It’s A Wrap! ~ Spring 2013 Hair & Flare!

It’s not about covering up, and it’s not even about a “bad-hair-day”….Nope! It’s about adding some “flavor” to your look and hair accessory that “pops” as well as represents whomever you are.

We are talking about the Hair Scarf. This hair decoration has been declared by Hair Style Gurus, as a Spring 2013 Hair Trend. …Yes, That’s right!

Therefore, feel free to add flare to an “Updo” or, be fully creative and transform your look. Incorporating a Hair Scarf often represents different things to different folks. Whatever the need, or the reason this hair accent will diversity your look and cause you to stand out among the crowd.

So whether you’re rocking a Straight (ONYC Mongolian Relaxed Perm), Wavy (ONYC Mongolian Body 2 Wavy) or Curly (ONYC Curly Addiction 3B) hair adding a Hair Scarf this Spring will surely Spice-Things-Up. As you can see in the featured article-photo (above), this young Lady is representing the trend right, with her kinky locks.

Below are a few ways in which you can Rock the Hair Scarf to be the optimal Fashionista.:


Always the Diva, R&B Singer Estelle always knows how to bring the Class:



This young lady with PopSugar presents the urban twists:

These models were accessorized for the Dolce & Gabbana Spring 2013 Fashion Show:

Trend setter Tyra Banks embraces the style full-heartedly:

Simply adorable — this is a Fun & Alluring all in one:

If in the mood for a “throwback” style, this 60s Look will do:


Hair Color Me Happy!

So you’ve got the hair that you have been longing for, saved up for, and invested in – for some time now. The next step, adding some color….right? Well if this is the next phase for you please be sure to visit your hair stylist (or hair technician) to professionally apply the color(or colors) of your choice to your well researched – top quality hair.

The hair experts and style forecasters have declared that the Hot hair Colors for Fall 2012 are Honey Blonde, Golden Red or Golden Strawberry, Cinnamon or Copper, Chestnut Brown, Rich Chocolate Brown and Deep Brown. Whatever shade you choose to implement, according to your sense of style and personality, is just alright! Whether one solid color or a two-tone Ombre look.

Regardless of your taste, after you have gotten your desired color, today we want to talk about ways to keep your hair “ablaze” in between colorings. They are simple at home functions to maintain your color and not allow it to dim – before you want it to. Below we itemize some tips to do just that:

1) At-home Glaze: Acquire a Hair Color Glaze or Glaze Shine Rinse from your local  Cosmetic, Beauty or even Drug store. In addition to maintaining your color, Glazes can help with smoothing your tresses, and provide moisture to the virgin hair. This keeps your color shiny and bright so it lasts longer and looks better. The Glaze Rinse also works to prevent color fading thus prolonging the life of your fresh tone.

2) Choose Shampoos intentionally: “Color Shield” Shampoos, Clarifying Shampoos and Tinted Dry Shampoos also do the trick. The ingredients within “Color Shield” Shampoos purposely boosts shine to the hair via the nutrients placed to protect and nurture the hair.  Clarifying Shampoos are marginally more alkaline than ordinary shampoos, containing an ingredient that cuts through product build up (such as sprays, gels, oils etc.) and extract the hair’s glow. Finally, if this “floats your boat” you can also acquire Tinted Dry Shampoos. For those weeks where you couldn’t get to everything on your “TO DO LIST”; freshen up, and bolster the color on your hair, all at once.
3) Deep Conditioning Treatments: Yes, your hair extensions are worthy of the care that you give your own hair. Particularly, the high standard hair acquired at ONYC®. Deep Treatments are absent of ammonia, that can strip the hair, but instead offer minerals that can boost moisture and shine thus leaving the hair glistening.
4) At home, affordable and in your medicine cabinet: Surprise, Surprise!…Hydrogen Peroxide can be used to brighten the hair and can be applied in the following ways…
  • Mix a 50/50 solution of Hydrogen Peroxide  with water and put it in a spray bottle. Spray it on your wet hair and comb through it. Leave on your hair for about 15 minutes then be sure to rinse. You should have all-over lightening. If you do not notice a difference immediately, use peroxide continually over time, if it does not illuminate your hair the way you want it to at first – Some people’s hair takes longer to brighten than others – you may have to repeat the process a few times until you are pleased with the result.
  • If you are only seeking to alter the color of parts of your hair; select specific strands to color rather than your whole head. Apply straight peroxide to these strands when wet and rinse it after 15 minutes.
  • Now it is very important that you apply a deep-conditioning treatment to your hair after you lighten it with hydrogen peroxide. The peroxide is very drying to your hair and can even cause breakage. Take it from me, I use this technique and can confirm this.
  • Still, always remember that if you are not comfortable with experimenting with “home remedies”, to consult a professional hair stylist…Don’t even chance it.

Oh Yeah! …Cause it’s Friday, we have a Special Bonus Tip for You! :0)

….However you intend to style your hair; whether straightening, curling or otherwise, applying product 10 minutes prior allows it to absorb into your hair and provide stellar results at the final outcome. Cheers!


Kim Kardashian is seen here sporting the Ombre hair fashion, lightening to the tip from a

“rich brown” to “golden tones”.


Television personality Tanika Ray is rocking some fiery red or “strawberry” tones.



The ever beautiful Supermodel and Business Tycoon, Tyra Banks is not afraid to “shine” with her blonde hues.


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