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Customer Rave: Tressie Nicole & ONYC® – A Match Made in Heaven!


This week’s Customer Rave comes to us from “The City of Angles” – Los Angeles, CA – Tressie Nicole.

Tressie is very familiar with a beautiful presentation! As an actress and filmmaker, she knows that aesthetics serve as a beneficial tool to draw and retain audiences, among other things.  She also understands the need for a beautiful look which is a seamless match with one’s own hair texture, and simple to manage. To attain all these things, Tressie chose ONYC® hair!

Tressie had already been spreading the word among her peers about her ONYC® Mongolian Kinky Curly 3B-3C hair, and was extremely willing to share her affection with all of you! See, her entire story below to learn why Tressie believes ONYC® hair supercedes the nomination and wins the star award!

Location: Los Angeles, CA

ONYC® Status: ONYC®  Grad

Hair Specs:   ONYC® Mongolian Kinky Curly 3B-3C 16′, 18′

Installed by: I did it myself.

How often hair is washed: Once a week

Favorite way to wear the hair: I love to wear it in its original state!…It’s a seamless match to my natural hair.

Duration of wear: 3 months


Must have ONYC® Hair Essential: I look forward to using the  DEMORIN™ Smoothing Serum to keep my locks moist.

Why do you love this hair: Once again the ONYC® Mongolian Kinky Curly 3B-3C  matches my hair perfectly!!! As a result, it allows me to have the length, luscious volume and aesthetic I want.

What to say to individuals considering purchasing this hair: Use a no-sulfate and lather poo. Comb hair once a week to avoid severe tangling.

Other ONYC® Hair Texture to try in the future: I will stick with the  
ONYC® Mongolian Kinky Curly 3B-3C


You can be like Tressie and fall in love with hair that blends in, and complements, just like the tresses you were born with. Log on and begin shopping for ONYC® Hair today!

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Customer Rave: Jasmine Smalls Shares Her Big ONYC® Secret!


This week we have the pleasure of featuring Ms. Jasmine Smalls!

Eager to share how her ONYC® hair has impacted her life, she embraces the Big and Bold fashion statement that her hair provides and is ecstatic when individuals think that it is all just her own hair!

Jasmine is more than extremely comfortable with her ONYC® hair. She takes pride in it and cares for it as though she’s worn it since birth thus it is a pleasure to care for.

We’ll let you get the facts straight from Jasmine’s own words below:

Location: Brooklyn, NY

ONYC® Status: Sophomore

Hair Specs:   ONYC® Mongolian Kinky Curly 3c-4a & 3b-3c closure16′, 18′, 20′ , 21/2 Bundles

Installed by: Professional Stylist, Aja – NYC

How often hair is washed: Whenever I want to refresh curls (2-3 times a week) co-wash only

Favorite way to wear the hair: In its original state!

Duration of wear: About 3 months…

Must haveONYC® Hair Essential: ONYC® Ultimate Detangler Brush

image (3)

Why you love this hair: So where do I start – I purchased 3 bundles of ONYC® Mongolian Kinky Curly 3c-4a texture along with a matching closure, which is the 3b-3c closure, and got it installed by my hair stylist. I have a full sew-in with only my front perimeter out. This hair matches my natural hair texture perfectly! If you want big bold hair that can easily create a fashion statement this is definitely the texture to get. The hair is extremely soft when properly cared for. I treat this hair like I treat my natural hair, water and leave-in conditioner is it’s best friend. I have 2 1/2 bundles installed – a 20inch, 18inch, 16inch, and 14-16 closure – the hair is big. I am in love with the fact that this hair matches my natural texture so well that I don’t have to manipulate my natural hair to match my weave. This is truly a protective hair style for me. I live in NYC and people of all races loveeeeeeee it! Everyone, who doesn’t already know me of course, asks me if this is my real hair. Shhhhhhhhhhhhh, don’t tell them our secret! Lol 

Hair Care Tip to others for Caring for this ONYC® Hair: The hair is extremely soft when properly cared for. I treat this hair like I treat my natural hair, water and leave-in conditioner is it’s best friend!

image (4)

What to say to individuals considering purchasing this hair: You will be fine with 2 bundles – this hair is worth the buy, it’s amazing.

Other ONYC® Hair Texture to try in the future: I will try something new….This hair an amazing, and trusted buy! 

You can be like Jasmine and fall in love with hair that blends in just like the tresses you were born with. Log on and begin shopping for ONYC® Hair today!

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Here Comes the ONYC® Bride!

Tonya Saunders is a proud ONYC® Veteran!

She’s been hooked on the ONYC® top quality brand  since 2009, when she first learned about ONYC® via hair blogs, she began to wear it.

