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7 Cute Hairstyles for Busy Women

Women don’t have to be all made up to be beautiful. Check out these gorgeous hair styling tips that you can easily do when you’re pressed for time. These hairstyles are commonly worn by women who hate spending time on their hair. If you don’t really know a lot about makeup, or if you don’t have enough time to primp and prettify, you may benefit from these amazing hair styling tips that takes less time to do but brings a big change to your look.

1. Twist your hair back.

Twist your hair back.

Part your hair in one portion and take an inch section of hair above the part. Split that section in two and twist it while adding hair from your hairline. It’s like a loose braid on a section of your hair. Use bobby pins or hair elastic to secure the twisted section at its end.

2. Split, knot, twist then pin.

Split, knot, twist then pin.

This updo hairstyle takes a mere 20-second to do. Split your hair in half like what you’d do for pig tails, knot the two sections together, twist and pin.

3. Get Barbie’s voluminous ponytail by sticking two bobby pins under your pony to lift it and give it a pop.

Get Barbie’s voluminous ponytail.

A basic high ponytail might make you look like you just left the gym so primp it a bit with volume for a more polished look. You can tease it a bit or twist the lower section and voila! There’s goes and effortless high pony with sexy volume.

4. To achieve a fuller twisty bun, wear your hair like pigtails.

To achieve a fuller twisty bun, wear your hair like pigtails.

Twist each section then knot it together for an easy yet gorgeous twisty bun.

5. Go for a tiered high ponytail.

Go for a tiered high ponytail.

This banded pony hairstyle creates a braided illusion but this hair styling technique is much easier to do. Keep your hair away from your pretty face by having a high ponytail. Move about 2 inches down and tease that hair section a bit then tie it using another elastic. Repeat the same until you reach the ends of your hair.

6. The fishtail braid takes skill and time to do.

The fishtail braid takes skill and time to do

Settle for something like it but will take you less than a minute to create. Divide your hair into two sections and pull both on one side. Twist each section then braid it like you’re supposed to but using only two, instead of three, sections.

7. Try the half-bun, half-down hairstyle.

Try the half-bun, half-down hair style.


Give your everyday bun a twist and wear it on half a section of your hair. Pull a three-inch section of your hair straight back then loop it to a tight knot. Simply leave the other half of your hair down in its wavy, just-got-out-of-bed state.

This hair styling guide lets you choose from seven easy-to-do quick fixes for your hair. There are actually plenty of hair styling techniques that will require less time and effort to do. These are just seven of the super fast hairstyles that you can wear when you’re running late or when you simply don’t feel like doing the necessary work to prettify. These quick and easy hair hacks will cause no trouble and will definitely help you look perfect!

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Top 5 Hottest Hair Ideas for 2015

Make sure you look your best every time, all the time, this 2015. Aside from following a good hair care routine and paying more attention to the health of your hair, it’d be easy to show off your silky, shiny tresses if you’re wearing this season’s hottest hairstyle. ONCY Hair gathered the hottest hair ideas for 2015. Take a look and see the top five on our list.

1. Long and layered.

Long Natural Hair

Wear your hair super long and get a simply layered cut. This hairstyle is making a comeback; after all, long hair remains to look sexy. Ask your stylist for soft layers around your face for that sultry look. If you have no time to grow your hair, don’t hesitate to experiment with ONYC Hair extensions.

2. Shorter bob.

Short Hair

The long bob of last year is out and the wavy, baby bob is one of the hottest hair styles this year. Hollywood stars are sporting this youthful and extra fashionable cut. The slight wave adds sexiness to this short length. Ask your stylist to give you a bob that lies between the chin and the shoulders. Don’t forget to request for some texture.

3. Deconstructed bob.

Deconstructed Bob

Those with natural curly or wavy hair can get their hair cut shorter to achieve this beachy bob. This loosely layered textured bob looks edgy yet still sexy.

4. Messy waves.

ONYC Hair & Beauty


If you do not have enough time to primp and prettify, opt for the messy waves. This easy to do hairstyle can last for days. Just prep your hair with mousse, rough-dry it, use a large curling iron and tousle hair with fingers. This hairstyle has just the right balance of sexiness and femininity. The soft curls and face-framing layers can also help accent your facial features. This is one of the hair ideas for 2015 that can instantly give you a glamorous look.

5. Go red.

ONYC Color


This year, make a big change in your look and go red. Well, this doesn’t mean you’d go fiery, bloody red. Become a sexy redhead by choosing red hair color with copper undertones. You can also opt for lighter and softer strawberry red. A new color this year will surely upgrade your look.

