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Time is undeniable and unavoidable. As time goes on, we realize that each stage of our lives is a season, just like the climate changes taking place. However it is important to make the best of each and every season. With that in mind, if you are enjoying the season past youth, or being a young adult, here are a few things to keep in mind to embrace your present season and remain contemporary and fresh. As depicted in the main photograph, Halle Berry has certainly tapped into some of these secrets, at 46 years old.




I. Bangs, Yes But Not Like Young Girls Have:

This refers to having bangs which go across the entire forehead and cover from both ends of your temples. You know, the ones that don’t blend in with the rest of your hair? Bangs like these are adorable and becoming of children but they don’t compliment a sophisticated and attractive adult. It is preferable to allow the hair to frame the face properly. Incorporate layers and a few curls, bring a few strands forward which frame the face well and tease hair for a tousled and alluring look. To enhance that tousled look also blend in some volume with extensions. A curly or straight look is ideal for this with the ONYC® Mogolian Kinky Curly Textures I Tip or Relaxed Textures I Tip.


II. Don’t Go Too Dark:

A drastic hair color can harden your look and even cause you to look somewhat harsh. Integrate a few highlights on top of your base color a few times a year. Also discretely, placing low-lights at the temples and roots of your hair will provide a soft yet charismatic lift. Which exact color is a personal choice, be sure to consult with an experienced colorist for further advice and valuable tips. *Remember that All of Our top-quality and virgin hair extensions can be colored to your heart’s content. So whether you prefer to go straight with our Light Relaxed Perm or Relaxed Perm hair, like the model in the photograph below, you can ramp up your hair fashion with color and volume.



III. Don’t Let Grey Roots Grow Too Long

You know how it is fashionable, these days, for the original roots to show with someone’s chemical hair color? It’s a trend…all the celebrities are doing it…well if your original roots are grey this may, or may not be an appropriate trend for you. If you can’t get to your hair stylist right away, there are various “Root Touch-Up” hair products (including root cover sticks)  which can be applied to the roots, it is a great idea to have one handy so that your grey will always be covered.



IV. Short, But Not Masculine Short

The truth is cutting your hair too short, resembling a guy’s, actually brings your age to the forefront. As we get older (or as the temperature heats up 🙂  ) there is a tendency to cut our hair tremendously short for manageability sake. However, before you perform the “big chop” have a conversation with your hair stylist about ways to maintain an attractive look without exorbitant or aggravating upkeep.  Short, short hair is not necessarily the solution.

Every season of life requires a particular game-plan(s) to continue to shine regardless of time or age. However, it is doable and can be fun in the process. It is all about identifying what suits you best. Consult a stylist and keep in touch with ONYC hair  to learn which approach you should take, from head to toe.

This is Your Season! Live It Well!
ONYC® PR and Media

Customer Rave: Ravon Sanchez Keeps It Real!

Our Customer Rave this week is Ms. Ravon Sanchez!

She is Hyped-Up about how “real” the hair is since  it matches her own so impeccably!

Ravon excitedly broke out with delight, with all her thrilled feelings about her ONYC Hair. She rushed us some photos and a detailed testimony about the ONYC Mongolian Kinky Curly 3C-4A she is currently wearing.

Below is exactly what Ravon had to say to us:

Recently I purchased your Mongolian kinky curly hair with the 3c-4a curl pattern in 12 inches, natural black, which is what I am wearing in the pictures sent.

I went natural about 14 months ago, and I have tried numerous kinky brands of hair to use as a protective stylant while I grow my hair out from my big chop. Your Mongolian kinky curly is BY FAR the best I have come across. I haven’t had any issues with it tangling, which was a serious problem with the other brands in the past  (I’ve actually had to cut previous weaves out because of the degreel of tangling. Ridiculous).

Your product is also the most realistic natural hair. It matches my hair curl pattern perfectly. Noone can believe me when I tell them that I have hair extensions, which is obviously what we all want.

I can blow it out and get that big, dry, super afro look; or I can throw in some gel or curl pudding and get gorgeous curls. Either way, it always turns heads.

I love love LOVE this hair, and I have no need to look around any longer. You have a customer for life!

You can be like Ravon and fully excited with hair that blends in just like the tresses you were born with. Log on and begin shopping for ONYC® Hair today! 