Tonya even made a point to ensure that she obtained her ONYC® hair and had it expertly installed for her cherished nuptials last summer.

Below is more of Tonya’s story including in-depth specifications about her hair choice – ONYC® Mongolian Light Relaxed & Relaxed Perm.

Location: Wilmington, Delaware

ONYC® Status: ONYC® Grad!

Hair Specs:  ONYC® Mongolian Light Relaxed & Relaxed Perm

Installed by:  As a long time customer I was blessed to have ONYC® pro-stylist install my hair

How often hair is washed: Once every 1-2 weeks

Favorite way to wear the hair: Curled or flat ironed.

Duration of wear: About 3 months.

Must have ONYC Hair Essential: Demorin Smoothing Serum -After I flat iron, curl or blow dry my hair, I use a small amount of the Demorin Smoothing Serum to the ends of my hair.

photo 2 (3)

Why you love this hair: This hair has a beautiful/natural luster, soft, manageable and looks like real African American straighten hair.  No issues with tangling, matting or shedding.  The hair curls like a dream.  I have had many women and even hairstylists compliment how beautiful MY hair is.  When I share that I’m wearing extensions, I have heard over and over that it looks so natural.  Then I share that it because it is ONYC® hair…like no other.

Hair Care Tip to others for Caring for this ONYC® Hair:
Treat the closures and hair like it is your own. Be gentle, do not abuse with styling tools and appliances and the hair can last a long time.  I have used a closure and hair for up to a year with no issues at all.

photo 3

What to say to individuals considering purchasing this hair:ONYC® hair is beautiful and very natural looking. 

Other ONYC® Hair Texture to try in the future: I will stick with my texture. Love it! 


You can be like Tonya and fall in love with hair that blends in just like the tresses you were born with. Log on and begin shopping for ONYC® Hair today!

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Happy Hair Care From Around The World

Here at ONYC® Hair International, we are devoted to bringing you innovative, cost-effective and helpful tips to boost your hair care, and to dispense that beautiful you!

Today, we are offering up hair care tips from around the world! They are practical and call for easy-to-reach products and items. These natural products will enhance your and your ONYC® tresses, whatever the texture may be. Whether Mongolian Kinky Curly, Curly Addiction 3B, or one of our Mongolian Straight Textures – such as the Mongolian Relax Textures or the Mongolian Straight 1B…. Whatever your choice, check out these unprocessed remedies and let us know how they work for you and your hair needs!!

1) Coconut Milk Shampoo – Thailand 

This local recipe has been passed around Thailand’s social circles.  To create the shampoo, grate and squeeze a coconut to get the milk. Follow by heating the milk on the stove until the oil separates. Then spoon out the oil and let it cool before applying it to the hair just as with shampoo. It will add moisture, softness, and shine to the hair.

2) Scalp Focus – Japan

The belief among Japanese women is that beautifully healthy hair begins at the roots. Therefore according to Japan-born stylist Takamichi Saeki –  hair salon owner in New York, women in Japan will use treatments to exfoliate and deeply cleanse their scalps repeatedly during the week or before every blow-dry and styling. You can acquire effective over-the-shelf exfoliating scalp products or create some at home using sugar and olive oil blended together until it creates a paste. One brand recommended by Saeki are the Nigelle LX products. He comments that they are; “very popular because they are gentle yet effective.”



3) Eucalyptus Treatment from Australia 

You’ve heard of supermodel Elle Macpherson, right? Definitely check out the Aussie’s long, and glowing hair. Similar to Elle,  many Australian women maintain glistening and polished hair by massaging a slight amount of eucalyptus oil into their scalp as an overnight treatment. This works to supply moisture and shine, and promotes growth.


4) Castor Oil Mixture – Egypt

In Cairo, a favorite hair treatment is castor oil mixed with crushed garlic. Also adding a drop of lavender essential oil to the combination is beneficial when applied to dry hair overnight. Follow-up by rinsing it out  in the morning to acquire lush, hydrated hair.


5) Whirl Your Hair Straight – Africa

Prior to chemical relaxers and flat-irons, South African women used a process known as whirling to straighten their strands. This was where they would wrap wet hair tightly around the scalp then place a stocking over the head to hold it in place. Following this they used a blow-dryer to remove 80% of the moisture. The next step was to remove the stocking and wrap the hair in the other direction. Now they would  dry the hair completely, take the stocking off, and brush the hair. The result was dead straight hair.


6) Make Your Conditioner Sweet – Romania

It is strongly believed by stylist in Romania that honey boosts highlight-hair color. It is recommended to add 1 tbsp of honey to your favorite conditioner and Voila!—it will make highlights Glow!




Adorable Miya adores her ONYC® hair!

