DID YOU know you could split our wefts and have longer, natural tracks!?


Did you know that our “double wefts” mean there is one thin weft that lays on top of another thin weft? We’ve provided these type of machine wefts for you to help create the most natural and flawless look.

Have your stylist split the tracks with a blade or scissors down the middle and re-secure them with our Seal-A-Weave™.

Once you do this, you can lay the thin wefts down to create the flattest install.

Double wefts are ONLY applicable on our Mongolian hair.

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Customer Questions: How do I…



At the moment I’m wearing your Mongolian tight kinky curly and I’m very pleased with it. I’m at my second install at the moment and it as still as lovely as it was on the first day.
Recently, I was looking for a new hairstyle a looked at the internet for inspiration. I found this picture of Kenya Summer Moore and I would like my next hairstyle to look like this. I would like to purchase the hair from ONYC again and I was hoping you could tell me with what kind of hair (type, length, etc.) I could use to achieve this hairstyle. I hope you can help me, but would to thank you for your time in advance.
Best wishes,


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Mongolian Kinky Curly- Up Close and Personal

Our Mongolian Kinky Curly has been the hottest product for the summer. We know you’re ready to see the kinky live,so to get up close and personal
with the 1 million strands of luscious curls, check out this quick video.

Also, after numerous customer requests for longer lengths you can now order 22” and 24” directly on our website and your order will be shipped
within 24 hours! So for all you on-the-go length lovers we hope this addition will help quench your desire.

CEO Thelma Rocks the 3B-3C Curls!


CEO of ONYC Thelma Okoro decided to take time out of her busy schedule toget up close and personal with her 3B-3C Kinky Curly curls. Inspired by customers testimonials and wonderful images she stated, “It’s been so busy but all of these wonderful ladies have made me want to stop what I’m doing and try some of my very own!”

Check out more pics inside the deets. The Mongolian Kinky Curly hair can be purchased at www.onychair.com.

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