OR Send us your Customer Rave. Send us a Pic with a short blurb (hair type & opinion) to We want to show you Off too!! But Please be sure to include the username and email you registered with on our website. This way we have a record, and You Just May Win Something!! :0)



Customer Raves!: Jennifer Jackson – Another Satisfied Customer

She is bold, she’s effervescent and not afraid to shout it from the “mountain-top”, just how pleased she is with her ONYC® Hair; install and hair management. Jennifer Jackson reached out to keep us in the loop. She said that she can’t even wait for her next purchase. It is an investment worth making, according to her. She also acknowledged how important it is to follow the ONYC® care guidelines for each hair type.

Read below for a quote from Jennifer about her ONYC® Hair experience:

“I am very pleased with the outcome of the hair. I used the 18 inch bundle which only gets better and better after a few co-washes. It is amazing! I am very proud and wouldn’t mind sharing with others  :)”

In the picture above Jennifer is proudly displaying the seamless installation of  her ONYC® bouncy Indian Virgin Curly 3A.

Each week we will bring you a customer’s story or testimonial. It could be yours! Please send your photo and written story to We’ll be looking out for it! :0)

Customer Raves!: Hana Adores Her ONYC® Indian Wavy 2B-2C

Another customer has chimed in!

Each week we will continue to bring you feedback/reviews from our customers. Direct from their own lips to your ears.

This week we present Hana. She excitedly contacted us to inform on how much she is in love with her ONYC® hair. In this photo Hana is wearing our Indian Wavy 2B-2C.

She described her adoration exactly like this;

I love my ONYC® Indian Wavy 2B-2C! This hair is absolutely amazing; I was able to wear it in so many styles-wavy, curly and straight. This is my second install with the same hair and my stylist loves it as well! Thanks for amazing customer service; I’ll surely be back, no doubt!”

So there you have it! Another satisfied customer! Please continue to look out for these type of “Raves” each Wednesday, right here.

Also, if you have a review or feedback about how much you are enjoying your ONYC® Hair, please send us a Pic and text, with details regarding the name of the hair and what about it makes you love it so; to

Azealia Banks Loves ONYC Hair!

You may be familiar with her May 29, 2012 debut release, “1991”, which is filled with a variety of her style, that places her in the lead of hip-hop’s freshman artists. Azealia Banks seems to be taking over the media lately and we adore her commitment to make it to this point and further. We also want to let our supporters know she has been one of our long-time customers. Back on February 18th, Ms. Banks shared her love for ONYC Hair via Twitter. She then showed us some love today, with her funny comment about us not paying her to shout us out once again.

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Customer Question: How Do I…


At the moment I’m wearing your Mongolian tight kinky curly and I’m very pleased with it. I’m at my second install at the moment and it as still as lovely as it was on the first day.

Recently, I was looking for a new hairstyle a looked at the internet for inspiration. I found this picture of Kenya Summer Moore and I would like my next hairstyle to look like this. I would like to purchase the hair from ONYC again and I was hoping you could tell me with what kind of hair (type, length, etc.) I could use to achieve this hairstyle. I hope you can help me, but would to thank you for your time in advance.
Best wishes,


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Meet FARAH! ONYC’s First Runner Up Winner

Yesterday we got an inside scoop on Deonna and all that she loves. Today is all about the wonderful FARAH! Well traveled, and a beauty that likes to spend time with family, check out what Farah shared with us.

Farah did an absolutely wonderful job in the contest! She enthusiastically did everything that was asked of all contestants and definitely expanded the brands presence overseas. With such a busy live as a Mom and wife, she managed to win first runner up. Farah entered the contest just shortly before it ended, but if you were keeping track of the race she ranked herself to the top VERY VERY quickly. She’ll be receiving some very lovely gifts and hopefully becoming a distributor of ONYC for you ladies and gent to purchase products from!

If you have any questions for Farah, ask away!

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Meet ONYC’s Grand Prize Winner!!

We recently announced our contest winners and throughout this process they have been such a joy. With such great and positive personalities we want everyone around the world to meet our two new winners.

ONYC is all about having the best relationships with our customers. It’s not just about the hair 24/7, but rather having holistic beauty inside and out,with a whole lot of fun.

So check out the questionaire we gave our GRAND PRIZE winner Deonna and her wonderful answers.

Stay Tuned for FARAH next!

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