Stylish Jascksonville, Arkansas native Miya explains to ONYC® readers why she just “love, love, loves this hair!”

Read first hand in Miya’s own words the reasons why she is spreading the fabulous news to all friends and family on this “great investment!”

Location: Jacksonville, Arkansas

ONYC© Status: Newbie!

Hair Specs: Mongolian Light Relax Perm, 14 & 16’

Installed by: Amateur Stylist


How often hair washed: Every 2 to 4 weeks

Favorite way to wear the hair: In its original state or curled

Duration of wear: A year

Why you love this hair: I love, love, love this hair, it’s easy to manage, and just looks flawless!!!


Hair Care Tip to others for Caring for this ONYC® Hair: Use the recommended shampoo and conditioner it makes a HUGE difference!

What to say to individuals considering purchasing this hair: It’s a great investment! The hair is beautiful and will last you a very long time if you take good care of it.

Any cons you noticed with ONYC® hair: I don’t have any excellent hair!!!

You can be like Miya and fall in love with hair that blends in just like the tresses you were born with.Log on and begin shopping for ONYC® Hair today!

Want to be featured? Send us your Customer Rave!—Click here to submit your Rave Review, and show off your ONYC® hair! You’ll also be eligible to receive up to 15% Off your next purchase. :)



Imagine You – Always Contemporary & Fresh

Time is undeniable and unavoidable. As time goes on, we realize that each stage of our lives is a season, just like the climate changes taking place. However it is important to make the best of each and every season. With that in mind, if you are enjoying the season past youth, or being a young adult, here are a few things to keep in mind to embrace your present season and remain contemporary and fresh. As depicted in the main photograph, Halle Berry has certainly tapped into some of these secrets, at 46 years old.




I. Bangs, Yes But Not Like Young Girls Have:

This refers to having bangs which go across the entire forehead and cover from both ends of your temples. You know, the ones that don’t blend in with the rest of your hair? Bangs like these are adorable and becoming of children but they don’t compliment a sophisticated and attractive adult. It is preferable to allow the hair to frame the face properly. Incorporate layers and a few curls, bring a few strands forward which frame the face well and tease hair for a tousled and alluring look. To enhance that tousled look also blend in some volume with extensions. A curly or straight look is ideal for this with the ONYC® Mogolian Kinky Curly Textures I Tip or Relaxed Textures I Tip.


II. Don’t Go Too Dark:

A drastic hair color can harden your look and even cause you to look somewhat harsh. Integrate a few highlights on top of your base color a few times a year. Also discretely, placing low-lights at the temples and roots of your hair will provide a soft yet charismatic lift. Which exact color is a personal choice, be sure to consult with an experienced colorist for further advice and valuable tips. *Remember that All of Our top-quality and virgin hair extensions can be colored to your heart’s content. So whether you prefer to go straight with our Light Relaxed Perm or Relaxed Perm hair, like the model in the photograph below, you can ramp up your hair fashion with color and volume.



III. Don’t Let Grey Roots Grow Too Long

You know how it is fashionable, these days, for the original roots to show with someone’s chemical hair color? It’s a trend…all the celebrities are doing it…well if your original roots are grey this may, or may not be an appropriate trend for you. If you can’t get to your hair stylist right away, there are various “Root Touch-Up” hair products (including root cover sticks)  which can be applied to the roots, it is a great idea to have one handy so that your grey will always be covered.



IV. Short, But Not Masculine Short

The truth is cutting your hair too short, resembling a guy’s, actually brings your age to the forefront. As we get older (or as the temperature heats up :)  ) there is a tendency to cut our hair tremendously short for manageability sake. However, before you perform the “big chop” have a conversation with your hair stylist about ways to maintain an attractive look without exorbitant or aggravating upkeep.  Short, short hair is not necessarily the solution.

Every season of life requires a particular game-plan(s) to continue to shine regardless of time or age. However, it is doable and can be fun in the process. It is all about identifying what suits you best. Consult a stylist and keep in touch with ONYC hair  to learn which approach you should take, from head to toe.

This is Your Season! Live It Well!
ONYC® PR and Media


Customer Rave: Ravon Sanchez Keeps It Real!

Our Customer Rave this week is Ms. Ravon Sanchez!

She is Hyped-Up about how “real” the hair is since  it matches her own so impeccably!

Ravon excitedly broke out with delight, with all her thrilled feelings about her ONYC Hair. She rushed us some photos and a detailed testimony about the ONYC Mongolian Kinky Curly 3C-4A she is currently wearing.

Below is exactly what Ravon had to say to us:

Recently I purchased your Mongolian kinky curly hair with the 3c-4a curl pattern in 12 inches, natural black, which is what I am wearing in the pictures sent.