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ONYC Hair Care Tips

Want to maintain Natural Hair?? Read ONYC Hair Tips Now!!

Natural hair of black women is characterized by tightly curled hair. This kind of hair texture may range from corkscrew curls to fluffy s-shaped waves. Whatever type of natural hair you have, these natural hair care tips will help keep your crowning glory healthy and strong.

1. Detangle.

ONYC Hair Guide

Spray warm water from roots to tips then section hair with your hands. Detangle each section separately using a wide-toothed comb. Again, keep your hair damp when detangling.

2. Moisturize.

Moisturize Your Hair

Curly hair is the driest hair so when we say moisturize, we mean hydrate your hair as much as you could. Use a leave-in conditioner to keep your natural hair moisturized.

3. Avoid breakage.

Avoid breakage.

Friction from combing or brushing, styling, and contact with clothing or even your shoulders may cause breakage. This is one of the hair care tips that apply not just to natural hair but also to all hair types.

4. Strengthen it.

Natural Hair Tips

Look for products with olive oil, shea butter or cocoa butter as these incredibly moisturize and strengthen natural hair.

5. Be gentle with it.


Treat it with extra care and put less stress on it by avoiding heat as much as possible. Wrap it for protection at night and use two-strand twists instead of curling irons.

6. Avoid brushes with balls on the teeth or seams.

Avoid brushes with balls on the teeth or seams.

Hairbrushes like this will snag your hair, cause breakage and damage your hair strand.

7. Be conscious of the products you use on your hair.

Hair Care


Do your homework and research on ingredients that are good and those that are harmful to your hair. Stick with the products that give you good results.

Above is an ONYC Hair guide that you should keep in mind. These hair care tips are meant to help you keep your natural hair healthy and beautiful. Follow these natural hair care tips persistently and you’ll delight in your natural hair that is full of life.

ONYC Hair and Beauty

5 Ways to Make Your hair Look More Attractive

Get healthy, more attractive hair by trying out these hair care routines and styling techniques.

1. Update your look by wearing natural hair extensions.

Virgin hair Extensions - ONYC Hair


A wide range of hair extensions are available to match your hair color and texture. Extensions can instantly add length, volume and style to your crowning glory. The instant but temporary change allows you to experiment with different looks and reinvent your style anytime you want to. ONYCHair.com has several hair extensions options to suit straight, curly, and extra kinky hair.

2. Remember to deep condition your hair at least twice a month.

Natural Hair Care Tip

You can go for commercially available hair treatments or you can visit a salon for a monthly hair spa. You can also gather ingredients from your pantry like eggs, mayo, avocado, coconut oil, olive oil, tea or even beer to make your own deep conditioning hair treatment mask. You can also bathe your hair in botanical oils and get soft and silky smooth hair in the most natural way. Remember that harsh chemicals from commercially-produced hair products can damage your hair so go natural or go organic if you can.

3. Keep your hair hydrated.

Slim young woman drinking water after training

The rules are: do not shampoo everyday, drink plenty of fluids, and be gentle with heat application.  Dry, brittle, and dull hair is unattractive so make sure you maintain your hair strands’ life by keeping it nourished. Nourished, healthy hair has the bounce, luster, and softness that depict attractive hair.

4. Get a good haircut.

ONYC Hair and Beauty

This is something you can skip doing by yourself. A good haircut is a good investment and if you are able to get a hairstylist whom you can trust, stick with him/her. Your look will be greatly influenced by the cut of your hair so make sure you get a haircut that suits your face frame and accentuates your best facial features. A skilled and experienced stylist who genuinely cares about how you’ll look is a treasure to find.

5. Get your hair color touched up on a regular basis.

ONYC Hair Color

It is recommended that color touch-ups be done about every 30 days. Touch up the roots by yourself using those DIY hair color kits. Or if you have the time and the money to spend, visit the salon and get a treatment to avoid color fading. By having your hair regularly checked by the experts, you are able to keep your hair from unnecessary damage.

BONUS Tip: Spritz some shine serum and get lustrous hair in an instant.

ONYC Serum

Keep a small bottle of shine serum in your bag so you can instantly add glam to your look whenever, wherever.

It’s quite a challenge to identify a specific attractive hair style because certain haircuts and styles complement different face shapes and facial features. Well, it isn’t really about the style of hair that you wear that makes you attractive. What is even more beautiful is a crowning glory that is healthy because healthy hair is naturally soft, lustrous and full of life. So make sure you rejuvenate your hair from the inside and out to maintain naturally attractive tresses.

