage getting a professional to do your installation. Ensure that your stylist has great knowledge of both weaving and kinky curly hair. You’re welcome by all means to do it yourself, but refer to our guideline below:


This is double weft; it is single sealed for easy weft splitting!  This means that, once you split the weft, it will compromise the integrity of the weft so you are required to double seal the weft for reinforcement. To ensure a strong reinforcement, try Seal-a-Weave™, a weft sealant made specifically for the hair weave.

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Lexi Hair Colored

Successful Coloring on ONYC Kinky Curly Hair

We know you all have been wondering what is the best way to color you hair from the brown or black to the honey brown, blondes and more to compliment your style We know a lot of you have been asking on tips to coloring your Kinky Curl Hair.

Even though the hair is in Natural Color, it has been treated for texture so coloring it too light will definitely compromise the integrity of the hair.  We recommend lifting it to two levels.  You can go higher if ONLY you’re creating a highlight.

Imagine coloring relax hair or chemically permed hair.  It is too much processing on the hair so will result to excessive dryness and which will lead to tangling and shedding.

We will be introducing color treated options in the nearest future.

Also, checkout our girl  Lexi of CurlsCoilsandKinks.com . She recently did a YouTube review on our Mongolian Kinky Curly hair and another on dying the hair to the level she wanted. To help you all understand, there are many levels in dying hair. There may be some shades of brown, yellow or red in your hair that you could come across, but it is just a step to pass so you can reach what you want unless you want red or blonde.

Please be sure to follow her guide for reaching a successful coloring process. Remember she isn’t bleaching (like you would to get blonde), just lightening the color to a honey brown shade.

What You Need:

  1. 40 Developer – it’s a liquid base and can be any brand
  2. Aluminum Foil – this time you can use the cooking foil, but hair foils usually coming in smaller strips for highlighting
  3. Dark and Lovely’s Golden Blonde Hair Dye
  4. Hair Color Mixing Bowl and Brush
  5. Timer

Steps for Coloring:

“I used Dark & Lovely’s Light Golden Blonde and used a 40 Developer. I used aluminum foil to protect my counters (and lay my hair on). I spread the coloring, (using the coloring brush), on the hair to make sure to get the roots to tip. Then, I turned the hair over and made sure to coat the hair. with the dye again, to make sure all of the hair would be the same color. I covered the hair with the foil, (because it traps heat that you need to lighten the hair), and let it sit for about 45 minutes. Then, I thoroughly rinsed the color out and dried it,” said Lexi.

Video of Finished Product:

Another option to speed up the process is apply a hair dryer (hood dryer preferably or hold a hand dryer) over the hair you are dying with the hair covered at all times for 15 minutes just to get it going. This would required you to check the hair periodically until you see the color you want.  Please DO NOT leave the hair alone and check it periodically for a successful finish.

Step by step video coming soon…