I went natural about 14 months ago, and I have tried numerous kinky brands of hair to use as a protective stylant while I grow my hair out from my big chop. Your Mongolian kinky curly is BY FAR the best I have come across. I haven’t had any issues with it tangling, which was a serious problem with the other brands in the past  (I’ve actually had to cut previous weaves out because of the degreel of tangling. Ridiculous).

Your product is also the most realistic natural hair. It matches my hair curl pattern perfectly. Noone can believe me when I tell them that I have hair extensions, which is obviously what we all want.

I can blow it out and get that big, dry, super afro look; or I can throw in some gel or curl pudding and get gorgeous curls. Either way, it always turns heads.

I love love LOVE this hair, and I have no need to look around any longer. You have a customer for life!

You can be like Ravon and fully excited with hair that blends in just like the tresses you were born with. Log on and begin shopping for ONYC® Hair today! 

OR Send us your Customer Rave. Send us a Pic with a short blurb (hair type & opinion) to We want to show you Off too!! But Please be sure to include the username and email you registered with on our website. This way we have a record, and You Just May Win Something!! :0)




Hair Color And Complexions

Leading up to the new year, and perhaps into the impending inauguration activities, leaves room for much contemplation about Hair, style options and even Hair Color choices. If you’re like me you have probably randomly chosen a hair color then after the process was over, wished that you had thought it through further. Luckily there is research available to assist us with making the best Hair Color choice possible, for us.

In identifying the best Hair Color, it is very helpful to consider one’s skin tone or complexion…Oh yes! This component results in producing results which truly makes us Amazingly Shine! The following are a few key notes toward selecting the best Hair Color for You, and me!

Dark Skin Tones

For dark-skinned tones, your natural hair color often tends to complement your skin extremely well…not to mention, your natural hair color guarantees the healthiest hair possible. However, when you are ready for that color change try a burgundy or deep-purple color, for a glorious you! Another consideration are subtle light-brown highlights, which will provide a glow on your face.


Below is a Photo of Actress Angela Bassett, demonstrating subtle light-brown highlights:


Medium Skin Tones

Medium-brown skin tones are often enriched by light-brown or red hair. Some brown-skinned people naturally have lighter hair while other similar individuals, do not. For either sub-group, dying one’s hair  inappreciably a shade or two lighter, or electing a slightly red-toned hair color produces a new you! Other options for this skin tone include; dark blond or medium-red highlights. Highlights also enhance the hair’s natural tone extremely and minimizes the amount of chemicals used. In the main Pic above, Queen Latifah illustrates lighter brown highlights.


Here, Well-Rounded Talent, Queen Latifah with a dark-blond tone:


Entertainment Correspondent, Tanika Ray with red-toned hair color:


Light Skin Tones

For lighter skin tones, the hair color is often already somewhat faded, containing natural highlights. If this is your reality, using a shampoo with “brighteners” will provide a look of luster to your natural color, without the opportunity for damage due to chemicals from hair dye. Still, whatever your natural hair color, light brown skin tones mostly look best when subtle highlights are added, just a little bit lighter than your natural hair. However for a more expressive display, blond hair color will fashion a golden effect on your hair. This glamorous and bold effect will amplify your eyes, and facial features.


Ms. Beyonce Knowles as usual rocking the bold Blond Hair:


Olive Skin Tones

Further lighter-skinned complexions are often referred to as olive-like. Golden blond hair, throughout the entire coiffure instead of highlights, works well for people with this skin color. The stylish aura this hair color provides will make you appear vibrant and vivacious. Light brown hair also looks great with olive and paler skin, but the lighter the hair color, the more your face will glow and eyes will shine.


Here is actress Rashida Jones displaying light brown hair:



Hair Mood Today?

So what mood are you in today?

Often times our hairstyles reflect our current dispositions. Whether we are in the mood to “Glam-Up” or be somewhat “Sporty” or even walk on the wild-side.

How about this look for a try?

Today, we present the Cinnamon Bun. (See Mary J. Blige photo)

To achieve this look, first blow-dry the hair straight then apply a shine-enhancing pomade such as the Demorin Soothing Serum.
Next, divide hair into 2 separate ponytails towards the back of the head.
Please note that you may want to include additional hair, whether clip-in or otherwise “fill-in”, at this point. This hair should match your natural hair color as closely as possible and will provide length to locks.
Now braid the ponytails, then grab the right braid to begin wrapping it around your head counter-clockwise and secure with bobby pins as needed.
You are almost there…Next, tuck the end of the plait into the left ponytail holder before coiling that braid around clockwise until you’ve created one large braided bun.
To finish off, set the style with a blast of holding hairspray.

Decide your mood and let us know how we can help make it work!