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Facts you should know about ONYC HAIR

Curious about why many choose ONYC Hair?

More than the positive ONYC Hair reviews that you see online and hear from your friends, we’re convinced that the factors below explain why our clientele grows in number every day.

1. ONYC Hair is founded by a passionate hair and beauty expert who also has extensive knowledge and training in microbiology and cosmetic beauty.

Hair Stylist - Thelma Okoro

Thelma Okoro grew up in Nigeria and had early exposure in cosmetic beauty as their family runs three beauty salons.

As such, she has the experience necessary to get a keen eye for beauty. No wonder she found herself passionate about the hair industry. She used her microbiology degree to understand hair’s natural structure and the effects of chemicals on hair. Thelma Okoro likewise applied her Helia D. and Spectrum Beauty education to run ONYC Hair and make it the leading hair extensions manufacturer in the U.S.

2. ONYC Hair produces the finest 100% pure Cuticle Virgin Remy Hair.

Cuticle Virgin Remy Hair

Because our founder is equipped with knowledge, experience and expertise, you are assured that ONYC Hair Extensions and products are of the highest quality.

We only use 100% pure cuticle virgin hair to create hair extensions. Our virgin remy hair products are certainly of topnotch quality, too. We work tirelessly to provide our clients with the best products and services. Our conscientiousness is what sets us apart from other brands. We make sure that we get authentic 100% pure cuticle virgin hair so that we can provide you with Virgin and Remy hair extensions that feel and look just like your very own hair.

3. ONYC sources raw hair from Brazil, India, Southeast Asia and Mongolia.

ONYC Sources Raw hair

Brazilian hair is very hard to find and expensive; most hair donors in Brazil are from small rural areas. Brazilian hair may be :-

a.) Very fine and silky straight.

b.) Thicker and slightly wavy.

c.) Coarse, Curly and Thick sourced from the Afro-Caribbean population of Brazil.

Indian hair, on the other hand, are shiny and sleek straight and are typically thick and coarse. Hair from Southeast Asia may include healthy and resilient Burmese hair, dark and naturally wavy Malaysian hair, or the thick-strand Vietnamese hair. The very rare and costly Mongolian hair features fine hair strands. ONYC Hair makes every effort to scour different virgin hair markets for quality hair. It is our commitment to provide our clients with hair that can truly enhance their look.

4. ONYC Hair is for women of all color.

Hair Color

ONYC Hair showcases a variety of hair extensions in different textures and colors. Whether you’re a fair-skinned Asian with long, black, pin-straight hair, or you have the lustrous European hair, or you’re crowned with deep black, full, kinky hair, we have hair extension products that will suit you. From blondies, to golden-skinned women, to black beauties, ONYC Hair has the perfect hair extension to offer.

ONYC Hair Reviews

[VIDEO] Fro-Out Straightened!

The Fro-Out has received great responses for its ability to provide a naturally straightened and textured look. Since many of you have asked about what it looks like straight, Ashley helped show how far you can take it with an even sleeker look. After straightening it, the results are incredible! It ended up looking and moving like a combination of the relaxed perm textures. It’s clear that this is a texture that provides endless options. Be on the look out for more styles in the future!



ONYC flat ironed hair
Ironed natural hair
Natural Loose Curl Hair
ONYC Natural Curls
Beautiful Curl Hair Products





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ONYC Hair Review and Experience with Naomi Defensor

Last month we had the pleasure of giving Naomi Defensor the ONYC Hair Experience with the Golden Collection.

She is best known for appearing as a cast member on MTV‘s “Real World – Las Vegas. She  grew up in the Bronx and is now a TV Host in the entertainment industry. Check out how this down to earth beauty enjoyed her colored extensions in the ONYC Golden Collection Kinky Curly Hair.

Location: Bronx, NY


ONYC® Status: Newbie


Hair Specs: I am wearing (2) 12″ bundles of the Kinky Curly 3B-3C from the Golden Collection in #27


Installed by: Thelma Okoro


Favorite way to wear the hair: I can seriously wear this hair in any style I want. I do not have a favorite. It’s sooo versatile!


Duration of wear: One month


Why you love this hair: This Golden Collection Kinky 3B-3C™ Curl  is amazing because it was able to match perfectly with my weird and unique curl pattern.


What is your advice for anyone interested in purchasing this hair?

My advice would be to def do it Onyc hair has soooo much texture, a wide variety of colors that still maintain that natural texture and can be used and reused for over a year. Def do your research when it comes to curl patterns this get a little tricky. It’s almost like doing a math problem 3b 3bc with a little bit of this and a little bit of that hahaha. Fortunately for me, I had the Onyc team to help me. There’s tons of info on the website that’s available to everyone and the customer service number is there for a reason use it and make sure you are getting a texture that best matches your hair.


My fav part about being a host/tv personality is that you have the ability to meet so many cool people along the way. The networking opportunities are indefinite and this has helped me sooo much to grow as a person, a talent, and a professional! It’s exciting!!


The entertainment business is not a walk in the park. I know this sounds cliche but you will hear 99 no’s before you hear that yes so you need to have tough skin. But when you do hear that yes, it’s so fulfilling. Suddenly you feel like all the hard work you put into this craft is finally coming to light and people notice this. Once someone takes notice to you (all you need is one right person) everything can change. For me, I’m blessed to have good management that took notice in me and good people that I will soon be working with soo things are coming into place and I’m excited for my new projects for 2015!!!


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Hair Review

 Best kinky hair extensions





ONYC Hair Reviews: Shayla S.

This week we have the pleasure of featuring Shayla! The ONYC beauty was excited to share her entire ONYC experience with us. We will let you get the facts straight from Shayla below:

ONYC® Status
ONYC® Grad

 Hair Specs
12″ ONYC® Tight Kinky Curly 3C-4A

How often hair is washed?
Once every few weeks


Favorite way to wear the hair?
Styled differently

Why do you love this hair?
Beautiful gorgeous hair that LASTS. I love everything about ONYC’s Kinky Curly!

What do you say to individuals considering purchasing this hair?

It is DEFINITELY worth the price. This is my second time buying Kinky Curly a hair in three years. It last very long and it gives my natural hair a rest. I’ve installed the same hair multiple times and I can assure that you will get a bang for your buck.


Hair Care Tip to others for Caring for this ONYC® Hair?
Detangle! It definitely is JUST like African American hair and you cannot go long without detangling it. Co-Washing allows it to detangle easy so it is not a problem.

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Customer Raves: Whimsical Whitnee D.

ONYC® HAIR REVIEW: Whimsical Whitnee D.!


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– See more at: https://www.onychair.com/featured-customer-rave/item/7-jasmine-smalls#sthash.eVhNczOU.dpuf

This week we have the pleasure of featuring Ms. Whitnee! The whimsical darling from Jacksonville, FL was excited to share her entire ONYC experience with us.

We’ll let you get the facts straight from Whitnee below:

Jacksonville, FL

ONYC® Status

Hair Specs
ONYC® Kinky Curly 3B-3C  IN 16″ at the bottom AND 14″ at the top

How often hair is washed?
I wash my hair every 3 days 

Favorite way to wear the hair?
In its original state


Why do you love this hair?
This hair is the BOMB! Conditioner is the only thing you will want to use with this hair. I only use shampoo when I have too much build-up. I must say use a great leave in conditioner and it will give you a softer look. I just use my paddle brush to pop my curls while the hair is wet!


What do you say to individuals considering purchasing this hair?
I would purchase this hair hands down! You will love this hair because it mimics your own hair. I will be re-installing this hair very soon!

Other ONYC® Hair Texture to try in the future
I will stick with my texture, I am loving this hair!

Hair Care Tip to others for Caring for this ONYC® Hair
satin pillow case is a must if you do not like to tie your hair (like me). This hair will become dry in the summer is you do not use daily moisturizer.

You can be like Whitnee and fall in love with hair that blends in just like the tresses you were born with. Log on and begin shopping for ONYC® Hair today!

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ONYC Hair Customer Review

Customer Raves: Patrice P.

Meet Patrice S., this week’s Customer Rave

We are crushing on Patrice and her wild kinky curly look! Find out how this newbie has been enjoying her ONYC Kinky Curly 3B-3C look.


Location: Laurel, MD

ONYC® Status: Newbie

Hair Specs: Kinky 3B-3C™ Curl

Installed by: I did it myself

How often is your hair washed: I haven’t washed it yet

Favorite way to wear the hair: In its original state


Duration of wear: 2 days

Must have ONYC® Hair Essential: Seal-a-Weave™ weft sealant


Why you love this hair: Very soft, versatile, light weight, smells great!

Hair care tip to others for this ONYC® Hair: Use a tangle teaser to clump the curls together for a defined curl pattern.


What to say to individuals considering purchasing this hair: Read other testimonials and watch the YouTube review videos before purchasing.

Other ONYC® Hair texture(s) to try in the future: I will stick with my texture